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Chained Wolf [Mission | Marina]

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"...That's why I tell you, dogs are easily the most dangerous beasts you can find.", explained Alisa, cutting off a bit of juicy steak, absently wriggling her fork about as she talked, "How strong or how poisonous a creature is matters little if humans never run into it. Likelihood of human encounter trumps them both.", she stated, before finally eating the bloody beef

Naturally many a casual conversation with a beast master would eventually lead to beasts, and it wasn't even Marina's fault. Not always anyhow. After all Alisa knew she was speaking to someone with clear experience on that topic, which in turn meant she'd be more likely to want to to debate it with her. It being 'dangerous creatures'. Cats and dogs are easily the most common pets kept in homes, and unlike cats, dogs can easily be trained for both tameness or aggression. Not to mention a starving dog can easily do a lot more damage to its master than a starving cat, who will most likely just leave and find food on its own.

The kill count spoke for itself, dogs kill more people than Vulcans. Not because they're more powerful, but rather how every other human has one, and among all those humans with dogs, some train their pets for aggression...

Of course, this discussion had come about for a reason. The mission they were taking - called for by a small, draconic creature named Daragast - involved hunting down a dangerous beast. Not a dog, but rather, one of its cousins, a wild wolf. It was supposed to have been chained and kept secure by its owner, but a smart girl like Alisa could immediately understand how bad an idea that had been. Wolves are wild animals, unlike dogs, cats, or even the creatures that both Pegasus girls called her partners. Taming one should be impossible for anyone who isn't a beast master.

So naturally she had come dressed for a fight, and urged Marina to do the same.

Alisa's outfit drew attention, as usual and expected of a skintight bodysuit hugging a tall young woman's curves... Yet something was different this time. Her outfit was obviously designed for battle, even assuming any doubts still lingered, the presence of a shimmering sword on her back settled them immediately.

However, they'd have to finish their dinner before going anywhere. It could hardly be called a date, but the two girls found themselves eating at a steakhouse near their hotel. Alisa for one had her partner next to her, Lumen standing in an empty chair, looking curiously over the table. Stirring her red wine and sipping it, she pet the little Litwick's cheek before taking a good long sip, "So, how's your steak?", inquired a curious Alisa, "And the wine by the way..."

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Marina Wulfstan
This quest that the duo had to took. This wasn't a mission she was looking forward too due to the nature of being a beast master. The slight frown on Marina face made it clear about her thoughts on the quest. While she understood why a dangerous animal must been put down, she hated the thought that maybe this whole mission could been avoided if some person didn't try to own something that he had no control over. "Yes dogs can be dangerous. Though I tend to fault people for not training them correctly or mistreating then. Assuming if we just talking about pets. There was also fact that even tamed dogs will still have some form of their wild instincts. With a sigh, Marina took another bite out of the juicy stake she was enjoying.

"But dogs aren't the deadly creatures. What even more dangerous is us. Humans. Sure, we are generally smarter than most creatures. We are far more advanced than other creatures, but at the end of day, humans are creature and kill far more of our own kind. History speaks for itself."  Wether it war, murder or what ever the case may be. Marina would like to think it constantly shows humans being the most dangerous threats to themselves."But if humans aren't consider creatures than I suppose I agree with dogs being the most dangerous. It's like what you said. Dogs are everywhere. I saw a pack or two of wild dogs back in my days living in the desert. My family tend to keep our distance unless we were hard pressed for food or if we need to capture some of them for training of course. Training a wild dog is difficult, I remember being bitten before."  She remember the early days of her training, ouch! Oh how far she come, but yet she was sure there was still just she could learn.

Just like her partner, Marina was dressed for a confrontation.  She wore a sleeveless brown shirt with a brown skirt to match. While it wasn't anything impressive like Alisa outfit it could get the job done. Marina even had a belt that carry some basic supplies like bandages just in case one them got hurt. Sure Marina did knew healing magic, but it was basic spells since she wasn't adapt in using magic like true mages. "The steak is thick and juicy like how most meat should be. Thankfully my firey pal doesn't effect joy meat so more meat for me." Of course, Marina wouldn't let her darumaka starve. So she order a bowl of fruit salad and let the fiery monkey eat it's fill. Her Darumaka prefer staying on the floor, lazily eating it's meal.

"We have to come here more often we are less busy. " Marina would wiggle her fork around as she finish off the last bit of her steak.


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Indeed most of their discussion revolved around which were more dangerous to humans, dogs or other humans. When they started this conversation, Alisa was thinking about non human creatures, but not for a second did she object to Marina's argument: The girl had a good point. Between that and her visible dislike of the mission they were on, she quickly realized the brunette would much rather punish the guy who kept a wild wolf as a pet, rather than the animal itself. And in a way, Alisa agreed with that too. Stupid decisions like those serve no purpose but putting everyone in danger, but letting a dangerous predator roam free in a place where there might be children couldn't be allowed either:

"Naturally, while domestic dogs still retain their wild instincts, us domestic humans also retain our tribal instinct. The good of the tribe comes before everyone else's well being.", she'd nod in agreement. Of course, in these modern times where the concept of tribes has grown outdated, one mentally includes their friends and family as their tribe, favoring their well being over those of strangers. Regardless, Alisa's smiled turned uneasy the moment Marina mentioned having to train wild dogs, "That does sound like a major hassle...", but then she smiled with a reassuring wink, "But knowing you, I'm sure you did alright."

And probably looked good doing it too, though maybe not as good as she looked now. Though tight jeans and a sporty casual style did wonders with her figure, Marina also pulled off short, pleated skirts better than Alisa, drawing out her youthful beauty to its highest. Alisa chuckled at the fire monkey's slow eating pace, immediately casting a glance at Lumen. Despite the little candle's curiosity, it didn't look hungry at all.

"He looks cute eating it anyway~", chuckled Alisa, petting her own partner, "This one ate before we left the house, I bought him some macarons a while back."

Lumen also had a thing for sweets as Marina might have noticed by now, though those colored muffins were by far her favorite treat. Well, that just left more meat for the two girls, and the crystal mage's smile visibly widened at the brunette's praise. Coming here had been her idea after all, so she was glad Marina was enjoying it, "Indeed.", she agreed with a nod, after swallowing what remained of her steak, "You can't find beef this high quality and this well cooked just about anywhere. We're defenitely coming back sometime soon."

And with this, she stood up from her seat, drinking what remained of her wine. Alisa would pay for the meal, as well as leave some coins on the table; a tip for the waitress, and after that, the two girls could finally be off and begin their hunt for the wild hunter. The streets already looked pretty deserted at this time, no doubt the news of dangerous predators on the loose might have something to do with it. Of course, before dealing with the problem, they first had to find it.

"Now, wherever shall we begin...?", Alisa thought out loud as she rubbed her chin, a question for both herself and Marina, with her partner standing close, "A wolf hunts by scent... So no doubt it would feel safer in places with dim lighting?", she'd look into her partner's eyes, looking for confirmation or disapproval

The sculptress was pretty proud of her skills at hunting people, but she'd never trained too hard for hunting animals. Thankfully, the beast master must have plenty of experience of her own, likely more than enough for the two of them. If Marina confirmed her suspicions, Alisa would venture inside the nearest, darkest alley, "Lumen, do the thing.", she's smile and urge her partner, watching as her light grew stronger, strong enough to brighten the path on the darkest of alleys

Lumen spell:
Name: The Ferryman's Little Light
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Requirements: Litwick Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Light
Range: 5 Meters
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Duration: Sustain
Effect: Litwick flickers its light once by emitting a screeching sound after which the intensity of the light will light up the around him within a 5 meter radius.

Animal Control

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Marina Wulfstan
"Yeah. It was a hassle. Getting bitten a few times, but at least I didn't catch any diseases from them,
that would be far worse. Bites marks can be easily dealt with for the most part, but finding a cure in desert if you catch something, you better pray you find a medical expert or find adept magic user. A downside of living a life of wandering. You don't know what out there, but at the same time one could argue that the unknown also that life more exciting."
Of course, not traveling and being apart of a guild now wasn't all that bad especially with her partner.

"Haha. So that why your partner wasn't eating. A part of guess that she didn't need to eat, hmm.
I admit that I do find Lumen is cuter. Next time we meet, I bring something sweet."
At least there won't any sort of debate on who would pay the bill this time. The last time they ate out it cost the beast master quite a bit. Compare to the desert, she never thought food could get so pricy. At least doing missions time from time gave, Marina more jewels than she could imagine. " Well. I can't disagree that for. Anyway let's get going before that creature causes any more trouble." Once she was sure her partner was done eating, Marina would get up and follow Alisa out of the restaurant with Marina pet walking by Marina side. While, Marina still wasn't fond of this mission, but she try to look on bright side. At least she gets to see another type of beast in Fiore and maybe she could write about it after the task was done with.

As expected with news for a wild animal on the loose there were few people outside which made this task easier for duo since they hopefully won't have to worry about civilians getting in way. "Hmm. Yes a dimly lit place or a area were it can blend into is a good place to start. I know that I don't have to tell you this, but be careful. There nothing more dangerous than an corner animal." This wolf already kill it's master and has attack or kill several other people. Even if she wanted to tame it. The wolf already cause to much damage.

As Lumen guide their party through the dark streets and alleyways, Marina would look around to spot any clues that might reveal where the dangerous beast has gone. At first, Marina didn't spot anything until she saw something glimmer up ahead. "Wait here for a moment." Marina would move forward and stop near a trash can as she spotted a chain collar that had wet blood stains on it. With no danger in sight, Marina would gesture to Alisa to come ."Well it looks like the beast manage to break free from it's collar and there flesh blood on the collar which means it likely has attack another person. Probably might be feasting on the person consider there no body around here.

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When Marina offered to bring him sweets, Lumen immediately hopped and hummed happily, visibly delighted by the idea, "Somebody likes the sound of that~", teased Alisa, crouching down and petting her partner, "Well, we'll be sure to bring Darumaka something to munch on too."

Such adorable creatures. If only all of them were like this, they wouldn't have to deal with a dangerous wolf roaming the streets. Just like Marina, Alisa valued life and disliked the idea of having to kill an animal for no reason other than a careless person's stupidity. But she also wouldn't stand for letting helpless people have to deal with this danger... An expert agreeing with her statement sufficed to dispel any and all doubts Alisa might have, "Indeed...", she nodded, thinking back to her own experience hunting people, "That's one trait humans have in common with every other animal. We can't get careless, the moment we engage the creature, we must take it down with one strike."

The longer the battle went on, the more dangerous the wild, probably frightened wolf would become. Were it a simple, lone wolf, it shouldn't be too hard for either of them to take it down. They had to find it as quickly as possible, and before long, Marina had guided them to the first lead: "This means we're on the right track. If it was hungry enough to hunt, it can't have gone too far before it started eating.", commented Alisa, rubbing her chin as she examined the dimly lit surroundings, "Let's look around some more, it must be around here somewhere."

So she said, but for the most part Alisa would still let Marina handle the tracking, helping out wherever she could but mostly keeping on the lookout for the wolf, so she could handle the fighting when the time came.

"Guess it's my turn now."

The wolf growled at her the moment he smelled them, but for the most part stood his ground. Busy eating his kill as it was, Alisa expected it would very much behave just like any other dog: Violently if disturbed. But knowing exactly how the previously chained wolf would behaving clearly came in handy for Alisa. She took another step towards it, and immediately the animal stopped eating and turned to face her in full, baring his fangs menacingly... But the martial artist just met in the eye and took another step towards it, holding her left hand out forwards.

Effectively using herself as bait.

The wolf hesitated, visibly... Alisa was a creature bigger than it, staring it down completely devoid of fear. Any animal would naturally feel wary in such a situation, but when Alisa took yet another step towards it, it's food aggression took over in full, and with a vicious growl, it charged, leaping up in an attempt to bite the sculptress' left hand. Yet she reacted to the charge immediately, shifting her body sideways and bending that left elbow, shielding her face and upper body and that presenting only a single target for the wolf to bite: her forearm.

Once it was airborne, however, it could no longer avoid her, and Alisa had to do nothing but predict it's trajectory before revealing her skills. In a flash she'd shifted her body back forward, turning her hips and putting all of her body weight and momentum behind a mighty right uppercut, hitting the wolf square in the jaw the very instant before he could clench them around her forearm. If that weren't enough, she activated her push spell the instant her blow made contact - simply by clenching her fist only at the last possible moment - flinging the beast skywards five meters.

But they could still catch it. Alisa had no confidence doing this, but if Marina felt her skills were good enough to tame this beast and guide it safely back to its home in the wild, she could still do it.


Name: Push
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Crystal Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A (Crystal)
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: By clenching her fist, Alisa produces a heavy but brittle crystal rod anywhere within 5 meters that knocks her target 5 meters in her chosen direction, shattering after impact. This effect can only be used once per post.

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Animal Control

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Marina Wulfstan
,Marina resist saying 'aww' as she watch her partner's companion."Well if you do plan on bring snacks for my pal here. Fruit would be more than good enough for him."  Hearing the word, Fruit cause her firey pet to get excited for a bit before, Marina gave it a light thump on the head to clam it down. She didn't want to cause to much since there was a chance they could get drop on the human eating wolf.  It was always a good idea to maintain the element of surprise as long as you can when your on the hunt.   A lesson hardwired into her mind thanks to her mother. Marina wonder how her mother was doing with her older brothers, hopefully they didn't cause her too much trouble.

The desert dweller would nod her head in agreement about taking the wolf down quickly. Though for Marina it wasn't about everything ending the battle quickly to avoid injury it was more for the sake of taking the wolf life as quickly and painless as possible. Since the job did require them to kill the wolf. It being label too dangerous to tame. "It should be too difficult for me to locate it give the limited spaces these alleys provided." Marina smirk just a little. After all with her experience with animals it was only natural that she be one of task with finding it and staying on the lookout for trouble. Of course when it came time to actually battle the wolf. She figured Alisa would be taking the lead on that. Since Marina magic was lacking any sort of offensive capabilities and pretty much limited to a support role mostly healing. Plus being a beast master she was even.more dependant on her companion to do fighting for her. Of course that didn't mean she couldn't fight at all.

The search for the man eating wolf would countine as the group would countine to make their way through the dim lit alleyway of Era. The night was mostly quiet for the most part beside the sounds of their footsteps and sound of crickets and other various insects. If they weren't on the hunt for this wolf. This would have been a good night to enjoy the sounds of nature."We are getting closer to finding our target. A trail of blood, must been cause by what ever the wolf took down. Make sure you are ready. I'm sure it will try to defend it's kills or even try to make us it next target." Finding a blood trail made the task of locating the beast far more easier. As they got closer and closer to finding the location of the wolf, the sounds of tearing flesh and bone snapping got louder. They were closer, but it seems as the wolf would notice them as it started to growl at them. Showing off it's deadly fangs to the duo. When Alisa said it was her turn, Marina would let Alisa take the lead as she fall back to stay out of the way and to provide support if Alisa needed it. "Don't worry you got this and we have it out number."

The wolf was a fine specimen if.Marina had to say so. It was around a meter tall and two meter long, well maybe a little bit longer than that. Light blue eyes and black fur. It wasn't often Marina saw a wolf like this, such a rare sight. Sadly she couldn't have encountered it under better conditions. The air around then was tense as she watch her partner and the wolf square off. The wolf would countine to growl and snarl at them as the blood from it's kill would drip from his mouth. Despite having. been reported attacking several people it did seem to have some concerns when it was staring at them. All predators prefer easy kills no matter how strong they are. Hence the reason they tend to go after the weak, the young and the sick.

Soon the wolf would launch it attack at Alisa, but unlike the other people the wolf attack. Alisa would prove to be far more than the wolf could handle. A train mage was far more a these than an untrained citizen. After seeing the wolf being sent f!ying in the air. Once the wolf landed on the ground with a sickening this, Marina would carefully make her way towards the down wolf and kick it to see if we're alive. There weren't any signs of movement nor could she signs of it breathing. The wolf was dead which meant their mission was a success.

Marina would pick up the body of the dead wolf and groan. "Let just bring the body back as proof." With that, they would head back to Daragast and turn in the wolf body for their reward.

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