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Beach Gym [Solo/Request]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Leon hated water. Why did he take this request? Well, he hoped to not be standing in it today or ever. The ocean was a vast and cruel place to be. He did not want to be apart of any of the beach. The male neko looked around for someone named Jay Holiday. He was an enthusist about working out. It was hot out today as he walked his boots sunk at little in each step due to the sand. It was like walking on a marshmallow. His white cat tail shown through the sand as the dark colors of his clothing shown making him more noticeable. A voice called out to him that his sharp hearing picked up. A blonde, muscular man called out to him waving. “Are you my spotter” he asked. Leon looked at the job description and gave a slow yet silent nod with a small smile. He seemed friendly enough. Off to his right slightly, he could see Jay was already doing his daily warm-ups with dumbbells and other exercise equipment out. It was a given he was an enthusist on working out. That was okay. He just had to spot today, a form of trust in a certain way. This should be easy!

His client held out his hand in a form of greeting. Leon took it and gave a firm grip of a hand shake. “I’m Jay Holiday. Please to meet you” he greeted. Leon gave a smile back with his single eye showing. “Nice to meet you Jay, I am Leon of the Rune knights” he replied back. Jay seemed a little amazed which made him mile even more. The Rune Knights were known to be the magical military or law enforcers. “So you’re a Rune Knight? Interesting. So you make have an idea what were about.to do here? Huh” he smiled. Leon gave a little nervous smile and shrugged. To be honest, he had no idea. Jay laughed. “Its okay if you don't. I am going to explain it to you either way. What you’re going to do is just be my spotter. Someone who can help me on the bench press. Every eight reps I am going to need you to help lift the bar. You seem strong enough so I don't think your going to have a huge problem. Also I am going put on more.weights as well. This may take a while. But you will get paid” he said. Leon nodded it seemed simple enough and this would count towards his workout for the day after than run around Hargeon before coming over here. The Seated Knight gave a nod. “Alright! That sounds fair! Lets get right to it” said Leon. Jay clapped his hands and rubbed them together ready to get started. He was ready to get started. Sitting on the bench, he looked at Leon. A few moment of just staring at each other. “You ready dude?” he asked. Leon shook her head and smiled. “Sorry dazed out. Yeah ready” he said. He placed his hands under the bar in case if we was needed. It just was quiet except for Jay grunting as he was lifting the weights. One at a time, Leon made sure to keep an alert eye on everything. The water sprayed hitting the cliff ahead and rocks. The sea spray him Leon a little, but he did not seem to mind the sounds. Seagulls culled above him as he was tempted to look up but keep his focus on Jay and the bench press. The first couple he needed help with since after each rep the last One he needed extra support. He could tell Jay struggled with that since the ledges that held the bar up were a little high. It was a fluent motion and just lying there hold it up was hard. Leon had learned working out.was not just a physical but mental and emotional too. It had a positive effect on the human behavior. A good one. He knew from experience. The fact that he lost his memory of his previous life has effected him making his mkkd slightly depressed. Although, with his daily running routine and training have had a positive effect on him. So this has only made him even more determined to work harder. He helped lift the one after each last rep.

“I am going to have this heavier. Perhaps another five pounds will do” he said. This was going to be even harder. Together this was team work and trust. Trusting a complete strange was hard for many people, but it had to be done sometimes and sometimes its for the sake of something else too. Leon held the bar gently in case he slipped again. It was a fluent and repeated motion. It was easy to get started, but stopping was the har part. He problably could do it on his own, but it was the mental struggle that a lot of the people struggle to see. The last rep this this Leon pulled up with all of his might. Then Jay added five more pounds, making this even heavier. Time and time again, It slowly became a slight struggle for both of them. Though, he could not give up yet. He had to pull through, for the money. I-I mean the job, yes the job. With all of his might he pulled the last rep up to the bar for resting. Jay huffed a little. He sat up slowly, giving a wipe from the forehead of some sweat. He gave Leon a smile then a nod. “Great job there, cat boy. You make a really good spotter. Perhaps I should hire you when you’re in town, hm? Just kidding, thanks again man” he sia.d He grabbed his water bottle and squirted some refreshing H20 into his partched mouth. Leon felt his body wanting to collapse from all the heavy lifting even if he did not feel like he did much. All of that heavy lifting, all of that hard work, he now wanted crawl back into bed. Jay handed him his reward as he slowly made it to his hotel room his his reward.


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