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RE: It takes determination! [Atlas]

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#1Stella Grace 

RE: It takes determination! [Atlas] Empty Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:39 pm

Stella Grace

The meeting with Leon really brought home the point that Stella was a warlock in name only, she did not know any spell or have had any encounter that is even close to being described as dangerous. It is not enough to just say that she is a warlock now without any capability to back it up, and if she happens to run into a monster today...Stella shrinks at that thought, she is not sure that she will perform better than any of the civilians that walk along this beach.

But it was frustrating!! Knowing where your weakness is and yet unable to do anything to cure the problem, it was like her weak area was laughing at her and taunting her, daring that she do something about it. In her mind, she knows exactly what she should do, she knows what the logical next step is (taking on like 10 D Rank quests), but her youthful pride does not allow her to back down just yet. Monsters are just like very large animals right? Some of them may not be that strong, in any event, even if she runs into one and being a warlock she should still do ok right? She read about them in books, but without actually encounter them it is hard to judge the gaps.

She wonders to herself and was lost inside her own little world, and was not really looking at where she was going, before soon, she exited the usual tourist area and enters what would consider being a somewhat restricted area. When she realized that she has wandered into an unknown place, she already lost her way and could not find her way back.

Which way did she came from? Was it past that tree over there? Or was it over there? Damn it, directions are already not her strong point, but why did she not watch where she was going in the first place?

Where the heck am I honestly?!!!!

She faintly remembered that there was a forest outside the coast area, along and on top of the cliffs, but she didn't realize that it was this big, where are all of these trees even coming from?!

Stella stopped in her track and looks down to search her pouch, she had one of those tourist maps that she got from the bus, it has to have something that is useful in this situation right?! Searching her pouch, that was when she heard a noise coming from just behind a group of trees.


Stella freezes in her steps and turns to look.

#2Atlas Prime 

RE: It takes determination! [Atlas] Empty Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:20 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas wandered around the town with Totodile on his shoulder, which was he usual place at them moment. He had only been here a couple days so he was still getting used to the scenery and the area as well. He didn't really know how long he might be here or when he would feel like leaving, so he felt like he should absorb as much as possible. As Atlas was walking around he saw a girl walking that seemed to be in a daze. She even walked right past a Do Not Enter sign. Atlas did have the idea that maybe she works somewhere around here, but wasn't so sure with how she seemed to act. Atlas signed and followed her to see whats going on. Atlas was a pretty good distance behind her so he couldn't catch up right away to her. He had to wonder why the area was blocked off. He wasn't sure if something might happen out there. Like if they were testing something or if there were actual wild creatures or beasts to deal with. That wouldn't be good if she wasn't ready for something like that, or if she wasn't that strong in general. Atlas continued through the forest until he broke through a tree line and appeared before the girl. "Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to scare you. Was just making sure everything was okay," he said to her.

#3Atlas Prime 

RE: It takes determination! [Atlas] Empty Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:13 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas felt like he had found the girl that he was following when he went into the clearing, but it seemed he was wrong about that. What he found was a ranger who gave him a really surprised look. "Ah, sorry about that. I know I shouldn't be in here but I saw a girl walk this way.
I was a little curious as to what she was doing,"
Atlas explained to the man. He hoped he wouldn't be in trouble from this. He was in Hargeon visiting so he didn't have much to support him if something went wrong. The ranger seemed to just dismiss Atlas and told him to just head back and pointed out the right path to him. Atlas was glad the man was not angry with him. "Thank you, there was a girl that walked this way. I hope you can find her too.
I would rather not see her injured,"
Atlas said, taking Totodile and walking away from the place. He was a little confused as to where the girl must of gone because he felt like he was right behind her, but he shrugged it off. He really hoped that they would find her so she wouldn't get hurt or in bigger trouble.


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