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Troublesome Transactions [Quest|Eva]

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Troublesome Transactions [Quest|Eva] Empty on Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:13 pm

Eva moved stealthily through the still whispers of the night as cold wind washed over the great city of Era proudly bearing the great Magic Council at its heart. It was surprisingly comforting, however, since the contrast of heated zephyrs in the morning was far worse than the slightly ticklish cold winds at this time of the day. Summer had taken leaps and bounds in almost burning blanket that it wrapped everything with but it was almost at its end and Eva, admittedly, was looking forward to it.

She threw the hood of her pitch black robes back, looking around in a furtive alertness. Her robes had helped her tremendously well in obscuring her presence so far. It had enabled her to blend in with the darkness that night accompanied with, which she greatly appreciated whenever such missions came to her hands. Otherwise it would be a fashion disaster but on these moments, she thanked herself for not throwing those horrible pieces of fabric away.

But what was she, Evangeline no surname anymore, a prideful seated knight as well as a rising super model in the fashion world doing sneaking around at night like that? Well, let’s track back to a few hours ago.

Eva’s fingers ghosted over the strange wood carving on the mini shelf in the middle of a bustling, crowded market street. “Is this some item from the far west of Fiore?” Eva asked, looking up at the smiling traveling merchant, Gaud. He seemed slightly surprised that Eva had guessed right but simply bent down to take the said item off the shelf to show it to Eva. “You are correct. It is only one of its kind, however,” he tapped at it as if that was good enough to explain everything and Eva moved along until an old looking book caught her eyes. She immediately picked it up and Gaud’s eyes glinted. “A very curious thing you picked up there, Ms. Do you by any chance have strong light magic?” he asked although his eyes seemed as if he already knew the answer.

She thought back to the ancient magic now she bore within her. “Indeed. I do. But what does that have to do with this?” she asked in light wonder, feeling the book somehow fit rightfully within her hands. “Because that is the famous solar sect. It can only be wielded by a powerful light mage,” he explained as everything fell into place. “Ah,” she went back to carefully inspecting the object in her hand. Her hands moved to open it but was immediately stopped by Gaud grabbing the book away from her. Annoyed as she was, Eva pushed it back with a lightly wounded expression as she followed Gaud’s movements. “Nuh uh, Ms. You must pay me first. That, and you must not open it in such a crowded place,” he instructed, now holding his palm out for the clinking coins that fell into his hands. Once the transaction was complete, he handed it over to her and Eva put it at the back of her satchel.



Troublesome Transactions [Quest|Eva] Empty on Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:14 pm

Say, child, do you want to help me with something? Of course, there will be rewards,” he suddenly asked. Did this man just take money from her and then offer to pay her for a job? What a strange person but still, he looked as if he knew what he was doing and thus that mission had begun that afternoon starting with what was a harmless shopping time.

Now standing against the darkness, Eva carefully opened up the map Gaud had given her. Honestly, she had not needed it. From the minute she first looked at the map, Eva knew it lead to the less than savory part of Era which she had to visit quite a lot considering her kind of work. But the map still provided her with the exact locations as to which the other person would show up in and she skipped no beat in moving in that direction.

When it finally led her to an abandoned alleyway with an eerie silence, she looked up and around her, spotting a shadow just over the corner of a building. She quickly placed her hood back on. “Are you the seller?” she asked as she approached, her eyes glowing within the hood to peek at the man that was doing some sort of illegal transaction in Era. He was smartly cautious, however, as he made sure to keep his face and important body parts with cloth. There was no clue that could lead Eva to find him in a sunny morning and while it aggravated her Rune Knight’s instincts, she tried to let it go because of her current mission at hand.

She introduced herself as the person Gaud had sent over to get the item, shaking a small pouch of coins in her hands to indicate she had the money. He uttered no audible sound when he produced a bag from the depth of his own baggy clothes, taking out what seemed like the tooth? Fang? of what seemed to be some ferocious beast before sliding it back in. Eva carefully placed the bag of coins in his hands before taking the other bag for herself. She looked up at him one last time before turning around and fluttering down the street, once again using the darkness as her ticket to invisibility.

Eva made a beeline towards where Gaud said he would be waiting for her; the sleepy dog inn. She promptly slid inside, throwing her hood and undoing the knot to her robes before throwing it over one of her shoulders. There was no need for hiding herself anymore since that act would be the most suspicious in a place like that. Dropping the bag in front of the half drunk merchant, Eva took her own rewards from him. She waited for the older man to inspect the contents, only turning away when a satisfied smile lit up in his lips. Once again throwing the robs back on, Eva gently walked away, going for her own inn down the street not too far away from the one she was in.


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