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Caravan Guard [Quest|Eva]

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Caravan Guard [Quest|Eva] Empty on Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:43 pm

Eva stood at the center of the caravan parking lot, eyes going around the place in careful alertness. The mission had came to her quite unexpectedly that morning when she, for the first time, got acquainted with Augustus, the merchant that was much respected and admired. This man, though Eva doubted the legality of it, carried a bunch of mercenaries around along with him to help him with his transportation, protection, and other such necessities.

She met him through the traveling merchant Gaud whom she had came to know ever since she had the questionable fortune of buying a solar sect book off him. The man had approached her seeking help with the protection of his caravan that was threatened to be stolen. Since he needed his mercenaries around him to protect him from some high risk mission of his own, he had been looking for a capable mage to help him. In the end, the man had asked around and found her through Gaud who told him off some exceptional mage that had helped him with some shady transactions the other day. She wondered if the either of them even knew she was a Rune Knight.

Surely, she didn’t put the proud symbol out on display all the time and Eva realized while she was talking pleasantly with the merchant that they truly don’t have a clue that she was a Seated Knight. But that all worked fine for her and while they were engaged in a bit of shady dealings, the two were generally good natured people trying to make a living, which suited fine for her.

Now she was there in the middle of the night in what is known as Era’s famous caravan parking space and she had nothing else to stare at besides caravans for hours. Honestly enough, it was starting to bore her which, in the end, led her to take a walk around the area. It was big enough, from what she heard, to fit about fifty caravans at a time and boasted of its large area that sprawled across the land. Eva couldn’t care less, of course since the big space meant nothing to her if she was just going to sit there in front of Augustus’ caravan and do nothing.

She spun around, slowly humming a tune and dancing to it. It was night and the pale moonlight cast a glimmering glow around her. The cold wind and the gentle caress of some owl’s cooing was making her want to dance into the peaceful night. She rarely got such time to herself so while it may bore her, she decided to make the best use of it by swinging her legs around, spinning and rounding the large space, but never letting the caravan in question out of sight. As playful as she felt that night, Eva also knew that she had a mission to be bothered about first. Thus the night slowly rolled on with Eva’s graceful steps and humming of an old song.



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The sound of something clattering and falling had broken Eva’s peaceful dancing session and she immediately ran back to the caravan, looking around to see if something was wrong. She went in, inspecting whether someone had touched the goods. But once she noticed they were all fine, Eva’s frown returned, only to deepen when another sound came. But this time, she noticed that it came from outside.

She stepped out silently, looking towards the caravan parked next to Augustus’. Not only was there strange noises coming from inside, the caravan was slightly rocking back and forth every now and then. She quietly walked over, letting the shadows provide cover for her as she slowly peaked into the caravan through an opening in the wooden planks. Her mouth dropped when she found a couple, a woman who was probably of her same age and a man that looked slightly older. The woman was giggling while the man kept her in a tight hug, moving down for a kiss every now and then until the woman shyly pushed him away and ran to another side of the caravan, making the structure rock back and forth now and then.

Annoyed greatly by the idiots trying to do their deed inside a caravan parking site, Eva had half the mind to go in and tell them to go home, stopping herself only seconds before she could actualy bring herself to do it. She went back to her own caravan instead, holding her ears to block off all and whatever sound that escaped the other vehicle. For a while, Eva sat there, right in front of the caravan, looking all around her and wincing every now and then whenever the giggling became uncontrollable. Once the sound escalated, hwoever, she fully covered her ears and slightly dozed off.

Modelling earlier and then coming to work in a mission that requied her to stay awake was probably not the best idea. Her hands fished inside the back of her pocket to pull out a small compact and opened it. She looked at the mirror, pulling at the skin under her eyes. She was starting to develop dark circles around her eyes from all the sleep she had been refusing herself. Eva sighed. Once it was over, she decided that she was going to sleep one whole day off and maybe fix those dark circles somehow with some cream.

When morning came and Augustus’ mercenaries or well one of them, came to see how the night went, Eva quietly stood up, telling him that nothing of the sort they feared happened and that everything was definitely safe. She gave him a few moments to look inside and inspect the contents before taking the small pouch full of her rewards. Bidding him farewell, Eva walked away, giving one last glance at the caravan next to Augustus’. The couple had sneaked away some time during dawn as Eva stayed out of their line of sight. Seriously, young people these days had no idea, did they?


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