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Nox Clara

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Nox Clara Empty Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:59 pm

The canvas of the night twinkled, littered with those beautiful specs of stars and various other breeds of distant celestial bodies. They all appeared to shrink and find themselves within the reflection of Katja's mesmerizing violet hues. She made little sound with each step against the sand, holding her grimoire close to her chest, she felt a foreign smile begin to blossom across her painted lips. Beauty in it's finest, most untouched form could fill anyone's heart with inspiration, no matter how dark and brooding.
She found herself walking gingerly towards the shoreline, leaving her boots a short distance away as she allowed the cold water to greet her feet with the incoming wave. A faint giggle escaped into the air as the tickle created a rush which surged through her body.
As gray skin glistened against the moonlight, Katja began tip toeing along the shoreline, leaving imprints in the damp sand as she did. The pages of her magic tome flipped open with the wind, and she watched sparks emit from enchanted lines that reacted with her voice in a hushed string of glee.
Katja ended up here after encountering two of her fellow guild members back in the lighthouse not to far from here. After following the trail of Erebus with what initially seemed to be an insatiable charm, she found the glitter of the waves to be more deserving of her attention. Though, unknown to her, it was he that pursed her now.

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Erebus abandoned his armor, or rather, he misplaced it and knew it would never be found again. So here he is. Back to square one, and just as annoyed as ever. Instead of counting his mistakes though-- the criminal dove off a bridge in his shorts. The air was cool and chilly, to the ends of summer many would have given up on a night at the beach. It was dark & dreary. Lonely.

A fall from such great heights would kill normal men. It wouldn't kill a lycan though, so when Erebus hit the waves a pulse of magnitude shook his bones, but did not break them. He sank to the bottom, as the currents snatched him out from the darkest depths. They carried him around the ocean. Man it felt like a while, but thankfully, due to the Port Town's inward shape, he'd wash up on a beach about an hour later before really losing himself to the flow of the waters.

Erebus coughed up some water, when he leaned up from the sand. To his great surprise, a beautiful young mistress was standing not far away. A member of his guild he hadn't seen in months... And damn, she really was a sight for sore eyes. Her beauty had magnified in absence of her presence.

"Oh. Hey there. Long time, no see?"


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Oh! I..
She slammed the grimoire closed, a comedic muffled squeak emitting from the book as the living letters became squashed. Katja's hand rested reluctantly on her right cheek which was beginning to purple out of embarrassment. She kept her cape close, assuring that it was wrapped around her. She wasn't expecting anyone to find her in such a state! Katja could only hope he didn't catch her skipping across the waterline like some sort of nymph.
The Prophet looked up, a nervous smile taking shape in the place of her previous one as she waved at him briefly. She gave the image of an innocent, little girl, hiding behind her mother in the presence of a stranger. Though to Katja, Erebus was not an unfamiliar name. She happened to have a deep rooted infatuation with him on a variety of levels. With that established, you'd likely be able to imagine just how ashamed she was of her reputation being tarnished in a matter of minutes.
She blinked a couple times, eyeing his frame up and down before diverting her gaze to the dim lit sands at her bare silver feet.

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The boy pushed himself up off the sand and using two muddy hands slid them down the length of his torso to wipe them off. He then jumped onto a bigger rock, graffiti'd by teenagers-- possibly on the last year of their school lives. Just before the world claimed them adult... Stealing the youth from them.

Nonetheless, Erebus kept his eyes trained on the flustered girl. Something he was use too, but at the same time surprised to see. Regardless, the lycan would play dumb. He didn't want to be show-boaty. In fact, his only goal was to enjoy the night in the waters. "Well, a night at the beach and you still brought your book?"

Erebus finally broke out of the silence. He knew this girl, and even had at one time been sexually interested in making her a woman. But those were his silly phases; he pretty much lived a humble life of crime now. Breaking and entering. Killing. Not much time for chasing females with a schedule so big.

Instead he'd offer her some accompaniment; without trying to run his hands up the length of her thighs. A difficult feat in and of itself, but nothing impossible for a prince of the crime world. Not for Erebus Cassiel. Strategist of Grimoire Heart.

"You look good. I guess the money's been treating you well. Wanna swim?"


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Her eyes widened at the sudden suggestion. Swimming? Katja had never even been to beach before save for this very night! She brushed a strand away from her face and behind her flushed ear. Even at the mention of how her grimoire was in a rather silly place, she still insisted on holding it close to her chest, it was comforting to her in a way. Yet another nervous chuckle escaped her orchid colored lips as she insisted.
As much as I hate to admit it..I don't quite know how to.
Maybe it would've sounded strange after all. She knew how to levitate within mid air, yet couldn't keep herself afloat in the water! Then again, she never tried it, so it may as well be a hidden talent of hers, right? Katja's hypnotizing gaze locked on the eyes of the boy's own. Her right hand then began to stray from her book- to the round ruby which fastened her cape around her shoulders. It appeared as if she was contemplating..whether or not to make the move
Although she was clearly the introverted type, Katja was less stubborn than many would think. The Prophet was open to creating new circles, yet she just so happened to need a little boost from another, more enthusiastic individual, in doing so.

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"I see. Well, you're missing out."

Erebus listened as his eyes watched the girl decide upon her moves wisely. She looked afraid, but interested. It was like watching a youth get ready to shoot for a risk. It was adorable. He moved off the rock and walked up to her. The elegance of her shy, but gem-like gaze made his head turn. He wasn't out for anything risque, but he wanted to share the girl's first swim through the waves.

He offered his hand out to her. A typical gesture.

"What's life without new experiences?"

Should she take his hand, Erebus would pull her body forward. Pressing them tightly, and warmly together. Allowing his other hand to wrap around her waist. Surely, the shock factor alone would make her drop the book. If it did. He could lift her above the ground and began to walk backwards. His feet planting into the waves, with her body resting soundly in his own arms. It was a move that would end in a smack for most men. However Erebus was a charmer, not to be cocky. But he knew the girl would succumb to his physical motivations. Erebus talked with his body--more often than with his mouth. He always had.

"Besides, you seem like you need to relax a bit. The ocean is good for that."


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She called out, a tremble in her voice. Though it could've been from either excitement or the sheer shock alone, it was still difficult to differentiate between the two. As her grimoire dropped, a snicker could be heard emitting from it, yet almost immediately in a rather comedic gesture, her cape fell over it as she was carried off. It may have come as a surprise that the female did in fact remember his name.
How could she not though? The sequence of letters which wrote of his title were scribbled all over the back pages of her spellbook..the one she took to bed, and usually fell asleep over after a long night of read and reciting spells aloud.
She was much like any other teen girl who had fallen head over heels for a boy she'd just met. The firm belief in love at first sight, fantasizing about a future somewhere in the distant scape of time, she was the embodiment of it all, and a little more. Katja was much more than the dark, secluded self she usually displayed to those who didn't seek out the rest of her themselves.

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The cute sound of his name when he lifted her off the ground and carried her away, it was kinda nice. Nostalgic. Erebus forgot the feeling of being in the presence of a cute girl. It made things... All of his stresses... Just wash away, the lycan's finger tips would press in around her pale upper thighs. both hands were now gripping her from beneath her bottom. The boy then felt the cool water racing over his lower abdomen, he leaned backwards and allowed her to fall into the waters on top of him. He grinned ear to ear and broke contact off her to let her body get acquainted with the waves splashing in lightly around her. He swam a circle around their spot, excited to see how she reacted to the peaceful, therapeutic, sensations. Sensations that only the nightly waters below could give.

Strategist's hair was soaked wet, he popped up from beneath the waters. Close to her side. They could touch the flooring here, she'd be okay.

"Feels great huh? What do you think?"

Erebus longed to see her enjoy it. To let all the shyness dim for this moment. Tonight was an exotic world for Katja to take in. Skinny dipping in her underclothes, with a boy, under a starry blanketed sky of black. It was straight out of a teenager's dream. The only lights out were coming from the lighthouse not far off. Erebus knew the girl would probably be upset just a little. But he wasn't the type to care, he prided influencing young people. Especially lonely bookworms with pretty schoolgirl vibes.

Erebus chuckled-- awaiting her replies and obvious flusters.


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The tint of purple across her cheeks stood unchanged as she felt where his grip landed itself, though that was the least of her concern for the moment, she'd pester him about that later. Katja gasped as it dawned over her, and she broke into a brief giggle, clapping childishly in elation. She cupped her hands, filling them with water and playfully pouring the small amount over his already soaked head while she made herself comfortable with the water.
Oh it's..wonderful!
The bright lilac hue of her eyes flickered as she became excited, the aura around her glowed passionately as well. It was as if she sparkled with the night sky. It was when she could really be herself and allow those she deemed "worthy" enough to scratch beyond her cold surface. A smile this present and laughter this out there would surely not have been witnessed by anyone she happened to fear or resent. Katja would surely spend the night writing about the event within the pages of her spell book, which also seemed to emit a steadily pulsating light from beneath the cloak in response to her own.

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Erebus watched a very different person come out of the girl. It was an odd thing, but one he couldn't argue with. He allowed her to pour water over his head, he then gave her a playful splash as well. He paddled with his arms backwards, lightly kicking his feet underwater.  On his back he could see other worlds out there, and bright fireballs called suns and stars. It was a blissful thing, an especially cool event to be out here with a girl. The ocean was great alone, but Erebus was always by himself.

Maybe he should learn to keep others closer? It would do wonders for his socialization skills. Anytime other than this one, he'd be a literal ass or even a cold enemy to people. But with those he deemed allies, friends, or even more than friends. His true self was all the way apparent. His own nicer side could come out. Just like Katja's child-like innocence did.

Erebus was an adventurer ya know? And that was long before he was the famous criminal he is today.

"Haha alright. Hey, the skyline is kinda nice tonight, don't ya think? I wonder what constellations we can find."

Erebus peered upwards, as he floated in place, about five or so feet from the blue-haired beauty. Katja was a respectable magus in training. So she probably knew more about astronomy than he did. He wondered if she'd come out of her shell and talk a little more now. Though, he didn't push at his luck. Just having her here was enough not to feel that all-to-familiar gaping pit of self-loathe. It was a big world after all. Friends were necessary-- at least if you asked Strategist's opinion on it. That's what he'd tell you.


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There's Aquila.. and Delphinus..
She placed a finger to rest on her chin as another followed the lines of the stars above the two. She created a line of lights in the path of her finger as it moved, drawing the silhouette of an eagle in the place of Aquila's constellation. It appeared to come alive before ultimately disintegrating in a flurry of sparkles which floated up towards the night sky. She did the same with Delphinus and the figure of a dolphin..
Sagitta too..
The final star pattern was the simplest, drawing nothing more than an arrow you'd expect to be flung by the mighty string of a bow. The night was cool, and the water was even colder. Katja shivered as she felt the frost bite into her with the wind. Heading off into the sea without the supervision of the sun was usually not the brightest idea, after all.

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Her fingers pointed to the blanket of celestial bodies above. Erebus stared from the tip of her finger to the heavens. He felt like Katja's gaze could pierce the moon. The way she easily designated the groups of stars so masterfully. She must have looked at them a lot on her own before now, to memorize a star chart... No easy feat, not in the slightest. Erebus went back to sprawling in the water. A wave pushing and pulling his figure deeper into the dark oceanic depths. He could float away.

Instead his voice shattered whatever silence there was. He lie about twenty feet out now, as she remained able to have a good footing.

Wanna go a bit deeperout? We can swim together or something?"

He hadn't thought to acknowledge her petite womanly frame being exposed down to the panty-line in that outfit, She might freeze out here. The boy was immune to regular human side affects, for instance, being cold didn't affect him greatly. But burning up did. Lycans hated fire. They embraced the waters though. He raised up and swam back to her side. She was looking blue. Could that be from the cold? Or was she naturally so pale. He couldn't distinguish on his own.

"You look like the weather might be bothering you. If this is too much for you we can go back to the sands."


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It was lovely out-- but all lovely things gotta end at some point. The two removed themselves from the waters because of the frigid cold that was creeping on the girl. After that they hung out by the waves on the sand and discussed all kinds of bizarre things. It was pretty awesome actually. The girl was genuine. Deep. Introverted.

Erebus was deep too, deeply gone. His mind ever left the stars, which he stared up towards all night. It seemed like their conversations could never end man. It was some powerful chemistry at work. Nothing strong enough to absorb them into it. they still needed rest. Erebus was the first to address such a thing. Calling for them to head home when the sun started to tilt up off the horizon. An all nighter-- definitely not expedited. That night they got to see a whole assortment of things though. From a meteor shower, to constellation hunting.

The type of interesting stuff young people are into.

It was a good meeting, one Erebus wouldn't forget. He made his goodbye-- and prepare for his mission with Shura the following day. Though, thanks to staying up the night with Katja. He'd carry some bags under his eyes as per usual. The end.


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