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Crash the Cash House [Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Crash the Cash House [Shin] Empty on Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:46 pm

Shin Katari
Nightfall descent upon Oak. The light from the crescent moon encased the streets giving Oak a beautiful look. The light reflected off from the different buildings while lit lampposts provided light for different pathways. Walking through this lonesome night was a single red-headed mage, his amber eyes piercing the night sky. His black leather jacket and blue jeans seemingly melted into the areas that had little no light. His feet tapped against the cobblestone beneath him. However, he was not all alone. Trailing behind him was his newly found companion Ghastly. It was a creature of darkness, as it's sphere black body blended into the darkness. It's purple haze rolled of it's body like fog. The two had been together for a few days now. During the few days, Shin and Ghastly had been getting to know each other. The two had similarities in their personalities but in terms of combat, Ghastly had yet to shine. This would be their second request together, offering another moment of bonding.

After a moment of walking, Shin found himself standing outside of his destination. Reaching into the pockets of his jeans, he found a request from a man named Martin Martello. He had previously worked for another member of the Martello family, a man named Remy. During that request, he was helping Remy clean up some dead bodies. Considering he was now working for the Martello's again, it was possible Remy had given word to Martin of his previous job and it's successful turnout. Reading over the request sheet once more, he moved towards the entrance of the building. As he moved forward, Ghastly drifted around him patrolling the area like a guard dog. At first, Shin thought Ghastly would be an annoyance but with the few days they had spent together, it definitely had some use to it. With nothing out of the ordinary, Shin knocked on the door of the building. However, nobody answered. Instead, from a little slit for mail, a map was dropped out along with further instructions. He would not meet Martin tonight.

As Shin stood in front of the building entrance, he read over the carefully described instructions and looked at the map. Circled in red was a deserted diner near the outskirts of Oak. The request itself appeared to be relatively easy in theory. The Martello's had pinpointed that his diner acted as a cash house with a large sum of jewels. It would be guarded by members of the other family. This would be a perfect opportunity to see Ghastly in combat and would allow Shin to punch some thugs, but the request specifically stated to use stealth as to avoid confrontation and any unnecessary harm to the reputation of the Martello's. Satisfied with his understanding of the request, he looked at Ghastly who simply floated about minding his own business. Ghastly would be a beneficial part of this request. With it's ability to blend into the darkness, it would help locate the jewels within the cash house. That would be the plan and so, the two set out ready to complete the request.

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#2Shin Katari 

Crash the Cash House [Shin] Empty on Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:47 pm

Shin Katari
Shin and Ghastly danced through the streets, sticking mostly to the areas that were devoid of light. This took longer than it would have if they took the lighted paths but alas, stealth was the way this request had to be done, although Shin did not agree with this. After fifteen minutes of walking through darkness, Shin and Ghastly appeared in a little forest surrounded by trees and shrubs as cover. The diner was old and run down, a perfect place to hide anything. Standing outside were at least four to five people in black, each with guns in hand. The temptation to attack them was strong but he would have to resist. The reward outweigh the risk in this situation. There were two entrances into the building according to the map; the main and the back. He was facing the back entrance, which only had two guards facing opposite directions. Good thing he came here with a plan. As mentioned earlier, Ghastly would be the star of this job. Using Ghastly and it's ghostly appearance, Shin would use it as a distraction. The men would either move towards it or simply shoot at it. Looking at Ghastly, Shin explained this as quietly as possible. This would also serve as a test to see if Ghastly could understand commands. Nodding his head, Ghastly understood and disappeared. A few moments later, a yell came from the main entrance of the diner and as expected, the two guards at the rear ran out to the front. Instantaneously, Shin took from his cover and opened the back door, entering the diner. Infiltration of the building had been successful and all that remained was finding the jewels.

As Shin scanned the diner for anything out of the ordinary, he took a quick glance out one of the windows. Ghastly had flickered in and out of existence once more, leaving the men in disarray. This rubbed their eyes and showed expressions of fear and alertness. One of them even exclaimed he was having trouble seeing the other in front of him. Ghastly may have just used an ability of its. As Ghastly appeared next to Shin, it's wide smile and large eyes looked at Shin for approval. With a slight grin, Shin nodded his head and the two returned to the task at hand. Shin looked underneath tables and chairs and paid attention to the ceiling covers along with the tiles on the ground. Those would serve as good hiding spots to. Not before long, his hunch was correct. Ghastly appeared to bob up and down as it hovered above a few tiles that were somewhat loose. Moving in that direction, Shin picked up the tiles and tossed them aside. Sure enough, there were two large black bags that were filled with jewels upon jewels. Grabbing the bags, Shin went off into the bathroom of the diner and found some flammable liquids. After dousing the dinner from the inside, Shin snapped his fingers and released a burst of fire, engulfing the diner from the inside out. As the men looked up at the building in flames, Shin dashed off and blended into the darkness. Making his way into downtown Oak, the only lively place at this time, Shin moved about the crowds. As he walked, another man in a black suit walked by him and grasped the two black bags without garnering any attention from others. He had also slipped an enveloped filled with jewels into the pocket of Shin's jacket. With that, the request had been completed.

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