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Family Crest [Quest|Sage]

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It had been more than a week since Sage become an official mage and accept requests from various people, he felt good inside but still he feel that something is missing inside of him and he don't know what it is. Anyway, today he accepted a request from an honoured Rune Knight, they call him, the Seated. Sage doesn't know what 'The Seated' meant but he do know that it is a status that should be respected. The Seated's name is Joachim Messer and he asked Sage to look for his family's lost crest. Sage was confused at first as he doesn't know what a crest is but after The Seated Knight gave Sage a picture of the crest, Sage quickly understood what he supposed to do. Sage walked along the streets of Era, trying to get a clue on where he could find something that small in a large town. Then Sage thought of asking people if they perhaps seen the crest. An old woman was passing by and Sage want her to notice him so he patted the old woman's back while giving her a smile and said sorry for interrupting. Sage asked her if she had seen anyone holding a crest while showing her the picture of the crest, the old woman was wearing glasses and she straightened it before she could receive the information from the picture, after a few seconds viewing the picture, the old woman said sorry to Sage and that she didn't notice anyone carrying any crest. Sage replied her with a smile and a thank you, showing respect to the old woman. Then he saw a little group of children walking down the street while eating candies. Sage thought that the children must have seen something as little children always look at everyone. Sage jogged to the group of cute children and showed them the picture and asked them if they had seen the crest in the picture, but the children are more interested in the shape of the crest rather than it being missing. They asked Sage why do the crest is shaped like a swan, thus asking him if the swans are mating. Sage quickly flinched and said to the children that he must go now. Then he met a guy who seemed to had a bad day, Sage don't know either he should ask him about the crest or not, as he was afraid that he would disturb the guy's mood and made the guy hate him. But Sage felt something about asking him about the crest, it is in his gut that the guy know something about the crest. Sage decided to go with his gut and walked right up to the man. He greeted the man with respect and asked him if he seen any crest like the one in the picture and showed him the picture of the crest, the man's bored eye shifted to the picture, and his reaction after seeing the picture relieved Sage.

WC: 500

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Sage was very relieved when his prediction was right, the sad guy he met said that he saw someone holding it while running towards an aisle, Sage was about to run straight towards the aisle he mentioned but he shouted to Sage to wait and hear him out, Sage was already a few miles away, but he returned to the guy who seemed sad before but now he seemed fine, he said to Sage that the thief wanted to sell it to him, when Sage heard this, he quickly ask him if he bought it or not, then the guy was annoyed and said to Sage to just relax and hear what he was trying to say, he then continued by saying that he didnt buy it then he quickly added before Sage could response, that a person named Gaud would buy it as he love precious things and would sell it back with an even higher price and to make profit by doing so. Sage said thanks to the guy and left while saying sorry for interrupting his day, the guy replied to Sage that he was fine and he was glad that he could help someone today. When both f them departed from the scene, Sage ran to the aisle where he was talking about but found no thief, plus nobody is there. As he walked out of the aisle with a sad face, he looked around the streets and the market, and he was very lucky to see someone holding a crest that looks exactly like the one in the picture his client gave him. Sage exhale a deep breath showing how relief he was, he ran towards the man who was holding the crest before he got off his trail, when he arrived in front of the person, he took his time and panted due to the running he did before he arrive there. After recovering his breaths, Sage asked the man who was holding the crest if he is a man named Gaud. He replied yes, then Sage said to him that the crest belongs to the Messer's Family and they are one of the rune knights, Gaud said to Sage that he had no idea that it was stolen and it belonged to someone. He said he dont want any trouble with the rune knights so he handed the crest to Sage without arguing even a little. Sage said thank you to him for his cooperation and he replied with a you are welcome and have a nice day. Sage walked up the streets towards the Messer's home where the crest should be, while he was walking he was proud of himself to help someone with a thief case, maybe he should fight someone or something in his next quests. When he arrived at the Messer's place, he could see a guard standing at the gate and Sage thought that he should just hand it to the guard and leave, and he did gave the crest to the guard, the guard payed him and Sage left.

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