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Scare Outsiders [Quest | Yumi | Shin]

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Scare Outsiders [Quest | Yumi | Shin] Empty on Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:35 am

The sound of metal dragging along the ground echoed through the air creating a loud screeching sound. The sound made many cover their ears crying out and wincing in pain. The sound was like a thousand nails grinding down on a chalkboard, it was almost unbearable. The source of the sound was a tiny little girl no more than four foot ten in height with long black hair. Atop her head a black and red headpiece with ear like shapes. Her hair was parted on the front in a home style cut. The girls' eyes were crimson red and she wore a short black and red gothic style dress, accompanied by a black garter belt set, long stockings, and high heel boots.

The source of the sound was the massive sword on her back. The sword was six foot five larger than she was, held by a leather strap. The blade itself has two cut-outs, a circle close to the top and a semi-circular one nearer to the handle. The end was dragging along the ground carving into the stone path making the screeching sound behind her. The little demon made her way through the streets her destination the bad quest request board in the town center to find if there were any available jobs.

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#2Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
It was a dull day today. The sky was dark and the streets lacked their usual life. Adding to this dullness was the sound of a thousands nails grinding against a chalkboard, an irritating sound to say the least. Amid this dull day and the sound of metal was a tall red-haired male, dressed in leather jacket and blue jeans accompanied by a simple brown belt. In front of this man was a large wooden board, with different requests pinned up against it. This was the bad request board as it was referred to. Some of the requests pinned up against were old and others fresh.

Scanning through the various requests was the red-haired male. He was looking for something that would present a bit more of a challenge compared to the clean up job he had completed the other day. However, the sound of metal creeping closer and closer sent another chill down his back along with raising the hairs on his arm. His face displayed an expression of annoyance. Whatever the source of this noise, it was heading in his direction. Turning his body around, the male dug his hands into the pockets of his jeans and set his gaze opposite of the request board. Something was coming.

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Yumi came to a halt by the bad quest board, finding she was not the only one waiting there. It seemed someone else had the idea or accepted a quest in order to pass the time. The little demon's crimson hues narrowed as she inspected the individual, a tall red haired man dressed in a leather jacket and blue jeans. As she got closer a sudden realisation appeared on the tiny woman's heart shaped features, she recognised the red haired youth. It was the same youth she had clashed with back in Crocus in a bar when she was an old woman, they had attacked each other with pool cues and ended the brawl in a draw. That event had happened almost a year ago, Yumi was quite surprised to run into him again, not that he would recognise her as she currently was.

As Yumi approached the sword on her back continued its unbearable sound as it scraped on the concrete. The little demon came to a halt three meters from the red haired man who towered over her, "I hadn't expected to see you again after all this time runt." Barked out the little lolita as she cast a strong gaze up at him.

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#4Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
"Well I be damned," Shin thought to himself as a little girl appeared before him. Judging from the large weapon she was bearing on her back, Shin determined it was the source of the annoying screeching sound. Every step she took gave him goosebumps while people nearby either fled the area or walked with their ears covered. In an instant, she halted herself three meters away from Shin. Shifting his attention towards the ground, his amber gaze met with crimson gaze. Apparently, from the way she spoke, the two had met before in the past.

Thinking of where he met her, nothing came to mind. He could not recall ever meeting a little girl with a sword too big for her to carry. Before Shin could say anything, appearing between the two was his companion ghastly. It's large eyes store directly at the girl, as it's tongue reached out and attempted to lick her. It would then float to the side, creating the three meter gap in between the two again. "Runt? That word seems to be a little out of your age range. Besides, we've never met brat," Shin begun to say before he bent down to get a closer look at the girl. "Also, take the thing off your back. It's annoying as shit. If you're looking for the candy shop, you're at the wrong place. This is the request board," he finished saying in a mocking tone as he lifted himself up and turned around to face the request board again. Hopefully she would leave.

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Yumi snorted in mild amusement at the red haired man's words allowing a gleam of amusement to flicker within those ruby red hues of hers. The little demon raised her right hand unphased by his swords. Her pale snow white fingers coiled around the handle of the massive blade on her back. The lolita's left hand touched the strap that held it in place releasing the sword as she effortlessly drew it from her back with a single hand. The blade was almost a full two feet taller than she was. The demon drew the massive blade unhindred by its weight and with a single arm slammed it down into the ground with enough force web like cracks appeared on impact.

"Maybe this time instead of beating you around with a pool cue i'll use this and send you back to your mother's teet." Replied the demonic woman as she lifted the blade up off the ground and rested it on her right shoulder holding it with just her right hand unveiling her own physical strength. Yumi had said a few other words in order to spark the red haired youth's memory about the fight he had with the old woman in Crocus.

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#6Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Before Shin could finish looking at all the requests on the board, a loud noise came from behind him. Shifting him body so he look behind him, he noticed the girl had now removed the large weapon from her back. Turned it, it was a sword of some sort. The blade was dug into the ground as web like cracked appeared around them. Getting out of the way was Ghastly, as it floated upwards and returned to Shin's side. Focusing his entire focus on the weapon now, he turned his body completely around and eyed the weapon up and down. It was definitely a blade crafted by someone with the utmost expertise. A devious glimmer flicked through his amber gaze. His hands wanted to snatch the weapon away from but stopping him were her words. There was something about the way she spoke and the words she used that were familiar.

And then it clicked.

The trigger word was pool cue. The only time he had ever used a pool cue in recent memory was during his visit to Crocus where he encountered an old lady. The hag had some strength in her as the two slugged it out into a draw. However, there were also inconsistencies in her story. He fought an old woman, not some loli. Maybe she was her daughter? That was the best bet. "Oh wait...you're the daughter of that old hag? Did she die of old age or break her back somewhere?" Shin asked almost mockingly. He just couldn't believe that this little girl was the same old woman from a year ago.

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Yumi rolled her eyes at the man's accusation about being the old woman's daughter. How absurd as if she would ever have a daughter. The demonic lolita fitted the weapon onto her back once more strapping it in place, angling it so the tip wouldn't scrape across the concrete, the tip just an inch from the ground. "As I would have a daughter with any of the weak fools of this world." Spat out Yumi as a dark aura formed around her body. A demonic presence began to exert itself as her eyes glowed blood red. The essence around her body unveiled her lack of humanity.

"I won't be restricted by an aging body if we should clash once more. My evolution has unlocked a new strength within in me. If you wish to test me so be. if not get out of the way, I must take on a B rank quest." Yumi's eyes narrowed as she looked to the board having spotted a lone B rank quest. With a raise of her right hand, she had pointed towards it indicating her plan to take the quest. She merely needed the red haired man to stand aside as he was in her way.

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#8Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Things were beginning to become intense. She began to emit an aura of darkness, as a demonic presence flowed through the streets like fog. Civilians near the two scrambled to get away leaving just the little girl, Shin and Ghastly. Her words struck a chord with Shin, pumping adrenaline through his body. He was itching to attack this girl without a moments warning but alas, he was in Oak Town meaning he had to abide by the rules of Phantom Lord. Otherwise, he could be on the streets without a guild.

Instead, he followed the direction of the girl's hand and set his eyes on the request she was pointing at. It was a B-rank request, the highest request currently available on the board. Lucky him, she had saved the hassle of further looking for a request to do. Out of spite, Shin tore the paper off the request board and began to read it. The description for the request itself was vague. There was an address with the message saying to meet with the request giver. Putting one and one together, the person taking the request was to meet with them there. Satisfied, Shin crumpled the paper and tossed it aside. Turning around, he headed off in the direction opposite of the request board and past the little girl. "Thanks for pointing it out little girl. Saved me the trouble," Shin said as he gave a little salute. With Ghasly drifting behind him, he headed off to meet Frankie Marino.

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Yumi kept up a strong gaze as her crimson hues glared up at the red haired youth watching his every action. The little demon wanted to just push the man out of the way and grab the quest but it didn't look like he was moving out of the way. Yumi's eyes narrowed dangerously as the man followed her pointing finger and eyed the quest. The man tore the paper off making Yumi grit her teeth glaring daggers at the leather wearing mage who had the audacity to take the quest she was wanting to take. The man crumbled the paper tossing it aside and took off after thanking her for pointing it out. Yumi's right eyebrow twitched as she approached the crumpled paper and picked it up reading it.

Yumi wasn't about to let the man take the quest for himself! It was a B rank quest and would pay a nice some of one hundred thousand jewels, Yumi wasn't letting it slip through her fingers. The little demon took off darting in the direction of the meeting location, taking to the rooftops in order to take the shortest path needed in order to reach Frankie Marino. B quests were incredibly rare to find these days and Mage's scrambled in order to obtain them.

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#10Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
As Shin strolled the streets at a leisurely pace, listening to the rhythm of his shoes tapping against cobblestone path beneath him, Ghastly brought his attention to the rooftops above. Dancing from tile to tile was the little girl. Apparently, she had the same idea as Shin as both were headed in the direction of the meeting place. Albeit, her method was definitely quicker but Shin was raised in Oak, he knew these streets better than anyone. So, while she traversed the rooftops, Shin would stay low and use the different alleyways at his disposal. With Ghastly trailed behind, it's purple haze dancing in the wind, the two accelerated their pace.

With a right turn here and a left turn there, Shin found himself standing outside the private location. Catching his breath, he cracked his neck and knuckles before making his way onto the property. He could not here the pattering of feet against roof shingles meaning either he had beat the girl here or her quick thinking got her the request ahead of him. Either way, he would find out soon enough. He made his way over towards a wooden shack that looked as if it had been built decades ago. Standing in front of the door, Shin motioned for Ghastly too disappear for now as he did not want to start any unnecessary trouble or questioning. Once Ghastly had disappeared, Shin knocked on the door and stood still, awaiting his luck.

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Yumi's feet pattered across the rooftop tiles as she transversed through the town of Oak at a hurried pace. She wanted to get to the location before the red haired youth so she could claim the quest. Yumi's competitive streak had risen to the surface and she wasn't about to be outdone by some young upstart who should still be sucking his mother's teet, in her opinion. The demonic woman jumped from one roof to another landing with a soft thud, the weight of her sword cracked the tiles on impact due to how heavy it was. She could carry it with ease but that did not mean what was beneath her could withstand its weight.

Yumi paid no attention to the direction the red haired man went nor to his companion, her only goal meeting Frankie Marino. Yumi landed on top of the building she was to meet up with the gangster and approached the front where she dropped down from the roof top. Yumi landed on the ground in a crouched position, at the same time the red-haired man had knocked on the door having arrived a second before her. A scowl formed on her lips as she glared daggers at the man, just because he beat her hear didn't mean he would get the quest.

The door was pulled open revealing Frankie in the doorway, the man
blinked owlishly as he stared at the two, "I wasn't expecting two." He remarked.

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#12Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
"Two?" Shin thought to himself as the door opened to reveal a man in a black suit and red bow tie. His brown hair was combed over and his goatee nicely trimmed. One thing was for certain, high end members of any crime syndicate knew how to be prim and proper. Back on track however, based on address given and his response to there being 'two' request takers here, logic dictated that this was Frankie Marino.

Motioning for the two request takers to step in with a wave of his hand, Shin stepped into the wooden building but not without taking a look behind him. To his dismay, the little girl was right behind him. He may have been the first one to reach the destination but her timing was also perfect, which was annoying. As he exchanged a venomous stare with her, he took a seat on one of the single seat sofa's that were within the room. Relaxing him arms atop the arm rest, he kicked his feet up onto the table in front of him. Although he was in the presence of someone who held some kind of power here in Oak, he did not care. It wasn't in his nature to care for trivial things like respect. Instead, he would await for him to give the request details so he could get it over with.

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Yumi entered the building following behind the red haired man. She ignored his antics and opted to stand a few meters to his right while Frankie Marino sat in a chair opposite them. Yumi had decided to stand, knowing if she sat down the weight of her sword would most likely break the chair making her look a fool if she fell over. The little demon folded her arms over her chest and waited for Frankie to give the details of the quest. Yumi was only concern was getting paid she had taken a loan from the blackwood bank recently and needed to pay it off within a months time.

Frankie eyed the two mage's not the least bit intimidated, "I thank you both for coming. The job I want you to do is to follow two men. Word has reached my ears these two are attempting to undermine my boss Vincenze Tessio by harassing the shop keepers under our protection. I want you to follow them and send them a message that they shouldn't have attempted to encroach on our territory." Frankie pulled out a large envelope from his coat where he removed to two photos and laid them down on the table. The photos were of two young men in their early to mid-twenties, they looked quite rough and barbaric. They were the targets.

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#14Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
"Really, follow two men?" Shin said with a hint of annoyance in his voice. He kicked his feet off the table and rested them against the ground. Arching forward, he looked over the pictures. The two men appeared to have the appearance of a couple of goons. Frankie also inched forward a little, placing his elbows on his thighs while resting his chin atop his fists. "Is that going to be a problem?" He asked with a tone that would frighten ordinary people. Although annoyed, this was an opportunity he could not waste. He had taken this request from the board out of spite for this little brat. He would rather die than lose this request and have her take it. Resting back against the sofa, Shin shook his head.

"Good. If you're worried about splitting the payment, no need to worry. Each of you will get the same amount of jewels. It's only fair," he finished as he stood up. Fixing his coat, he left the pictures atop the table as he headed towards the door. He opened the door and stood inside, allowing a cool breeze to roll through the doorway. It was a sign for the two to get out and get started as soon as possible. Without saying a word, Shin lifted himself off the sofa and fixed his fur hood before exiting the building. This was going to be an annoying request to do.

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Yumi studied the two pictures on the table taking in the appearance of the two goons committing it to memory before turning and making her way to the door. The fur coated youth had the same idea as she as he departed from his place on the sofa after Frankie had finished his explanation, adding that the payment would not be split between them and they would each receive the full amount, one hundred thousand jewels each. Yumi snorted slightly at the thought of the red haired youth completing the quest. But it seems the client had misunderstood and ended up hiring them both to take the quest, it was best to just go along with it.

Yumi stepped out of the building and allowed her crimson gaze to land upon the youth who she had been following. "Stuck with a runt." snorted out the annoyed lolita as she placed her hands on her hips and glared daggers at him, "the client may expect us to work together, but don't expect me to like it. I'll cooperate it, for now." barked out the little demon as she huffed puffing her cheeks out in annoyance. The little demon turned her attention away from the red haired youth, revealing her intentions to begin searching,

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#16Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Shin turned around as he heard the annoying little girl speak. Her piercing look was met with one of Shin's own, creating a tense atmosphere. She definitely had the attitude of an annoying brat although some of her word choices were odd. Maybe she truly was the old lady he had dueled a year ago? Even if she was, it would not change a thing. She had been on his nerves ever since he heard the sound of her stupid blade being dragged around. As she inhaled and puffed her cheeks, she turned around and was about to head off to begin the search. Not so fast though.

Following behind her, Shin brought his hands out of his pockets. A purple haze also appeared behind him as Ghastly flickered into existence once more. As expected. it had not been seen by Frankie which was a good sign. This would also serve a lesson for Ghastly to not take shit from anyone, especially not little lolis. "I couldn't give two shits about what you want. You've been an annoying brat this whole time. Just don't get in my way and we'll be fine. Otherwise, mommy and daddy won't be able to save you," Shin said as he he raised his fur hood over his head. This mission was to be done in a covert and stealthy manner. However, they would have to find the two goons first.

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Yumi ignored the words of the fur cloaked man, she was more intrigued by his companion. She paid it only a minute amount of attention before turning away from it. The creature was strange, seemed to be comprised entirely out of gas and it had a sinister almost ghostly aura to it. It reminded her of her own companion the Duskull, Venom. The little creature had been remaining behind lately, she had not needed its assistance lately. The little demon fixed up her sword making sure it was positioned not to make a noise. The little demon raised her right hand and brought it to over her heart.

"I should be the one to say that." Reputed the little demon as magic washed over her body. Her entire being began to change as she grew in height taking on a completely new appearance. Her appearance had changed into that of an incredibly busty, tall, curvy black haired woman wearing a simple white summer dress. Yumi's eyes had also changed turning a lighter shade of red. With the change of appearance, her sword had vanished to disappearing into the illusion. Yumi's gaze cast itself briefly over her new form, "I'll be able to blend in easier with this form." Muttered the transformed demon. Yumi cast her gaze back onto the red haired youth, "Last I heard the Tessio's controlled the most western part of Oak. Perhaps it would be the best place to start." Spoke the demon as she pointed west.

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#18Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Shin's eyes widened in awe as the little girl was no longer little...nor a girl. Instead, what stood in her spot was a tall, busty woman with raven colored hair. If she was trying to not draw attention to herself, she was going about it all wrong. Awestruck by her beauty, it took a lick from Ghastly to snap Shin back into reality. This was just an illusion or her true form or something like that. At the end of the day, she was a little girl. Nothing would change that.

"You trying to catch their attention?" Shin asked as he wiped off Ghastly's spit from his cheek. Resuming his walking once more, he began to head in the direction the woman had pointed in. It was possible she was trying to trick Shin so she could get the reward herself but there would be no point in that. The two were in this together for now, whether they liked it or not. However, she wouldn't be running this show on her own. Oh no, not unless Shin had anything to toss into the conversation. "So, there's two men right. If they wanted to be effective and cover more ground, they would split up and each would scare shopkeepers. Of course, this is just a theory," Shin said aloud as he was beginning to transition into deep thought. Although he may not look the part, Shin was an intelligent fellow when need be. "If this is the case, once we find them, if they were split up we should also split up. That way, you won't be in my way," Shin added as he took a quick piercing glance backwards. This theory was based entirely on speculation. It could be possible that the two men were scaring shop keepers together due to strength in numbers. Whatever the scenario, the two mages were about to find out soon enough.

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Yumi turned her new eyes onto the man as she wiped the spit from his companion off his cheek, "A beautiful woman is not merely as eye catching as a young girl with a giant sword." stated the demon, her real appearance that of a lolita carrying a giant sword would undoubtedly draw more attention then her current. Yumi placed bother hands on the forms curvy hips as she listened to the man as she transitioned his thoughts into words. What he said did make sense, but first they had to find them. "If they don't split up, I will take whoever stands on the right, you can have the left?" petitioned the disguised demon offering a fair deal for each of them.

Without another word the demon turned on her heels. The long black hair of her disguise flowed gracefully as the ends of the summer dress swayed. With a step Yumi departed heading west her destination clear. The sooner the quest was done with, the sooner she could be rid of this man. But for now she had no choice but to cooperate they were in this together, there was nothing she could do about it. There was no point in attempting to kill him and causing a commotion.

Yumi mixed into the crowd of Oak, while her appearance did draw attention it was not merely as much as her true form would have drawn. With a gentle wave and a smile she interacted with the nearby storeclerks pretending to be just an ordinary shopper going about her day. As she did three stores down a loud bang was heard followed by the clutter of noise. Yumi directed her attention to the fur covered youth to see if he spotted it to, regardless she began her approach, keeping close to the crowd. Once she was close enough she was able to peak in through the store window from across the road spotting the two goons they were tracking threatening the clerk by smashing up his shop.

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#20Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Shin nodded in agreement to the woman's proposition. It appeared the two had come to somewhat of a mutual agreement which would help move things along smoothly. As the two continued to walk west, they noticed a large crowd, a perfect cover. Before entering the crowd, Shin motioned for Ghastly to hide away from him and roam the outskirts of the buildings. This way, Shin would not draw attention to himself and Ghastly would serve as a third set of eyes. With Ghastly drifting away, Shin entered the crowd and began to walk at a leisurely pace. The woman had also done the same, however she was waving and nodding with nearby store owners. Not a bad idea but not something Shin was inclined to follow. He would keep to himself.


With a quick dart of his gaze to the right, he looked in the direction of which the sound came from. His eyes met with the woman's eyes for a brief moment allowing him to know that she had also heard the commotion. Finding the two men appeared to be easier than originally anticipated. Walking forward, the two men stepped out of the shop. The one on the right held a baseball bat while the other hid a pair of brass knuckles into his pocket. The rest of the crowd paid no attention to them but Shin and the woman definitely took notice. As he got closer, the two men spoke loud enough that he and woman would have been able to hear. "See what happens when Vincenze doesn't get his payment? He's feeding your ass so you best be grateful! You've got until next week to pay him back or else, this bat is gonna be through your daughter's skull!" the man with the baseball barked with a sinister smile. As they began to walk ahead, Shin looked over at the woman and motioned for her to follow the two men. Part of Frankie's request was to ensure the shopkeepers nothing was wrong. Shin would handle the first shopkeeper. Walking into the shop, the keeper was on the ground sobbing. His store had been trashed and broken items were scattered throughout. He looked up at Shin and nearly attacked him but Shin managed to stop him in his tracks. "Listen, I'm not with those assholes. This will be taken care of so there is nothing to worry about," Shin reassured the man as he turned and exited the store. There was a flare of anger in his eyes. Nobody waltzed into Oak and acted like they owned the place. No one.

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Yumi allowed the man to take charge as he entered the shop to console the crying shopkeep. Yumi remained outside in order to watch the two goons as they laughed and lounged about outside appearing to be discussing something. Yumi's eyes followed them carefully as she interacted with a nearby shopkeep purchasing the odd item here and there to appear as a shopper. As the two goons separated and began to walk off in different directions Yumi approached the red haired youth, "The goon with the baseball has gone north, mr brass knuckles south. I'll go south. Meet up at the location point when done." Suggested the demon as she then departed in order to follow the goon with the brass knuckles. They would be able to get the job done faster if they went off in different directions instead of following each goon together. Yumi departed and made her way through the streets mingling with the crowds as she watched the goon stalk the streets like he owned them. The crowds would part to make way, the elderly sneering at him in disgust as he walked by.

The knuckle brass goon entered into a shop selling baked goods. The Goon grabbed the baker after shutting the door and got in his face, beginning to threaten him. He smashed the display cabinets laughing as he spat on some of the baked goods, "Listen up remember to have the money next week, or else the tessio's will set your shop on fire got it!' barked out the goon as he left smashing the door on his way out.

Yumi sneered and made her move stepping into his path. She would flash him a coy seductive smile, followed by a wink and sway of her hips drawing his attention. A lustful gaze flickered in his beady little hues at the gorgeous woman before him. Yumi walked off swaying her hips in a seductive manner drawing the man as he followed behind her. Yumi led him into a nearby dark alley making the man's heart flutter and a grin appear on his lips. WCYumi led him down the alley where no one could see them before turning and giving a seductive smile. The man licked his lips but it vanished as the form of the woman flickered and vanished replaced by a little girl.

"While I don't like brats, fun is fun." Barked out the foul goon as he began his approach. YUmi rolled her eyes and raised her right hand drawing the goons attention to the massive sword on her back. Yumi grabbed the handle drawing it with a single hand and lunged forward appearing before the man. Yumi swung the massive blade and allowed the flat edge of her executioner's sword to smash against the right side of the goon. The force of the blow sent him flying into a wall breaking bones.

Yumi began her approach and pointed the sword at him, "The tessio's send their regards. Attempt this again and its your life." Yumi flared her demon presence to inflict fear before leaving sheathing her sword. Yumi went to the bake store finding the baker sobbing silent, but he stopped noticing the tiny girl. Yumi held up a hand in a friendly gesture, "I come on behalf of the Tessio's. You have nothing to fear, those men do not carry the word of Vincenze. The men will be dealt with." After those words Yumi departed making her way to the rooftops heading to the meeting point, the place Frankie had met her at.

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#22Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
As Shin exited the store, he noticed the two goons had disappeared from the site of the crime. Glancing around, Shin could not find either of the two men. Luckily, the woman had. She brushed past Shin and told him to head north in the direction of the goon with the baseball bat. She would take the one with brass knuckles who went south. Although he would have enjoyed beating the shit out of both of them, he would have to make do with one. Nodding his head, Shin headed north in hopes of locating the baseball goon.

Walking north, the crowd got thinner and thinner which would make it easier to find the goon. Good thing Ghastly had tagged along. Appearing from the darkness of an alleyway, Ghastly popped in front of Shin and motioned for him to follow. Doing just that, Shin and Ghastly approached a little pharmacy where the goon was bashing on an old lady. He grabbed a few bottles of medicine and tossed them against the wall. "Vincenze wants the price of your medicine to go up. You've been bringing in a good amount of money but it just ain't enough. Double the prices and if anybody asks, tell em to talk to me!" the goon spat out as he slammed his fist on the wooden counter splitting it down the middle. He turned around and began walking away with a strut in his step. Question being, for how long though?

Stepping from hiding, Shin motioned for Ghastly to scare the man into an alleyway where Shin would meet them. First, he would have to console the old lady. Walking over to her shop, he stood over her and began to speak. "That asshole is gonna wish he never did that. You don't need to worry about what he said either, the Tessio's are not asking of anything from you. He was speaking lies of Vicenze," Shin assured the shopkeeper and he headed in the direction of the goon. Stepping into the darkness of the alleyway, the plan was set into motion. Ghastly appeared in front of the goon and caused him to stumble into the alleyway. Before he could swing his bat, Shin grabbed him from the back by his neck and pinned him against the wall. He took his bat from him and smashed it against the ground. Turning the man around, he punched him square in his face sending him to the ground. Standing over the man with a menacing glare, he bent down and let his words do the rest. "Get the fuck out of Oak. Speak lies of the Tessio's again and I'll have your life. Return to Oak, I'll have your life. Now leave before I snap!" Shin barked at the man as he stepped back allowing the man to scamper off. Giving Ghastly a little pat on the head, Shin headed back to the location where he was to meet with Frankie.

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When Shin arrivd on scene, Yumi gave a nod of her head to acknowledge him before walking in. Frankie was seated at the table with a glass of freshly poured whisky in hand. He sipped from the glass and would look up the moment the two mage's entered the room, a look of surprise flashed across his features, having not expected them back so soon, "I take it the job is done?" beckoned the mobster. Yumi gave a nod of her head in the affirmative, not being bothered to talk to the man, she just wanted to get her money and leave.

Frankie put the whiskey down and clapped his hands. Two goons appeared from the back room each carrying a white envelope. The goons spilt off and each approached one of the two. The goons handed the envelopes over, each was quite thick with jewels. Yumi accepted the envelope opening it in order to count what was inside. After making sure there was one hundred thousand jewels she tipped her head and walked off, stuffing the money into her bossom. Yumi shut the door behind her and departed leaving back for the apartment she was renting while in Oak.

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Shin Katari
Without a word, Shin followed Yumi and entered the building as the door behind then was shut. Already waiting for the two was Frankie. He had asked if the job was taken care of, which was a bit rhetorical considering neither Shin nor the little girl would have been here either wise. Before he could respond, the little girl had already nodded his head and Frankie accepted this as an answer on the behalf of both mages. With a clap of his hands, two men appeared from behind him bearing a white envelope each. Sitting both way at a halfway point, both the little girl and Shin were met with an envelope. Opening it up, the contents inside were the reward for the request, 100,000 jewels. Satisfied with the money inside, Shin closed the envelope and placed it into the inside pocket of his jacket. With the reward on hand, the request had officially come to an end. Without saying a word, Shin exited the building and was met with a cheerful lick from Ghastly. The little girl had already disappeared before Shin could say anything else. However, he had a feeling the two would meet again at some point.

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