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Troublesome Transactions [Quest|Sage]

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Troublesome Transactions [Quest|Sage] Empty on Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:06 am

The clear night sky covered the earth once more, and Sage was walking the same street he walked in era. Due to the number of times Sage walked through the street, he knew exactly what he would see. Sage was walking the street again because he accepted a quest from the same people he met before, Gaud, the man who bought the Messer's Family's Crest and returned it. it seems like Gaud really do like collecting weird stuff. He asked Sage to go down into an alley and buy the things that Gaud wanted, Gaud gave Sage a map to the alley, but Sage doesn't use the map that much as he could remember where the alley is with just a single scanning of the map. The alley was not far away from his hotel, only a few blocks and turns away. When Sage arrived at the alley and he could see a figure standing in the dark wearing long cloak that covers him entirely and he have a bag hanging over his shoulders. Sage hesitated to walk into the alley as he was afraid of what the figure is and what would it do to him, what happen if it is a fraud and that it is just a ghost that is hungry for blood? Sage thought of many bad things that could happen when he meet with the figure. After a few moments, Sage regained back his bravery and prepared to meet the unknown figure, as he step into the dark alley the figure noticed him and approached him, Sage was terrified on what is the thing his client is buying, he hopes that it wont be something nasty. The figure lifted his face, looking directly at Sage's face and Sage could tell that he was take aback. He asked with a voice that sounds like an ordinary middle aged man with a shocking tone too, he asked Sage who he is as he had never deal with a kid like him. Sage calmed him down and told him that the merchant Gaud sent him to do his bidding. The dealer exhaled showing signs of relief, the dealer than asked Sage if he is his new worker, Sage laughed a little, he think that asking such questions is ridiculous. He told the dealer that he is just a mage and doing some request. The dealer understood Sage and was ready to do the trading. Then Sage would ask the dealer of what item was he selling, the dealer tilted his head to the right and left making sure that nobody is stalking or following him, the dealer took out a leather bag which looks rather cheap for Sage, the dealer unzipped the bag slowly and showed Sage a rather big tooth. Sage was amazed by the tooth and asked him of where did he find it. The dealer told him that it was a secret and telling people of where his company find exotic items are not allowed.

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The dealer told Sage that his company wont let just anybody know where they got their items from so that their business would be secure from the authority. Sage was confused when the dealer said 'authority' as in his village, there is no such thing as an authority. Due to his confusement, he asked the dealer who or what the authority is, the dealer let a loud sigh and said to Sage that those are people who keep their ye and stuff, while explaining the dealer then stopped and said to Sage that those are just little matters and he don't have to know about it, Sage could feel that the dealer dont want to get into that part of the story so Sage continued on focusing what he should do a long time ago. He asked the dealer of how much does the exotic teeth cost, then with a tone that sounds like it is an everyday business, the dealer said to Sage that it cost a number of jewels that exceeds Sage's mind, due to him only being a farmer and a villager. Sage didnt see the money that Gaud entrusted to him with, as he only gave him some sort of sack that is heavy, Sage quickly took the sack that Gaud gave to him to check if it was enough, when Sage opened the sack he was nervous as he was afraid that it won't be enough to purchase the exotic teeth. But when he saw the content of the sack he was breath taken by the jewels inside of it, he had never seen anything that much in his entire life, after recovering himself from the devastating shock of how much jewels he was carrying, he counted the jewels so that it would be enough for the insanely expensive exotic teeth. As Sage counted the jewels, the dealer just watch Sage, and Sage think that this guy he is dealing with is nice. After counting the jewels, Sage found out that the entire sack is enough for the exotic teeth. When Sage gave the whole sack to the dealer, the dealer gave Sage the bag which contain the exotic teeth. When they are about to depart, the dealer revealed his face which look like a nice young guy, he told Sage to be careful and wish good luck at him, and the best thing is that he have a smile that Sage could say as a buddy smile. Sage replied with a smile and a hand wave while saying godbye and wish good luck to him too. So the deal is over, it has been done. Sage sighed, he never expected something this easy can took a while. When he meet again with Gaud, Gaud was happy to see him back alive and asked him if he got the thing he asked for Sage to buy. Sage showed him the bag and unzipped it, revealing a large beast. Gaud was happy and gave him his rewards, Sage left Gaud and walked towards his room in a hotel.

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