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Era to Orchidia [Foot Travel]

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Era to Orchidia [Foot Travel] Empty on Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:31 pm

Eva packed up her backs with precision, not missing a single thing that she would need in her journey to gather more experience and train up. She had a plan to go from Orchidia to Nanuq and Oak before stopping at Crocus. Her final destination was definitely going to be Hargeon Where Blue Pegasus stood and was threatened. Well, it was only a rumor but as Eva liked to believe, most rumors stemmed from some sort of truth and that meant that they couldn’t just leave the place alone without caution. So far, Eva only remembered Alisa from the guild but that didn’t mean that she was going in for just one person.

“Are you ready?” she heard Hanase’s voice behind her. Nodding affirmative, Eva took one look at their apartment in Era and sighed. It was time to bid goodbye to her hometown again. But perhaps, when she comes back, Eva would be a lieutenant. She just hoped that the seat would stay open for her to climb and reach there. Surely, she had to catch up to everyone around her soon. Just a few weeks and she would be back again. “Good bye, Era,” she chuckled, grabbing the handle of her bag firmly before setting off.


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