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Captain's Rum [Erebus]

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Erebus took steady paces and worthwhile strides on his way into this quest. Evidently, he'd be meeting pirates and a whole flock of new expeditions and events that wold change his life forever. Well, perhaps it wouldn't have that big an effect on his life-- but it was still going to be a world of fun. Especially considering this was far more thrilling than anything typical like stealing or vandalizing. The kind of thing Erebus had been tasked with before. This was smuggling, a whole new criminal category. One that was... Pretty risky to say the least, and extremely rewarding in the end. With his older tasks already behind him; The Rum Diary mission, and the Smuggler's schemes. Thanks in part by his comrade, Shura Ranzu. Erebus was going to be able to press forth and take a challenging objective from Balthazar Barbarossa himself. Though Shura had stepped away from doing the mission with him for now, Erebus was in a pretty hellacious circumstance already. The infamous Blackwood Bank gave him a measly last few days to make back about a hundred and fifty thousand jewels or they were coming for him. Now, Erebus trusted his own skills-- sure. But the agents at that bank... He knew this would be terrible. In the end, Erebus had to get out there and grind off these jobs or his death was an eminent factor.

Erebus ignored those thoughts, they'd jeopardize his mission. Instead he recounted what he knew of Balthazar. The man was a stern captain of a pirate ship, often leading raids and expeditions into the seas. He had found many treasures as a pirate, and even fought against all sorts of creatures of the sea. Not something to laugh at. In fact, the stories about this pirate in specific were like a modern day Blackbeard. However, in order to get rid of his wares quickly, he sells them to Reagan before the Rune Knights bother him. Erebus could agree on one thing The Rune Knights were not cool, they were pretty annoying in general. All the efforts they make never scare Grimoire, or even Phantom Lord, into submission. It was laughable. Regardless, this was the wold they lived in and the Rune Knights were important for convincing the population everything was under control.

Except it wasn't. Chaos controlled Fiore. Everyone with a head on their shoulders knew that to be truth.

Even old Balthazar knew the Rune Knights were slipping, and he was typically out on the waters. Away from the mainland. Speaking of Captain Barbossa; he has some wares that he needs to get rid of quickly and needs a runner to transport some of it, which is exactly why Erebus Cassiel was called to attention. Though, he was Strategist by word of tongue from Reagan. Apparently he wasn't up to doing business at first, until Reagan himself opened up the conversation to some alcoholic beverages. Reagan even handed Strategist a bottle of rum to take to the pirate, a gift of sorts to seal this miserable deal. Trotting along the docks area, Erebus held the drink within a brown bag and in the distance lights of the pirate ship glimmered like ashen rose petals. A smile spread over the weary eyed traveler. For too long, as an adventurer, had he dreamed of being a pirate. Tonight he kinda-- sorta-- would have that dream realized. The closer he came to the captain, the more pirates poked their heads from the shadows, and the more he noticed them piling crates onto another, possibly more than one actually; merchant ships.

Standing at the wheel of the pirate ship was Barbossa. Erebus made his way up the simple bridge, and into the ship. He peeped not a single word, and extended rum out to the captain after being only a foot away from him. Barbossa stared, stern and quiet. Yanking the booze away coldly, he then made way past Erebus. Who's calm demeanor had never stopped speaking for itself. Barbarossa moved to the side of the ship, he sniffed the top of the drink after popping off it's cork. He then was seen largely taking in a swig-- one as big as his stomach could carry; if not more. "Aye, I have me a job ye need do. Are ye capable of blackening ye name a bit tonight?" Erebus, made it to the captain's side. Placing hands on the side of the ship to stare out at the pirates operating below. "Always, Mr. Barbossa." The captain drank again. "Arghh. Ye can call me Cap'n, mah' father's name was Mister. I need ye to be quick about what your goin' go do. I needs you to go the outskirts of the docks and give me bag here to someone called Maxwell. In the bag are a few small smoke bombs that the moron ordered off me." Erebus bowed his head, as his eyes glimmered their lycan color. He took the bag and made off to find Maxwell in the outer bearings of the docks. The town was asleep, only the pirates in the distance and this Maxwell nut were out. Typical, thought Strategist. The werewolf tucked his cold chilly hands into his pockets. He breathed inwards and continued on, knowing tonight's check would be worth the trouble.

On his walk there was much for the Grimoire Heart to remember. He knew Shura was likely busy on this night, so it was something Erebus needed do alone. But now that everything was starting to unravel, he noticed there was little left in Hargeon for him. Strategist had taken so many jobs that his infamy had nearly went up a thousand at this time. He was stepping into a spotlight again, maybe not a great giant, wondrous one, but a spotlight nonetheless. The air was cold and still. Just like him. The stone was hard and and cold. Just like him. Erebus was becoming ore than just your everyday, he knew that.

Approaching the end of a building, an ugly young guy came bouncing out of the shadow. Erebus tilted his head, his brows bending an arching to see this fool. It was the same shithead who made him buy treats for a dog no bigger than a basketball. "Maxwell I take it? I have our smoke bombs." Erebus removed the bag from under his cloak, holding it out over the ground. "Heheheh. yeah. those are mine. Thanks. Here's the cash in hand." Erebus snatched the money up and turned on his heel, leaving this baboon. After all, Maxwell was a simple thug. One who could only harasses people and steal their money. He wasn't a soldier like Erebus. He isn't that smart, not a bit. Maxwell was a low life who easily gets agitated when he doesn't understand something, often believing it to be insults thrown at him. Whenever he does get agitated, he also gets violent rather quickly and continues the conversation with his fists. Erebus... Never broke down like that anymore. He was rebuilt under Grimoire Heart's emblem. A literal animal, a shepard for the crest; to pull it to the top.

At that moment, a rune knight yelled out and men began chasing Maxwell-- but their real target was Erebus himself! Erebus took turns and alleyways until he was out of sight. He pushed through the markets alongside the outer edges of town beside the docks and used it to cover himself from the oncoming capturers. Erebus successfully used his mastery of stealth to circumvent his own capture. He then moved around the crowd until he was far from the original spot he entered in at. Strategist made his way back to the boat, jogging pace. So it was no surprise that when Balthazar Barbossa saw him again, the man was very pleased. He gave Erebus a slap on the back and told him to keep the money Maxwell offered, that it was rightfully earned.

Erebus pocketed the change and left the docks for his motel room bordering the chilly ocean. It was warm here not long ago, but the weather was getting different. it might be time to move on soon. Erebus unlocked his door, and heated up a hot shower. Rubbing his body in shower gels, and coating his hair under shampoos. He then relaxed in bed-- until his eyes took him to dream land. After that, he awoke in the morning to get back to work.

- Adventurer Perk
-Grimoire Perk

Mission WC: 1415/1400

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