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Checkmate [Yasuki | Solo]

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Checkmate [Yasuki | Solo] Empty Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:38 am

Yasuki would make her way to the city park in the morning hours, this is quite possibly the earliest that Yasuki has ever been out and about but she knew that she had a job to do and that job was taking place in the park. 'How will I know what the client looks like in a place as peaceful and distracting as the park.' she would think to herself a little shy and sheepish. There were a few things that were running through her mind such as how can she play a game of chess without knowing the basic rules of the game. Also on her mind was the female that has seemingly become a close friend to Yasuki's, her name was Arisa and it was still unknown to the two of them if they were related or not. 'I.... I can't go on with this in this mindset, how am I supposed to play a strategic game such as chess without even knowing the basic rules.' Yasuki would say quietly in her mind as she tries to get herself to turn around. The smell of the grass around, the trees and the flowers blowing so delicately in the wind it was like the winds were trying to tell Yasuki something important, something like to not lose the confidence that she was born to have because of something so silly. Yasuki has always seemed quite close to the wind, like when she thinks something was a bad idea she would suddenly feel the shift of the wind blowing in a different direction as if it was trying to tell her something.

She continued to walk towards the city park, and finally she could see in the distance a boy. This boy couldn't be any older than thirteen years old and across from him was an older gentleman in a checkered long-sleeved shirt, black suspenders, khaki-colored long pants, and to top it off a fedora was sitting on his head. As Yasuki would approach she could hear the boy so persistent yelling out "Check!", and then finally as she got right up next to the table the boy would yell out "Checkmate!" The look on the older gentleman's face was a look of surprise and he pinched his glasses on the side and looked closer at the board, as if he had to really make sure that he was just defeated by the young boy. "Are you the next challenger?" the older gentleman turned to Yasuki to ask, "Well... I'm not quite sure how to play, but I suppose I am." Yasuki would respond politely. "Good luck then, you'll need it. The only thing you have to remember is at all costs to protect your queen." the old man would remark as he started to stand up and leave the table. As the man walked away, she saw the boy look up to her from the table after setting it back up for the two of them "Well, are you going to just stand there or have a seat? By the way the name is Bart Decker, I believe we haven't met yet." the boy would say quite confident in his abilities to play. Yasuki would start going for the chair, as she kept an eye on the table with the many pieces - her bright ruby-like eyes would glance at the boy in his white lab-coat with a orange t-shirt underneath "The name is Yasuki, I assume I'm at the right place then right, we're playing a game of chess?" she would reply back. "Ah yes, the game of chess. A quite simple one yet mind provoking, you understand the rules right?" an overzealous Bart would say. "Maybe just a little run down on the basics, will you?" Yasuki would ask kindly, as her bright ruby eyes would glance at him again. During this she would look intensely at the table and at the boy as he would explain to her the many pieces of the game and how each of them are able to move. "That's the basics of the game, you're up!" Bart would say quite excited, it was as if he just did this day in and day out sit and wait at the park for a challenger to appear.



Checkmate [Yasuki | Solo] Empty Sun Aug 20, 2017 3:06 pm

'The basics of the game...' were the words that kept on running through Yasuki's mind, it was as if she's heard these words before. But she knew that she should hurry up and make her move as she looked across the table she could see Bart just patiently sitting there, looking at the table and back at her. Yasuki slowly reaches for the knight piece and would move it in the L-shape as desired. "Predictable." Bart would mutter over confidently at the move-choice that Yasuki picked. The game would continue and then Bart would look at Yasuki and ask "Have you... got any siblings? Maybe you can help me with some problems I've been having." Puzzled at why he would even ask that Yasuki looked towards Bart and reply "Well ye-yes, but it seems to be more complicated then what one may think. But perhaps, I am able to help you." Yasuki responded in that way because of the troubles she and her possible-sister Arisa are having in finding out if the two of them really are siblings and if Yasuki does have more siblings than just Arisa. Bart would look towards Yasuki as if he was trying to figure out what she meant, "Alright, well do you ever experience a time where you feel pressured to be different? Like you need to prove to people that you can be as good as someone else?" Bart would ask Yasuki as the two continue playing their game. The game goes on back and forth and honestly it seems as if Yasuki is losing way more pieces than Bart is, but the two of them continue the talk.

"You don't have to prove anything to anyone other than yourself. You don't need that pressure on you, especially someone at your age. I've been in your shoes, and I know it can be hard to try to prove that you're just a good as someone else." Yasuki would say towards the boy who is feeling pressured to be like his two scholarly brothers. That's something that Yasuki also needs to keep in mind as well, for years she's been used to trying to measure up to people around her that sometimes she forgets what is truly important. 'I think I've learned a lot from this time in this park playing chess.' Yasuki would say to herself as she suddenly hears Bart exclaim "Checkmate!" Yasuki would look down at the table to see her queen securely in a Checkmate position no matter where she moves, "Well sure enough, you got me." Yasuki would reply. "I think we both learned something here, Bart, you've learned to not let people's thoughts of what you should be get in your head and I've learned the value of patience and concentration." Yasuki would optimistically reply. "Yeah, I believe we did. Thanks for the talk and the game, I really did have fun and I now know what I want to do." Bart would say with a small smile approaching his face as he packs up the game and gets ready to head back home, or so Yasuki would assume. "Oh, silly me I almost forgot. Here's something for your help today, I hope we can meet again sometime." the boy would say as he quickly turned around to hand Yasuki her reward. "Thank you, Bart. And I truly did have fun, you've truly taught me just as much as I taught you during our game." she replied as she then turned around and headed out of the park awaiting for her next adventure.


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