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Accidental Demise [Erebus, Shura]

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There they were, Hargeon again. It was a necessary location for missioning-- at least in Strategist’s case. This was the last mission left for him in the port town. An important one which would feed him the experience he needed to go further into the world and cause mischief and mayhem. Today, Erebus was going to do another job alongside Shura. The two were a good partnership of sorts. Cohorts with the same thing in mind, succession. It only made sense that they’d be on pretty good terms due to similarities, but the differences were quite noticeable as well. Shura had a military-esque feeling to him. Erebus was more free-lance mercenary. Nonetheless, both were polished soldiers. Today… Their mission involved murder. A page of the rune knights to be exact. Erebus was thrilled to finally be getting his hands wet in blood, but didn’t know what Shura was thinking about involving such a task. Either way, the were already out here and that meant it definitely was going to occur. So despite thoughts or hesitations-- this mission would kill a man. That much was for certain. Erebus watched from across the street as Reagan exited his home. The Grimoire Heart member began his follow-in. Assuming Shura was nearby as well.


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Shura Ranzu †
[Record skips Camera pans inward onto the man meeting his ‘accidental’ demise from the two in the background.]

“Yep, that’s us once more doing dastardly deeds in hargeon. I bet you are wondering how we ended up in this situation. Well it all starts a bit earlier.”

The sun was high in the air, a nice day at the butt end of summer. Shura had to meet up with a partner that had been off the grid for some time. Shura did not care to ask because it was not his place too. He was to meet Erebus near the house of a familiar client. One that had given several jobs to the two in the past. Surely Erebus was already on the scene from a different angle, Shura was to be elsewhere. The mission for the day was a quiet one that needed a more calm approach than usual. A tail was to be put on Reagan for ‘protective’ purposes. Shura was not one to question when money was involved. He had no such attachments to good or evil. Just a matter of how much coin was present for the completion of the job. In this case it wa a sizeable amount to just be watchful eyes over the client. For this one it was different, anyone following would have to be put down. Not in a normal sense, but an accidental sense. It was much more interesting that way anyways. Shura had a different attire on today. Actually he wasn’t wearing his mask today. No one knew who or what he looked like under the mask. He wore a street peddler outfit. One that resembled a simple peasant, with a hood that casted a shadowy veil over his face. He had a music grinder to play for tips.



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Erebus heard a cranky noise come from across the street at the side of an apartment complex similar to the one his quest give, Reagan, had stepped out of. Erebus used the noise to scout any onlookers who might be staring off in it’s direction. Most of the few souls who were on the street now were. Yet, Reagan kept moving-- as well as a young boy about thirty feet behind him, they both seemed content on heading forward and it was kind of interesting for Erebus to be able to watch. Of course, this crazy musical contraption should have allured all eyes towards it. But for a man on a mission, focus was the key. Reagan was obviously always focused, but such a young boy should have been tempted to stare. Horns shook and spun and a single peddler stood there clicklick and blowing into it’s many mechanisms. It was then that the lycan wondered for a brief moment. “Shura. Huh-- clever.” Erebus haunted the area from beyond the street, and began to set in on the bo following Reagan. He gave a slight nod as he passed by where his comrade was operating from. Everyone else apparently went about their business after listening to the cranky, broken sounds for the short moment. It had pretty much cleared the streets of people entirely. Now the two just had to follow-- create the misfortune their little page was in store for. Get their reward. And be about their businesses.

The music started behind him, our lycan then noticed his friend catching a trail of his own. So Erebus bobbed his head from side to side slightly. His step took a skip, not too great a distance in front of him was the target at hands. Reagan kept himself moving forward. Erebus couldn’t help but somewhat crack a smile. The whole disguise scheme was pretty ingenius in the fact that it was such an old trick in the book. Erebus never would have thought up such a deed. That’s the part about Shura that Strategist most enjoyed. That… Sense of stand-out. It was unlike most people Erebus both knew or even cared to know. However, Shura was a trusted ally to Erebus; even on the verge of friendship if such a thing existed in the life of crime and underhandedness. Irregardless, the two continued to fall in line and tail the page. He was a pretty tragic page. Probably ordered around by a higher knight, and even just hoping to crack down on someone so that he might look a little cooler to his friends. Today though… It just wasn’t in his luck or grace. The roads grew thinner, as turns were took. Leading into, well, the nastier side of town. Nearby, Erebus remembered there being a bridge here. One that might come in handy. Meanwhile, his thoughts were kept distanced.

The two were set to keep following, as it turned out the page had looked back at them around now. He moved a little weirdly, and turned around again. Beginning to feel a dread set in that he had never felt before. Aside from the intoxicating realization that their might be a hit on him, there was also adrenaline coursing through the sheep’s head as to catching his man today. Erebus grinned up ahead, showing off his stunning white to the poor weary lamb that would soon find himself dangling over a bridge. Of course that wasn’t til later, right now… They were still following in hot pursuit, but as with every stride accounted for, so too did the idea of death account for the knight. He took an immediate turn down a different street. A lonely street that headed off-- right towards the place aforementioned. There was nothing left now. Death was around the corner. No escape in sight.


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Shura Ranzu †
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Shura stood at the edge of the street not too far from Reagan’s apartment. He turned the crank on the box quickly. It caused the mechanical gears inside to turn widely. There was a old fashioned speakerphone that was attached to the machine and looped around and arced over Shura’s back. Music began to play as he turned the crank. Reagan left his home, he noticed Shura walking up and down the sidewalk playing music. He did not pay the poor looking individual any mind after leaving to do whatever he was planning to do. While walking around Shura kept a watchful eye on the individual. Sometimes the best method for trailing someone was hiding in plain sight. This plan was fool proof, even if Shura followed Reagan he just could follow on the opposite side of the street. Reagan just so happened to be walking in the same direction as Shura. So it was even less inconspicuous. Shura took his time, passing individuals while playing his music. Gaining small tips in his cup that was attached to the top of the box. He shimmied down the sidewalk moving his feet slowly. All while watching Reagan out the corner of his eye. He noticed one individual in a familiar attire that caught his eye.
Erebus had already begun to follow, closer than Shura but it did not matter. Shura’s music masked any footsteps that were  coming in close proximity He just continued to play like there was not a care in the world. The song stood for something. This song was told to have the power to summon a storm in the right hands. Shura was no musician but a storm was in fact coming for the individual who decided to also trail the portly man.



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The fellow had grown weary over time. As anybody would. Erebus moved in for the frontal attack then, it had to be now. There was no way around it. The boy began to deter off track and that meant he was fleeing. The kid saw Erebus’ face, that’s a no-no. Grimoire Heart just simply wouldn’t allow a rune knight to know another one of it’s member by facial identity again. Tipping off a member within a city would bring lots of knights here. Which could be mean trouble if not dealt with immediately anyways. Erebus wasn’t the top to show soft spots for younger people, though this page was just a boy. He’d die lesser than a man.

The idea behind this lunge was to connect an arm around the target’s waist, using a free had to pinch and suspend the free arm. Why? Because he could jerk the much weaker male off the ground, and hold him still and away from being able to to fight back. Because the arm was locked upwards and the other, pressed under the arm at his abdomen. The page would be stuck and unable to move. Coiled round like some kind of snake in the grass.

“Let me go!” He would yell.

“I’m a rune knight page, they’ll search for me!” He added.

Erebus gripped harder, causing discomfort in the boy. He grinned, awaiting his friend to near closer. He’d let Shura take licks on the pathetic mongrel if needed. Otherwise, he’d take direction in how to end the kid’s life afterwards.

“Please! Please! I won’t say anything I swear. God, illumin please, let them release me!”

The prayers were blasphemous to Erebus. Who never fond God in that religion. Only freaks. Illumin was a joke, a God perhaps. But no God that could banish the criminal to hell. Strategist grew hot at the thought.

“How should we go about this? He wants to tail Reagan; our job is execution.” The lycan would ask, awaiting his ally to come around the corner. It was only obvious that the page needed to be put down. How would Shura react to that though? It was a red-handed event. Could he bloody his hands like that? The wolf was curious.


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Shura Ranzu †
Shura flipped a switch on the machine, it amplified the sounds of the music through magical means. Mana poured into it from Shura’s body giving it a boost. The sounds became almost enticing to anyone within earshot. The song took on a new rigid form that began to bump loudly. The base in the song began to vibrate loose objects within ten meters of Shura. His body vibrated in such a way that it was soothing. The song was the same but instead it was twisted to be more festive. As if a party was erupting from inside the juke box itself.

This was a mere ruse, too only mask the footsteps of his partner following the two in front of him. By boosting the sounds of the machine Shura did not have to follow too closely just his normal stride which was wide. This was due to his height and long legs. So he was able to keep a normal pace while bouncing around playing the music. It seemed those on the outside began to jam to the new beat that bumped. This set the stage for the sinister plot to take place. This is what made Shura dangerous, in and off the battlefield. He was merely the decoy and the distraction. The true danger was the canine like individual that followed closely. Shura was usually the one who got his hands dirty in this situation and he laid the plans out for others. He felt no need to in this case, why? It was very simple really. The strategist time and time again had shown he was very capable of handling himself. The individual trailing the fat man was keeping a steady pace to not be so close.

Reagan’s paranoia was beginning to kick in. This was only natural due to his line of work. Not to mention it was not too long ago that he was almost captured in a alley by a masked individual. Not knowing that individual was actually Shura. The page looked like a upstart, someone who would have been great. The reason why ‘would have’ was important was because he was too meet his demise this day. It was a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. ‘A shame really.’ He thought while watching the predator close in on his prey. The street had began to narrow and they were coming up over a bridge quickly. Then suddenly they made a turn down a dark alley way. The time for this act to come to it’s conclusion. Shura stopped playing his music and looked around. No one else was following or watching. He followed but stopped playing the music. Not removing the jukebox he reached into his back pocket. He pulled out a balaclava that was black in color. He slipped it on over his face. Keeping his identity a secret still from the world. Moving in Shura saw that Erebus had restrained the man with minimal effort.

“Crying out will do you no good my friend. There is no one around to hear you scream. Save some dignity and meet your demise like a man. This screaming out makes you look like a coward and a child. God will not come to your aid for he does not interfere in mortal dealings. Everything happens for a reason and today is the day you crossed paths with us.” his voice echoed down the alley way. Reagan took that as a sign to leave from the scene of the crime that was about to take place.

Seems as if Erebus was waiting for Shura to get some hits in but that was foolish in nature. It was supposed to look accidental. It would have been a rookie mistake to leave any hand marks on the lad. A investigator would have easily deduced this was no accident. “Very simple, drop him off the bridge onto the rocks below. The river is shallow this time of year. The rain has not come in some time during this hot summer. The rocks will do the rest. No need to rough him up or do any damage. We need not to leave any evidence behind.” Shura explained. Shura moved to the front of the lad to look the boy in the eyes. He had a look of fear about him. His eyes were watering up due to what was about to happen.

He knew what Shura said to be truth. Illumin did not interfere with mortal dealings. There were too many people in the world to touch their lives. It was selfish in nature to think that God would stop and save one life. There was a balance in the world that had to be preserved. The scales of judgement had to always be equal. Justice and Evil must never overpower the other. “I will say, it is nothing personal. We are just here to do a job. You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. We will send you to meet God himself. I hope you lived a faithful life so you maybe welcomed through the gates.”

Shura stood up and looked at his companion. “I will leave the rest to you. Make sure you throw him high enough into the air. Also make sure he lands head first. Nature will do the rest.” Shura exited the alleyway and removed his mask. He moved back to the opposite side of the street to observe the following actions.



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Erebus listened to Shura’s words clearly, again touched into the subconscious by a greater level of charisma than even he possessed himself. The lycan’s partner described in detail how God does not save men. He didn’t and he wouldn’t now. Maybe if it were a more important endeavour, but the page pitted himself up for this. Reagan was long gone by now anyways. It was death’s turn to advance on the poor kid.

“You’re right. Guess I wasn’t thinking,” Erebus yanked the boy off the ground and through the air. Showing that as a lycanthrope, his stamina didn’t deter while performing basic lifts. The wear and tear on his muscles was numbed and he could out perform most normal beings. The page screamed helplessly for life. There was no use, not in a million years.

Erebus walked to the bridge, taking the alleyways here to the bridge nearby. Erebus whispered in the victim’s ear. “Angels will weep at this, but you will not be missed. Enter the afterlife.” Over the bridge slung upwards, high into the air. Erebus whiplashed in a way that would cause the page’s body to tilt. Neck first-- aimed to obliterate the spinal cord. The boy fell with his hands sprawled out. Seemed as if he attempted to flap away upside down. However, gravity held true. A splat was heard on the waters, the body washed away under the currents beneath.

The lycan was done. He’d report back with Shura, get his reward. Make his farewell to his friend. And prepare his leave from Hargeon now that all jobs were behind him here, or at least, most. He’d return soon.

The end


Adventurer -20%
Grimoire Heart -10%

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Shura Ranzu †
Shura’s word sunk into Erebus clearly. This showed that Shura was a believer of a greater power. How he perceived such a god was a different story altogether. There was a balance that must be preserved at all costs. This was the thing he believed above all other things. He was in the middle of it all, trying not to let his past cloud his plot for the world. Who knows maybe God let his family be slaughtered so he could be the man he is today. Erebus spoke calmly, showing his understanding. The boy was smart and knew what Shura said held some truth behind it. Sure it was easier to off the kid or better yet drop him off at some place outside of town. Threaten him to never come back or just pay him off. This was the easy way out of this situation, but sadly the job did not accept this kind of thing. Not too mention he saw the Lycan’s face. Due to the secrecy there was no other way. Hell, Shura did not even know the man’s real name let alone some stranger see his face. He watched the Lycan toss the boy around like a rag doll.

Only leaving the scene a bit before to not look to suspicious. He also made sure to remove the mask and dawn the hood once more. He was back in character. Shura continued to play the tune of this boy’s end. The last thing he was going to hear before being dropped off the bridge into the rocks below. Shura swayed and turned around like a clown looking for a stage. He kept a close watch on the situation as he turned around. As he turned he cranked the box causing the tune to spring back to life. This would have muffled any form of screaming that could have come out from the lad. ‘We give you mercy. May god welcome you into his kingdom.’ Shura thought while Erebus made his way to the bridge.

The boy looked as if he was praying his last prayer. Asking forgiveness for any wrong doings before going to meet this divine individual. The boy was cast off the side of the bridge only to fly downward to his doom. Shura did not need to watch anymore. He just casually danced and walked towards the beach to continue the charade some more. A girl had saw the lad’s body fall, from the bridge. Hopefully Erebus was gone from the scene. Shura stopped playing as she screamed and pretended to look surprised.

A crowd began to run off to save the boy’s body and Shura just vanished into the wave of people. Only leaving behind the juke box to play on automatic. This time a somber song played in the background. A sort of funeral for the lad who lost his life on this day.

‘Sweet dreams are made of this.’


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