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Era To Crocus [Foot Travel|Sage]

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Era To Crocus [Foot Travel|Sage] Empty on Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:18 pm

After being recruited as a Rune Knight, Sage thinks that he should move towards another region of Fiore, further away into the north. He was inside his room, packing his stuff into one small bag, he didn't bring anything much except for clothes, so the packing wasn't that long, he started his journey early in the morning, after checking out of the hotel, he had his breakfast in the nearest cafe before he left the city. After having a nice breakfast, he head north and left Era as one of the Rune Knights.

As usual, Sage took the path of the wilderness as he love being in the nature, the journey was long, he have to pass through hills, lakes, sometimes he met wild animals and have a 'chat' with them. When the sky darkens, Sage took shelter underneath a big tree, he slept there while also gazing at the stars above him. When he woke up, it was early in the morning, rooster can be heard crowing in the distance. Sage would pick his stuff and search for a water source near him and drank some water from it. Then he continued his journey, after several hours, Sage would find himself in a big city, bigger than any other city he had ever been, Sage has arrived in Crocus, the Capital of Fiore.

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