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Howdy. Empty Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:12 am

I've been on a lot of rp forums over the time and I think I'm going to stick with this one.

Hi everyone! I'm Mobutt, also known as Glitchwood High to my discord and PS! peeps. I've been in this community for about two years, and I've made equite a lot of interesting rps, rp partners, friends and concepts, even becoming moderators at multiple points!

Hope y'all don't hate me too fast.

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Hi, I'm Mobutt, very active RPer in the rping community, and I've stumbled upon this nice-looking website. So...I've decided to try it out! Yes, I'm not a thot, I'm a boy.

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#2Lee Nakamura 

Howdy. Empty Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:17 am

Lee Nakamura
Welcome to FTRP Mobutt! If you need any questions, feel free to ask any of us and check out our discord :D

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#3Rishi Namatzu 

Howdy. Empty Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:21 pm

Rishi Namatzu
Hi there! I'm Rishi and welcome to the site! Hope you have lots of fun here and if you have any questions, please do ask them. Pop on the Discord soon! here is an invite to it, as I know the one on the front page isn't working. Have lots of fun!


https://discord.gg/ZHE5Y9s (link to discord server)

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