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Cool it down [Atlas]

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Kenny sat on the beach ice cream cone in hand as he chillaxed on the beach minding his own damn business. He licked his vanilla cone with a sneer on his face, pink tongue sensually licking up the cone as the cool treat tantalizingly dripping down the white mass and seeping down the yellow body. Kenny licked up the cone once again, his taste buds being teased by the taste of the vanilla and chocolate sprinkles, his tongue finally licked up the tip of the cone a thick coat of cream on his tongue as he pulled back from the treatment with a newly painted tongue.

He let some of the ice cream drip onto his chest in white droplets as he licked up the cone once again, a ginger smile on his face as the refreshing taste of the sweetness blessed his presence a sigh escaping his now blissful lips. He loved vanilla ice cream... A lot.

With a glint of lust in his eye he put his mouth on the tip of the cone and bit into his cool snack some of it getting onto his lips, he leaned back again and licked his lips before doing so again in messy fashion soon ice cream was all over his mouth he was now fully satisfied.

Cool it down [Atlas] Qurywgl
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Atlas Prime
Atlas journeyed onto the beach with Totodile on his shoulders. He felt like it was quite a warm day so going into the water was a good idea. He was dressed in a black swim trunks and a black open shirt. He also had some black sandals on. People might think he might be gothic or emo with his attire, but it was a color he felt suited him best, so he stuff with it. He was walking across the beach looking for a good spot to stop at. He looked around and saw all sorts of activites going on, he saw people playing volleyball, so people sun bathing, and some people playing in the water. The beach wasn't super busy but wasn't empty either which he liked. He felt like it might be awkward if there wasn't any other noise but also wanted to have some freedom to move around so it felt perfect to him. Atlas was soon found a spot he felt like was close enough to the water but not to far away from it either. He stretched out a towel he had carried as well to mark his spot. "Okay, lets go have some fun," Atlas said to Totodile. They rushed towards the water, but it seemed Totodile got a little careless while running. Maybe it was due to the sand, which he might not be used to running on, which caused him to trip. This had him accidentally fire some water off in a direction almost hitting some guy eating ice cream. Atlas felt like it was too close of a call so he approached the guy to apologize. "Hi, I'm really sorry about that. He's not to used to running on the sand," Atlas said to the man, hoping he would forgive what just happened.


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Kenny continued to enjoy his kick ass ice cream, it was too good for it’s own good. He licked what little was left in the cone, the base of the ice cream visible in the cone’s opening, he licked the outside teasing tongue grazing the ridges. He couldn’t get enough of the ice cream he would need another cone as he scraped what was on his chest off with his hand and whipped it out to the sand, once he felt clean he leaned back over to continue licking his ice cream when the unthinkable happened. A blue blur nearly trampled him, the sudden interruption making Kenny flench, reflexive shades catching a full view of the tragedy that unraveled. The ice cream, Kenny’s ice cream, his entire world dropped out of his grasp and to the sand for what felt like an eternity as it dropped to the ground. Kenny’s other hand tried to grab it, but he was too slow just missing the cone by an inch, he tried to use his other, he missed by another inch but it may have been a country mile as he helplessly watched his ice cream fall, a cliche ‘nooooo’ escaping his lips as he watched his treat hit the sand once with a bounce and rolling in the sand, soon becoming coated in grains of the beige matter.

He couldn’t speak as he looked down at the accident in the sand, he could only stare down at it, shaking his head in sorrow as he wiped a tear just below his shades. Soon a voice came, a man apologizing for the blur. Kenny gritted his and shook his head in disbelief now, it couldn’t be, his ice cream. His creamy goodness was gone! Maker why? Why were the maker so cruel? Kenny was doing so well, hot girl friend, dog, friends, then boom ice cream in the sand. What a way to ruin a day.

The Omega looked up at the man with a balled fist before speaking, “It’s alright… I was just about done with it anyway.” he felt the tears coming, but his shades helped him hide his tearing eyes as he feigned a smile. That was his ice cream, that was his cone man, he couldn’t do that man, that wasn’t fair. He sniffled, he loved that ice cream man, he loved it. The loss hurt, it really hurt, because he was dedicated to his cone and he put in a lot of hard work to get it good and licked down, but when push came to shove he lost it.

Cool it down [Atlas] Qurywgl
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Atlas Prime
Atlas felt sad as he watched the man reach for his ice cream and watched it fall the ground. He knew he wouldn't be happy if that happened to him so he wondered how the man felt when he approached him. The man had some shades on so Atlas couldn't fully see his face but the man was smiling saying it was alright. Atlas still felt bad, he saw the ice cream almost empty but it was his fault it happened. He wasn't that careful with Totodile. Atlas looked back and saw Totodile approaching with his head downing, knowing that he had messed up. Atlas bent down to him and picking him up. "Its okay buddy, it was an accident. Why don't you apologize to the man," Atlas said. Totodile spoke out in a sorrowful tone hoping the man would forgive him. "How about I go get you another, its such a hot day it could be a good time for a treat," Atlas said to the man. He wasn't sure how the man would respond but he hoped it would be in a nice way. "By the way, my name is Atlas," he said to the man extending a hand to shake the mans if he seemed to be in a good mood.


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Kenny rubbed his hands together and laughed, “It’s quite alright sir, accidents happen. I would love to stay and chat but I have been slacking off with my travels so i do thank you for breaking my distraction. He looked at the sea, “Say how about we meet up again so you can pay up for my ice cream when I’m back in town? Maybe you can take me out for some.” he laughed petting the blue alligator with a tender hand. “Until we meet again sire.’ he turned his back and scurried off of the beach with a small smile on his face. It was rude to be running so quickly but he had to get going, people to meet things to see, and Oak was kind of like a home away from home for him he loved the city and the people, even if most of them were murderous scumbags who only cared for themselves. Ah yes, to Oak he was going to find a job and maybe a guild, no more staying put for the Omega it was now a mission of survival as he prepared to get moving. He turned around one more time and waved, before running off into a crowd.


Cool it down [Atlas] Qurywgl

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