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Noble Reconstruction[Quest][Jeeroy]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy had done enough playing around in the past few days with meaningless jobs.  He had fun, but at what cost?  He was missing out on jobs that could help him train himself to be a better Rune Knight, to give him more strength and power.  He needed to become a stronger Knight and this was not helping him whatsoever.  He had fun with Jacob and Jay on the beach, but he was needed in town, helping out the towns people with any problems they were having.  He was sure people would have taken the jobs around town in his absence and helped, but he was not sure who else could do what he could.  He was stronger and taller than everyone else in the town and could work more effectively for longer hours and do harder work required of him.  No one could work harder than he could...at least no one that he knew personally.  It was possible that some of his guild could do the work that he could, but not efficiently enough to take a new job every day.  He wanted to get stronger, and he hoped everyone could see that.  He was not just working for himself, he was working to get stronger to help the citizens of Fiore.

He decided that he would walk into town that day to see if he could find anyone in need of help.  Maybe he could walk an old woman across the road or stop some bullies from beating up a kid.  Perhaps on a greater level he could take down a full evil guild by himself.  He laughed at that idea, he was no where near strong enough to be fighting against guilds with weapons and magics greater than his own currently, even if it was one of the stronger guilds.  Maybe he would find someone doing wrong that he could drag off to the dungeons and that would gain him brownie points in his ranking in the Rune Knights.  He was looking forward to gaining his very own magical aura to boost how powerful he was.  With the help of the aura that the Rune Knights gave him at his next ranking, he could begin to take down more powerful bad guys with his bare hands and, possibly if the time was right, a magic of his own.  He could possibly be noticed by someone more powerful, maybe become more of a powerhouse in himself.

Jeeroy soon wandered into a broken down part of the town and found himself frowning at the small clean up effort being put forth by a man named Reign Valystasia, the youngest lord in the town of Hargeon often thrown aside because of his age and inexperience.  He was tossed into power by the death of his father which was devastating for everyone in Hargeon.  It was now put on his back, the weight of keeping the town in proper shape.  Jeeroy would see if there was anything he could do to help the man.  He seemed relieved to have the help and soon put him to work moving the heavier objects to another area to be disposed of.  Jeeroy would begin by moving some of the larger rocks and signs that were cluttering the ground.  With his massive strength it was easy for him to carry the larger things away.  Trip after trip he made with the rest of the clean up crew, moving everything that he needed to in order to get the town looking a bit better than it did.  Though it had looked like a tornado had rummaged through it.

After moving things, Jeeroy was put to help on roofing a new building that was almost complete.  Climbing up to the roof, the man soon found himself helping nail down the layer of new shingles in an orderly fashion that sped things along.  It was hot on the roof, but Jeeroy continued working with the other men to make the town a better place to live.  When the sun began to set, everyone began collecting their belongings and saying goodbye to each other, promising to come help again soon, which Jeeroy promised as well.  He met many new people, each asking him about what he was and if there were any more of his kind wandering Fiore.  He did not know the answer to that question, so he would simply smile and tell them it was a secret.  Finally, after everyone had left, Reign Valystasia approached the man thanking him for the hard work he had done.  He presented him with a bag full of jewels to thank him for helping so much.  Once they had said their goodbyes, Jeeroy pocketed the massive amount of jewels and headed back towards his hotel, hoping that he could do the same amount of good the next day.

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