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Accidental demise [Quest: Alyssa and Kenny]

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Accidental demise [Quest: Alyssa and Kenny] Empty Sat Aug 19, 2017 5:46 pm

Seemed like the things were back to normal save for Kenny’s new assertiveness, he woke this morning in a particularly good mood and whilst Alyssa slept he watched the television, seeing what was playing today. He didn’t pay too much attention to the TV though, he placed a hand on Alyssa’s thigh and shook her a bit. “Wakey, wakey.” he said lowly, “C’mon hot stuff we got a job today.”

After shaking her and hopefully waking her up he got out of bed careful not to wake Arcane who had fell asleep at the foot of the bed. Kenny would go to the counter and open it pulling out to coffee cups to start up a brew for him and his companion. After making the coffee he would open up another cabinet and pulled out a bag of Arcane’s food pouring the chow into a bowl and placing it on the floor. “C’mon Arcane come get some grub, and Alyssa if you don’t wake up I think I’ll have to pounce on you and give you a wakening like you’ve never had before.” he chuckled sipping his coffee. He was in a playful mood this morning thus he waited for her answer before he did anything.


Accidental demise [Quest: Alyssa and Kenny] Qurywgl

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