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Foottravel Magnolia - Hargeon [Foot Travel]

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Foottravel Magnolia - Hargeon [Foot Travel] Empty Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:02 am


After passing by in Magnolia the male made quick notice of the figures that passed in and out. There wasn't too much to see in Magnolia exactly, and he realized that by seeing more people leave than enter. This town housed the Fairy Talians, the mages he provoked into a weird scenario where he tried convincing them that he was their GM. Without saying too much about it; he had failed--caused by some of the members having the capability to peek through the curtains, ungodly abilities, he'd say. Perhaps they had the ability to read minds? Whatever it was, it was frightening. The next time he'd meet a person with such an ability, he was sure to strike them down. The reason why Maarschalk was who he was is partially due to his confidence, and when people start reading his mind without giving them a tell, things start to go wrong.

As he left Magnolia, the roads became lonely. Or was it him that was feeling lonely? He's been devoid of social contact for quite a long time. Maybe it was time for him to socialize? Every attempt at him doing this had failed so far, well, to some degrees.


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