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Grabbing a bite (Rishi)

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#1Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas felt exhausted after a long time of traveling all the way to Hargeon. Sure it was something that he wanted to do, but it still took a while. Totodile, who was on his shoulder, didn't seem as tired since Atlas would carry him when he got tired. Atlas was glad that Totodile was small at the moment. He had to wonder if he would get bigger in time, or maybe as he got stronger, Atlas wasn't sure. When Atlas arrived in town he wanted to go find a place to stay, but soon heard his stomach shout at him that he should get something to eat. He looked down at Totodile before speaking, "I guess before we do anything else how about we go get something to eat," Atlas said to Totodile. Totodile jumped up in excitement at the idea of getting food. Atlas began to look around when a heavenly smell came across his nose. He followed it until he noticed a resturant. Atlas figured this would be a good place to stop and eat for the moment. He felt his stomach growl even more the closer and closer he got to the place. He started to even forget the last time he ate with how close this new place was.

#2Rishi Namatzu 

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Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi Had been walking along the quiet streets of Hargeon, looking around for something interesting to do. She had then stumbled across the 8- Islands restaurant. She had only been there one other time, and it wasn't the best experiance she had while in Hargeon, but things were learned from that. Don't assume people's names and pay attention when they are talking. That was a really bad experience for her but today was a new day, and she needed to stop living in the past. She opened the door and walked in, smelling the familiar scent of delicious food that she had almost eaten before but then left early, not eating anything at all. She had waited for a while, sitting around and looking through some of the magazines that they had. She had seen one of the magazines that she had been wanting to be in for a long time, admiring all of the things that you were able to do for that particular magazine. She had been seated soon after she had finished flipping through the magazine. She sat down and thought for a while before a waiter approached her and she ordered a fish salad and an iced coffee. She seemed to have a craving for iced coffees because she seemed to be getting them a lot lately. It was just a thing of hers now. She started thinking about some of the quests she had been on lately. The one she found the most fun was the one quest where she got to punch a fish with someone named Atlas and his companion, totodile. That was all she could think about for a while, just how fun all of that was.

Once her order was ready she took a sip and walked out, taking her drink with her.
Tags: @Atlas
Word Count: 285
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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#3Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas arrived at the restaurant soon to eat. He walked into the restaurant and had to confirm something first. It would be bad if he couldn't come in with Totodile. He wouldn't want Totodile to wait outside while he ate, and Totodile still needed to eat as well. He walked into the restaurant and was soon met with the receptionist. "Hi, I was wondering if I could get a table, and would it be okay if I brought him in here to eat too," Atlas said pointing to Totodile on his shoulder. The receptionist gave Atlas a sad look and sadly shook her head to him. "I'm sorry, you can't bring him in here at the moment," she said. Atlas felt sad about this though. "Well thats okay, thank you anyway. Do you know any other places that might let him in with me?" Atlas asked her. The receptionist thought for a moment. "There might be something down the street," she said while pointing in the correct direction. Atlas decided that he should head down that way and hope that they would let Totodile in to eat as well. He wondered how many places in town would allow the two to come in.


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