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Far away from Home [Rishi]

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#1Evelyn Wynter 

Far away from Home [Rishi] Empty Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:54 pm

Evelyn Wynter
Survival of the fittest is my goal
Evelyn Wynter arrived to Hargeon by boat with her guard and childhood best friend. They had her companion by her side named Paris. They got off the boat and onto the dock. Kaze, her guard and best friend, took a look around. The young ninja took a few swift looks and nodded. "Coast is clear, milady" he said. He had green hair with a silver fancy headband and red and maroon Japanese style clothing that were tight to his skin. A few ladies gave him looks and giggled. He sighed. He did not lie this kind of thing. Evelyn smiled at him in a mischievous expression. "You really get all the ladies" he teased. Kaze rolled his eyes.

"Sigh. My loyalty lies with you and you alone, milady. Made that vow when we were four. Anyways, we have to get to our hotel. Were going as you know the drill" he said. Kaze walked beside her as Paris, her companion, chirped happily behind. The little Venonat was very fond of Evelyn, but Kaze did not like him. Paris was extremely fond of Kaze strangely. It walked by Kaze's side. They went into town near the town square. Kaze looked at the map and felt lost. Both Paris and Evelyn sighed. "Where is the fucking hotel" he said. Eve sighed. "It would be best if we ask for directions" she said. Kaze growled. "No no I can do this. I do not need help" he said. Men and their pride.

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