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To Hargeon (Foot Travel)

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To Hargeon (Foot Travel) Empty Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:47 am

Tenshi †
Magnolia had been great. It had been a chance for him to get to know new people, and catch up with old. It had allowed him to meet people who had become very unique and important to him, and given him a chance to better get to know himself through the eyes of another. If he had to be honest, it was a first for him that he would not forget any time soon. He owed a bit of himself to the town, and it was a place that he would not soon forget. Still, as great as any one place may be, he still had to continue forward into whatever the future would hold.

That was why he and Jake had left the town behind them, towards where they had become part of an organization. The home of Blue Pegasus, Hargeon Town. In a sense it was the beginning of a pilgrimage that was long overdue. One foot after the other, sword firmly on his back and Jake directly at his side, the two of them made their way back towards where this adventure had begun. Soon they'd be back in the town by the water, and that was where things would start again.


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To Hargeon (Foot Travel) D09aavQ

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