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Clean Up Crew [Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Clean Up Crew [Shin] Empty on Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:41 am

Shin Katari
Ten minutes. It had been less then ten minutes since Shin had returned to Oak and he was already itching to get started on some requests. Instead of resting his body, he had grabbed a hold of a request from a man named Remy Martello. As he sat atop a bench, he read the request description, familiarizing himself with what was being requested of him. Essentially, he was to be a janitor, cleaning up after two crime syndicates decided to blast each other. This was not something in his cup of tea but nonetheless, it was a harmless request that would net him and easy amount of jewels. The only downside being he would most likely be covered in blood. Letting out a deep sigh, Shin took note of the location written at the bottom of the request. It was most likely the spot where he would meet with Remy.

As nightfall decent upon Oak, Shin kept to the sidewalk, allowing the street lamps to light his path. Every so often, a yawn escaped his mouth along with an eye rub. He was fatigued from his days of constant traveling and it did not help he was jumping into a request without any rest, despite the level of difficulty. Not before long, he found himself at the meeting spot; an alleyway. Sitting atop the hood of a black car was a man in a black suit. He had dirty brown hair and the face of a child, not someone you would expect of being affiliated with the mafia, making him a perfect member. Keeping his hands in his pocket, Shin walked on over to the man stopping a few feet in front of him. A little tense, Remy rested his hand on his thigh as he begun to speak. "Can I help you?" Without saying a word, Shin slowly retracted his right hand from his pocket and tossed Remy the crumpled request. Catching it with his left hand, Remy acknowledged Shin's reasoning and asked him to get into the lacrima fueled vehicle.

As they drove through the now idle streets of Oak, Remy described what was requested of Shin in further detail. "Ya see, my family recently got into a bit of a scuffle with another family. As you would imagine, no side left without a loss. I've been entrusted to clean up the mess with your help," Remy said as he turned left. "If there are bodies from both sides, why the hell would you have to clean up their mess?" Shin asked curiously. There must have been a code of conduct or something that these families followed that was out of his league. "We just want to avoid any confrontation with the authority. As long as the bodies are gone, it doesn't matter," Remy replied as he brought the black car to a halt. They had stopped in front of a large building under construction. Half of it was covered in sheets while the other half was held up by scaffolding. The moon provided enough lighting to see everything as did the occasional lamppost surrounding the area. The individuals involved were scattered around the building, all in line of sight. In total there were ten dead. As Shin looked at the bodies, Remy opened the trunk of the car and pulled out a large axe and a body bag. "Three of the bodies are members of my family. Just look for a 'M' marking on their chest. Bring them out to the back where I will give them a proper burial. The others need to be brought out here, so I can break them into easier pieces," Remy explained as he wiped a few beads of sweat of his forehead. Cracking his neck and shoulders, Shin rolled up the sleeves of his jacket and proceeded to get to work.

He walked over to the closest two bodies, grabbing them by the wrist and dragging them over to Remy. As he left them there, he heard the sound of bones being crushed by the swing of the axe. For someone so young to be involved in something like this intrigued Shin. Not thinking too much into it though, Shin proceeded to focus on the bodies instead. Near the right side of the building were another two bodies. After checking them for a 'M' symbol, he grabbed them by the wrist and dragged them back to Remy, similar to how he did with the first batch of bodies. Remy had already chopped the first two bodies into multiple pieces, leaving a pool of blood in his track.  Yawning, Shin continued. Four bodies were down, six more to go before he could leave this place. The next body he encountered was a member of the Martello family and as explained to him, he brought him out to the back and left him there. He took the remaining few bodies back to Remy and the last two Martello family members to the back. Once he finished chopping up the other dead bodies, he came out to the back where Shin was waiting with the three Martello bodies. Covered in blood, Remy took a knee and said a few words of a prayer to each body, forming a cross with his hand motions as he touched the chest of each person. With the area covered in blood, Remy would have to clean it up before anyone could notice. However, Shin was done for now and was no longer needed. 'Here is your payment. I'll be waiting for someone to pick me up and help clean up the blood. Thank you for your help," Remy said as he wiped his right hand clean of blood and offered a handshake. Taking the money and shaking his head, Shin nodded his head as he took off from the scene, walking past the bag of body pieces and the black lacrima car. Not a bad time for his first day back in Oak.

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