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Hot August Day [Atlas]

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#1Evelyn Wynter 

Hot August Day [Atlas] Empty Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:21 pm

Evelyn Wynter
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The day was a bit hot and bothered for Kaze, Evelyn, and their fuzzy ball of walking fur, Paris. Wearing armor and the color black was a regrettable decision. There was a small shop nearby that had ice cream. It was a  nice thing to cool off from this hot day. Kaze, a ninja looking guard, kept his senses on alert. He was her assigned guard before she ranaway rom the Wynter estate to prevent from being slaughtered in the murder mess. Evelyn rolled her eyes at how protective Kaze was of her. Afterall, he did dedicated his life to protecting hers. He was her only friends besides her companion.

The shope opened with a small bell. There was a long line making her groan slight. "Aww man, the lines is extremely longg...damn it. Maybe a while, you two" she said. The little Venonat's antennaes drooped with a sad posture. The girl squatted down beside him. "Dot worry, Paris. e'll et some ice cream. Just you wait" she smiled. Giving a positive glow, the little Venonat perked up and starting bouncing up and down. Its was quite clear the purple furball was jumping with joy causing much attention to them.
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#2Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas was walking around Hargeon on a hot day. He normally was okay with the heat but today felt a little to much for him. He could also tell Totodile wasn't having fun either. Atlas knew he could change his clothes to something lighter, like he was wearing right now. He was wearing an open black shirt and some black shorts so he wasn't as hot, but the thing was that he was wearing black so it didn't help that much. Totodile sadly couldn't change his clothes so he had to bear with the heat. Atlas looked around for something to change there predicament. He walked around the streets when he finally noticed an ice cream stand. He could tell it was hot though since there was a pretty big line for it. He looked around but didn't see any other place around like this. Atlas sighed and looked at Totodile, who looked up at him. "It will take some time but if you want to lets do this," Atlas said walking up to the line. He had to wonder how long it would take. He got in line behind a girl who had a small bug companion.


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