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Ice skating in the summer [Training | Alice]

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Ice skating in the summer [Training | Alice] Empty on Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:24 pm


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Alisa had ice skated before. Actually one of her favorite hobbies as a child too, though she hadn't practiced it in a while. She must be rusty after all this time, but every now and then she still got the urge to hop back onto the ice ring and see what she could pull off... Even under the searing summer sun, the itch and appeared and wouldn't go away for a long time. But this time, it would. Why? Because Alisa planned on indulging that itch.

She had heard disturbing rumors about an incoming attack on Blue Pegasus, and though those happened a lot for just about every light guild and the Magic council itself, something about these rumours felt worse... Eerie... Like whoever issued threats planned on carrying them out. Oh well, Alisa still tried to take a deep breath and stay away from the blinding trap of hatred and focus on protecting her guild first, beating the attackers second. If some of them died in the process, too bad for them, Alisa didn't really care so long as she put a stop to it.

Either way, she needed power. Now more than ever. And though it might appear Alisa's power had nothing to do with Ice skating, appearance can often decieve you. After all, the crystal mage was fast. She'd never met a faster runner in Blue Pegasus save perhaps for Snowflake with her cybernetic upgrades - who likely had the potential to everything Alisa could and then more - but she was defenitely the fastest among organic species such as humans and neko. She only remembered one other time in her life when she'd been faster than this, long before she ever trained: With Ice skates strapped to her feet, atop a frigid ring in the winter.

She needed that speed back, nay she needed the ability to reach that speed once again, combined with the body she had now.

"This looks deserted...", she'd point out, looking around the indoor ice ring as she arrived. Of course, it's hardly a popular place at this time of the year, "As expected. All the better."

With this, she'd sit down on the nearby bench, but instead of slipping on Ice stakes, she channeled her magic and coated her feet with a pair of crystalline ones.

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

Ice skating in the summer [Training | Alice] Empty on Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:21 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She hit her shoulder softly with a fist, her muscles were so tense the last couple of days. Being a lieutenant sure took a lot of work and a lot of pressure on her mind and body. The training that she required from herself as well as the threats and everything that the council was worried about. Now they were expecting a few things on the guilds. They kept an eye on Fairy Tail, knowing that most of their members were gone or so she had understood and there were rumours about Blue Pegasus. She went to sit at the first bench that she passed and rolled her shoulders and moved her head from left to right. She was absolutely tired from all this work already.

She opened her eyes and looked around her, it was rather quiet here and Alice stood up to make sure nothing was wrong. She had just arrived in the area where the ice rink was, no one would go there on this hot sunny day. She shook her head and noticed that someone must have entered, she was rather curious. She had never skated before or well not that she could remember so she entered. Standing at the side of the rink to wait and see if someone would skate. It was nicely cool in here and she wouldn't mind to try if only she knw how it all worked and wouldn't be afraid to fall. She shook her head, she couldn't get a broken bone now at all times.

She wasn't dressed for it either, in her Rune Knight uniform was a bit weird to go. Not that you could immediately see it was a Rune Knight uniform as she had skipped on the jacket that held the insignia, all you could see was the blue jeans and the white blouse. Her red hair would even be more obvious, as it was long and in a ponytail, swaying a little thanks to the cold breeze that was inside the building.


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Alright, this would work. Once she'd clad her feet in the adamantine skates, she rolled her ankles, testing their feel and confirming she could indeed move well enough. But that was just the first stage. Even before she got to work on really getting used to Ice skating again, she needed a way to make them work outside the proper ring. After all, she couldn't be expected to always have a sheet of ice to fight over now would she? No, she needed to keep her magic active, channel it into her feet, and turn the ground into her Ice ring. But it wouldn't be easy... She wobbled immediately at her first attempt at standing still over thin blades, waving her arms and grabbing the nearest railing, "Maybe my thrusters will do the trick...", she thought, taking a deep breath and channeling her magic through the blades.

And it worked. At least, well enough that she could stand without grabbing something, but she still had yet to get the hang of producing them fluidly with every step. Baby steps, right? She lost balance at the first one though, and only by the time she took the third step was Alisa capable of walking normally, the thrusters providing balance. To an onlooker, it might feel wierd to watch a girl trying to walk with Ice skates with a ring right next to her, but as time went on she wouldn't even be walking, but sliding gracefully over the ground like a proper figure skater... And that's where she was when she finally spotted a familiar looking redhead beside the ring:

"Oh, Alice...?", asked Alisa, raising a curious eyebrow at the sight of the only other person wandering around the ring, approaching her with an elegant skating step, a visible trail forming behind her foot, "How do you do?", she'd ask with a welcoming smile.

They didn't really know much about each other aside from their names and affiliation, but they had fought off a common foe, and to Alisa that alone meant a stronger bond than most people could have. And if the current rumours proved true, there's a good chance they'd end up fighting side by side once more... Which in turn led into the reasons that had brought the Pegasus here to the ice ring, to become faster and stronger before the worst came to pass.

What about Alice's reasons? From what she'd seen from their fight, she appeared to be a purely physical fighter, but then again so would Alisa, when honestly she simply neglected the use of her magic.

"You could join me on the ring if you're up for it.", Alisa invited, crossing her arms as she looked into the Knight's eyes.

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#4Adelaide Sokolov 

Ice skating in the summer [Training | Alice] Empty on Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:31 am

Adelaide Sokolov
No one was on the ice yet when she entered and she had expected that but she could hear someone in the back, probably putting on skates. Her red cat ears were perched up to catch the sound, she didn't hear much but on the other hand: if there was no one here, it would be nice and quiet. There were a few benches next to the ring to sit on and look over the ice. She couldn't remember if she ever skated but it sure looked like an art itself. The elegance and balance that people had, she wasn't sure if she would be able to pull that off.

Sure Alice was a vain person but she never considered herself elegant. Nor beautiful but she was pretty enough, but she was very ungraceful. You could see that in her way of talking and fighting, she didn't care as long as it worked, maybe sometimes she was a bit jealous and wondering at some points if she should be more feminine and elegant. But that would be a hard way to teach her. She sighed softly and looked at the roof of the building, maybe she shouldn't be here daydreaming about being elegant on a pare of skates but work more on the training of pages, apprentices, talk to other knights and Lieutenants.. Would they ever be prepared. Her eyes fixed on her hands that she held up, she had to train a lot more if she wanted to be capable of doing anything right.

Her open handpalms closed themselves in fists as she still stared at them. She would not give in, she would not doubt herself anymore. Last time she didn't run away either, she could do this. She heard her name and looked up, she almost got the same reaction as the person that spoke to her, "Oh, Alisa." She grinned at the elegant figure of the raven haired woman and the next question came and she had to answer quickly without actually knowing the answer, "Fine, as usual very busy." her grin changing into a plain smile, "How about you? I didn't expect to find you at an ice ring but I think you wouldn't expect me here either." She couldn't help but chuckle.

Which came with the invitation to join and she blushed lightly, "Eh.. I never skated before in my life." She said, she wasn't even sure if it was a lie but she couldn't remember at all, so she was honest, right? She didn't want to bother Alisa, whom seemed to be very good at it, considering she had walked on them to Alice.


Ice skating in the summer [Training | Alice] Empty on Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:10 am


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She nodded, of course, Rune Knights had plenty of reason to be busy, and those at officer ranks like her even more so. Dark Mages had been getting busy, and the Knights - more so than people like Alisa - had plenty of work to do keeping them from slaughtering too much. She might even feel worried if Alice said she was on vacation... That said, she most likely needed a break to clear her head, hence why she was here:

"I know right...", she looked up and found not the sky, but the tinted glass ceiling over the indoor ring. Even then, the torrid sun could still be felt all the way from down here, a slight hint at the heat outside, "This is hardly the weather you associate with winter sports... That said, It counts as training for me."

With a chuckle, she'd point down at the obviously magical skates encasing her feet, enough to tell her new friend exactly what kind of training she was doing at the ice ring. That said, she looked pretty adorable when Alisa invited her for a little skating, that insecure blush clearly contrasting with the fierce fighter she proved herself when they fought that demon

"Well, it's not as hard as it may seem.", answered Alisa with a giggle reassuring smile, though she couldn't help but glance up from the woman's eyes into the perky cat ears resting atop her head, "And for you even less so."

From what she'd seen so far, Neko were just as nimble and agile as their purely feline counterparts, so she had no doubt the redhead would get used to skates on her feet faster than Alisa ever did. She'd turn around and hook a finger at the girl, motioning for her to follow towards the bench Alisa had claimed previously. She had bought a new pair of skates just in case she wound up needing them, before she learned how to make a pair of them with magic. They'd never been used and they were a bit too tight on her anyway, so they'd probably fit Alice like a glove, given the Knight was a couple inches shorter than her. She'd crouch and help her with her skates if she agreed, and offer a hand to help her keep stand steady until she reached the ring.

Unlike Alisa, Alice wouldn't be able to produce a makeshift ice ring under her skates at all times, and might have just as much trouble balancing before they got to the ring. Once there, however, things would get easier the moment she felt comfortable with the constant need for movement, "It's not unlike riding a bicycle. The faster you move, the easier it feels to balance. But be careful not to turn your skates sideways or dig the tips into the ice.", she'd admonish, knowing from experience how doing either of those things at high speed would immediately grind one's feet to a halt, but not the rest of the body. And the result? A faceful of ice.

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Ice skating in the summer [Training | Alice] Empty on Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:04 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice grinned shortly when Alisa agreed and that this type of sports wasn't associated with the winter, "Oh how interesting." she commented to the training that Alisa was having and she looked at the skates. "I think you would use that as a buff for being able to move at whatever type of ground and to be very fast?" Alice was actually very interested in magic, she didn't mind not being able to use a variety like people with elements but it was better, creating spells wouldn't be her best idea.

When Alisa invited her Alice forgot for a second that she was a half cat, half human creature. Meaning balance wouldn't be her issue, it was just that she had never skated before. Her ears flopped flat on her head because she forgot it and Alisa seemed to pointed out, "Perhaps." she said still a little shy of the idea. However she didn't mind to try that was for sure. She stood up quickly to follow Alisa to the part where she had channeled her magic to use these skates, "I didn't bring any.. oh." her sentence wasn't finished as she saw the extra pair that Alisa had brought, pretty prepared. She liked that.

She needed Alisa her help to put the skates on and especially to balance herself while they walked towards the ring. She needed to hold on to anything that she could to try and walk on these things. It must have looked ridiculous but she hated giving up.

Once they were on the ice Alisa gave her a good tip, she nodded, "Right. Keep on moving. Straight ahead." she muttered to summarize the information she just got and she wobbled a bit while trying to push her right foot forward, it felt a bit weird, on to the left, she didn't get very far yet. Besides she didn't know how to stop so she would just wait for her to continue sliding, holding her arms horizontal just because she believed it was for the best but basically that wasn't even necessary for the cat. She just had to find that out.


Ice skating in the summer [Training | Alice] Empty on Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:13 pm


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"You'd think that way... Just like I did when I first came up with it.", Alisa nodded in agreement, though a displeased frown soon appeared on her face, "Turns out it won't work on every type of terrain; if it's too steep or too soft, i require a separate spell to create footing."

Rather surprising, and maybe even a good bit annoying, how one's spells never seem to work as well in practice as they do in one's head. Part of the reason why Alisa - just like Alice - favored melee combat, but if this war truly came to pass, she'd need mastery over all the weapons at her disposal. She didn't yet know if the redhead could indeed use magic but just chose not to half the time, but surely she'd have time to learn as the girl clearly seemed tempted by her offer, and any and all objections she may have melted like a snowflake under the sun once Alisa showed her the set of skates.

Alisa held her hand until they reached the icy sheet of the ring, with the crystal mage disabling the trail under her feet once she had a proper surface to skate on. She let her momentum carry her backwards very slowly as she assisted the redhead onto the ice, her eyes following the girl and her form, in both senses. Her skating movements didn't yet match her beauty, or the nimble grace she moved with on land.

She was predictably uneasy, a natural feeling for someone standing on ice skates with no clue how to stop them: "It's only hard until you get used to speeding and braking~", she encouraged with a soft smile, "To stop, dig the back of one skate into the ice and let it hang back to create traction, then drag forward as you walk. Once you've slowed down enough, lean back and shift your weight onto one leg.", explained Alisa, hoping that knowledge would help put Alice at ease, "Shall we try a lap around the ring?"

Waiting patiently for her new friend to get accustomed to the skates, Alisa stood still until the Knight finally approached her side, once more offering a guiding hand to help her get through the initial instability. After that she'd push against the ice with the blades at an angle and slowly start skating around the ring, always keeping the blades aligned with her momentum to keep forward. With the Pegasus' hand as a training wheel, Alice should have an easier time adjusting to the new envoiroment and making the most of it... Alisa didn't imagine she'd need it for long.

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice wasn't entirely sure what to say when she noticed a little bit of disappointment in Alisa her demeanor, as she asked the way of the spell. Apparently they had thought the same way about how to use it but it didn't seem to work like that completely, see this explained why Alice barely knew a thing about magic. She frowned a little herself, "Hmm still you could use it for other settings. It's a great idea of a spell. I am not very knowlegdeable about Magic. I only use it to summon my items and I'm done. Still I find it fascinating."

"I hope your right." Alice said not much later as Alisa had assisted her to get on the ice and to form the first movements to get forward. She tried to keep her arms close to her but for now it felt like she needed it for balance. She hoped indeed that it would be easier if she got the hang of it and know how to break. Which was the next part Alisa explained. She made a small movement to get forward to try and lift a wobbly right leg up to dig the back of the skate slowly into the ice. The whole idea sounded dangerous in her mind but if Alisa told her to do it: she did. How else would she learn how to skate. She wobbled a bit because for a second she forgot to put weight on one leg but after that it worked fine. So she nodded to the suggestion of making a round around the ring.

She would take the offered arm to hold on to Alisa, she had no idea tof how to make a round but she would just let Alisa guide her and follow the swift movement that the raven haired woman made, "Are you in a Guild?" she asked to get a bit of a distraction while remaining focused on her feet. Balance was soon no longer the problem, it was her mind that was blocking her.


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"Indeed, there's a lot of uses you can give even the simplest of spells. Hmm, so you're a Requip user?", asked Alisa somewhat rethorically, knowing there was only one magic that allowed one to summon items, "That's quite a rare magic, you must be very skilled.", she smiled at the woman with visible admiration, now realizing she had only seen part of Alice's skills when they fought the demon.

For now, staying close to her visibly helped take some of the edge off, letting Alisa get used to this liberating feeling once more as she helped the redhead pick up speed ever so slightly. She was doing well considering, with nothing but a few hiccups to get in her way. Between what the crystal mage had told her before and her own technique, Alice could easily figure out how to balance herself on those skates just by doing it, and when they got to the corner, Alisa would lean slighly into the turn, and gradually angle her blades towards where she wanted to turn, using both her weight perpendicularly to the direction of the ice blades.

"I am, from Blue Pegasus...", She'd answer, her face turning serious for a moment. This would probably explain this urgent need for training, as a Rune Knight Alice no doubt knew about the recent rumours about the incoming attack. But Alisa didn't want to think too hard on something that may or may not come to pass, and quickly turned back to the redhead, "What about you, did you consider joining a guild? Before joining the Knights, that was."

And before they knew it, both girls had cleared the first corner...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Ice skating in the summer [Training | Alice] Empty on Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:50 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
By only explaining the basic of her magic, which actually was everything she could do with it, Alisa already seemed to know the magic that she used. She understood the idea that the question was more or less rhetorical but she couldn't help but nod to make sure that she had indeed give off a sign that Alisa was right. "I bet there is still a lot to learn, new weapons to try out. I'm mostly using the spear as a weapon but I do train a lot. I used to go into a fight blind by what i wanted to reach. I obviously figured out that it was the easiest way to be defeated." She answered when Alisa gave her a sort of appraise for her skill, she added a sheepish smile with that and turned to look at her feet, which made her wobble because she started to think what she was doing instead of let it go automatic as it now worked for her.

She asked Alisa about a guild, if she was part of one. Blue Pegasus, what a coincidence. She didn't say anything about the attack either but it would explain why you would try spells in an ice ring in the summer. She followed Alisa her example to make a corner, by slightly leaning the way she wanted to go. It was quite a heavy feeling on her legs, this skating. She had to get used to that, but it was a good training for her as well, even without training magic. "I wasn't very familiar with the guilds. I bumped into a few elderly people in Marigold that told me I would fit in as a knight and when I left to travel and ended up in Era, I bumped into a knight that challenged me to see if I would fit into the Council." Practically she lied for she had been part of Phantom Lord, though she had never understood what it was and she had left as soon as she could once she figured out it was a dark guild that she had accidentally joined, "I have been able to use this form of magic over the past two to three years, and it took a while to learn it and to develop it and of course to get weapons and armour to use."


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Truly many mages dabble in Requip magic... But to actually use it as a proper fighting style - by summoning items in the heat of battle - requires a different level of skill, "I wasn't so different...", confessed, yet carefully keeping out the exact emotion she was blinded by. Not something you'd want to admit to a Rune Knight so she made sure to keep her regretful thoughts under a tight lid, "Both in a fight and outside of it, you need to keep an open mind. Nothing good can come out of letting dreams and beliefs blind you to the truth..."

That said, being a Requip user defenitely sounded like an expensive magic to use effectively. All those weapons and armor had to come from somewhere, and Alisa knew for a fact how expensive just one of them could be, even for her. Though the sculptress couldn't help but note how the girl's previously steady footing wobbled when she praised her, and chuckled softly. For all her ferocity in combat, Alice was quite modest.

She regained her balance quickly enough however, and didn't lose it again so long as they talked about guilds. Indeed Alisa was quite surprised to hear she'd never heard of them throughout her youth, and found it next to impossible unless you lived all your life on foreign lands, like Marina did:

"To have gone so long hardly hearing about guilds... What kind of childhood did you have?", she asked dumbfounded, though this wasn't so much a question but rather wondering to herself. After all Alisa was sure this wouldn't be a topic Alice would like to discuss, so quickly took the bait to talk about something else, "Well, you seem to have found a good place for yourself. Requip is truly a fitting magic for a knight~", and with this, they had cleared the second corner, and now had enough space to speed up on a straight line, "So, feel like speeding up a bit?"

If the redhead accepted, Alisa would simply lean her body forwards and lower her stance slightly, letting her pick up speed more easily with each step.

Training Fabulousness

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#12Adelaide Sokolov 

Ice skating in the summer [Training | Alice] Empty on Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:37 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She was glad for the teaching of Alisa and she hoped she would look as elegant as the raven haired lady but she wasn't entirely sure. But damn did this ice skating make her legs heavy and quickly tired, however she didn't want to give in immediately. At some point she would have to stop though and not complain about it anymore. In the end after another round she needed to take a break from it and would have to sit down and in the end didn't want to go on the ice anymore. She liked the idea of the speed, the elegance and the way of moving but it was just too strange to keep doing that again and again, she chitchatted a little more with Alisa before the two of them had to say goodbye. There was a thread hanging above their heads and they needed to do something about it.

She had not immediately wanted to talk about her memory loss so she simply told Alisa that she was raised in an enviroment where she was always the child that had to be locked up because of her lying twinsister, which wasn't a lie, it just affected her later because she only could remember that. She learned that Alisa was a Blue Pegasus member and they would perhaps meet each other again in Hargeon. Unfortunately probably sooner than later.


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