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To Orichidia [foot travel]

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To Orichidia [foot travel] Empty Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:58 pm

Her eyes looked on about, eyes bright as fuck as she would smile and twirl. Her dress was blue and her eyes would wander. Her mind was else where though as she was remembering a pass time. Zoe once more was going to go to do some hexes. The dude who claims to be a doctor never stops. She would also remember the stupid injections he made her do. She would never forget it... Something from that was going to haunt her for life or so she would think, not hope. Was she going to end up doing the same hexes as she did last time or was it going to be something else? Her lips formed an innocent smile as her humming was quite contrary. Her heart was beating as she just loved to feel it - too bad it wasn't someone else's within her hands. Her golden eyes would shine so lovingly as she was looking for those she was going to do this with. Who were they exactly? Surely it was not Odin, the one she met before and neither could it be her grandma. Her black raven hair would fly behind her as she looked around. It was somewhat dark as there were people still about, but not those who were afraid of the people that were titled bad. Once again she felt weird when people were judging those for their actions.

Calling them bad seemed cheap as not everyone had bad intentions behind their actions. The guy that she was doing this mission though seemed to have some twisted theme going on. Her hands had paper within them with the hexes like last time. Her eyes would look at them yet not read what it said. What did they have on them this time? Unlike most people she wouldn't ruin a surprise. Once more her eyes wandered to look for two funny looking people or so she was told. As the night moon rises she would then see that there was something going on. She wondered if this was going to turn out like the last one - her favorite hex of all. 'That woman was rather enjoyable...' Zoelee would think with a smirk. Soon she would look to see a woman all alone, wondering if she would be a perfect test subject. ‘’Stimuli.~’’ she spoke ever so softly as she looked at the woman. Slowly the woman would have some kind of weird facial expression which made her more curious. ‘What is she up to?’ she wondered as her darkened green hair would wind in front of her right eye. The cold felt amazing as she would close her eyes to the feel of the wind. She was wearing tore up black pants that were folded at the bottom once so they didn’t get caught by her shoes. Simply her belly button as showing as she wore a crop-top shirt with a red mark slashed horizontally from the right. Over it she was wearing a black jean jacket and for shoes they were boots of black. She would sit and acting normal, following even sometimes of the woman in blue and red for an hour. All that it was doing was making her somewhat sensitive. For some reason she was squirming and fell down on the ground. It was dark – no one was around. she walked towards her within the darkness as she would go towards the random lady. ‘’Are you alright?’’ she asked sweetly yet in the shadows she had a smirk. ‘’I-I don’t know…I feel funny.’’ She spoke. Slowly Zoelee would lean forward to touch her arm, caressed it out of curiosity and slimmed down to the woman’s hand. ‘’I’ll help you up.’’ She spoke kindly as her eyes darkened more. ‘’NNn… O-Ok.’’ She spoke as her face was red. Did that just make her sensitive in other ways too? As she was done truly thinking of what happened that day, she would then see herself in Orchidia.



To Orichidia [foot travel] Sigzoe10

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