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Some sort of Perdicament [Stella]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Some sort of Perdicament [Stella] Empty Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:34 pm

Lee Nakamura
The sun was shining. It was a beautiful day. The seagulls cawed in the sky. Then comes around hero walking in the intense heat as if nothing was wrong. His fiance, Fay, at his side panting. His black cloak was hot sure, but being a fire mage had its advantages. The neko mage walked proudly as his kitsune fiance panted coming behind him. She seemed a little peeved at Leon for leaving her behind yet again. He was excited. Overly excited. Why? Honestly, he did not know.

It was perhaps a new found motivation to become the best. He was just naturally happy. A good night sleep and had great dreams. "Today seems a lot cooler than yesterday" he commented. Fay panted catching up. "That's because you are in the shade, you doofus" she said. He looked up at the palm tree over his head. Feeling stupid, he grew a slightly red face. "Oh...." he said.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#2Stella Grace 

Some sort of Perdicament [Stella] Empty Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:39 pm

Stella Grace
After setting out on her adventure and leaving her hometown city, Stella set out on her journey to the Hargeon town by bus. There was a local guild that was infamous around the Hargeon Region and although she doesn't know anyone from the guild, she is still very interested to visit the place and maybe take some pictures. A tour inside would be nice, although she doubted that they would let her in.

Visting new places and see the architectures are just one of her passions. After some passengers coming in and leaving the bus, she found herself a window seat. As the bus drives alongside the sandy beach road, Stella glances out of the window at the view of the ocean just outside. The wind blows gently against the palm leaves which waves around flowing the wind, the weather is really nice and sunny today, perfect for taking pictures....wait...that makes me sounded like a tourist!

Stella frowns at that thought, she decided to become a mage and is technically a mage now...despite the lack of weapon or a spell or any combat experiences...I...I will get to that soon, very soon! She encourages herself silently. I am even visiting the rival guild! That sounds like something a good mage would do right?? And just because I'm here now, I also am conveniently visiting the local shopping streets, the parks, the beach and take pictures of the surrounding...like just surveillance in general! and ...and, studying the enemy movements...right...that is still very much a good guild mage behavior, right?! Stella was feeling like she has to somehow justify her own behavior to herself.

As the bus slows down at a stop, Stella gets off the bus, and there was a great view of the ocean. She was thinking of taking a selfie but her arms are not long enough to capture the entire coast scene. After trying for a few seconds and just not getting the picture right, she looks around. There was a couple walking towards this way, they don't appear to be in a huge hurried or something so Stella approached them.

"Hey there! Sorry to bother you, I'm new to the town. Could you help me take a picture of the coast? There!" She pointed at a side of the coast along the waters, and waited for their response. ...But now that she takes a good look at them, they don't appear like the civilians that are walking around them nearby???

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#3Lee Nakamura 

Some sort of Perdicament [Stella] Empty Sat Sep 09, 2017 5:39 pm

Lee Nakamura
Leon felt stupid that he did not see he was in the shade of the tree. He would look up to seek that Fay was giving him a glare with her deadly eyes. They pierced through his existance. He laughed nervously. He stepped out of the shade seeing that he did not want his fiance to be the only one 'suffering'. They were approached by a young lady who seemed to be lost. Being the kind gentleman he was, he gave a warm smile. She asked if he knew his way around the town. He did not seem to know the place that much since has only been here for a few weeks. The Knight scratched his head.

"it is best if you ask someone who lives here. The shop owner over there perhaps knows. I have only been here for a few weeks. Though if you go past the Blue Pegasus guild hall there are some people who may know right around the corner who are rune Knights that are actually stationed here. They would know. ITs a small blue buildin with the magic council sign on it he said. He waved good by and left without another word


Some sort of Perdicament [Stella] Tumblr_oua5s27DHT1v5lsxco4_r1_500
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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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