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Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Auberon O'Leary]

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#1Auberon O'Leary 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Auberon O'Leary] Empty Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:00 am

Auberon O'Leary
It was a pain not having a map. Auberon was not bad at directions, but this city was just very confusing and maze-like. If given the choice, he would have preferred if that reign guy had given him directions. Pace quickening, the electricity mage did not want to be late. He'd be working for some royal dude, and those were the kinds that you really shouldn't piss off in any kind of way. Hopefully, the spot would be found soon. An annoying sound filled the ears, loud and shrill clanging rang out rhythmically. The citizens of Hargeon did not seem to mind it, perhaps they were used to the cacophony.

No, they were hammers. Hammers meant construction, so that was probably where they were doing the construction! Auberon was a bit too happy about his Sherlock homes moment, as it probably wasn't too hard to figure out. Suddenly embarrassed at the people looking at him from his sound of excitement, the redhead blushed and hurried along to what was hopefully the reconstruction site. The mage wasn't the best at carpentry, but he had done a few repairs back home. Times were often tough, and it's not like they could afford to ship a carpenter out there to work.

After rounding a corner, Auberon wiped a bit of dust from his eyes. As the clanging grew louder, the sight of a construction sight came into view. Eyes scanning the scene rapidly, the redhead saw a man wearing an awfully regal outfit for a worker. Shades of purple gilded with gold fluttered in the sea breeze as the reign hammered away. Instead of just blurting out words, Auberon thought carefully just in case this wasn't Reign Valystasia. If it wasn't, the worker would probably just be flattered or something. Sighing quietly at his dumb worrying, he approached the reign. In a semi-unsure tone, he asked.

"Reign Valystasia?"

Calmly, the older man cast a glance over his shoulder, smiling charmingly. Sunlight glimmered off his pearly whites. His face wrinkled slightly as he began to speak, thin chapped lips forming syllables while he continued his work. Auberon bit his lip, waiting for him to strike his thumb with the hammer or something. Swinging one when your eyes weren't look probably wasn't a good idea. Thankfully, the reign somehow sensed his malpractice and ceased his neglectful striking.

"Yep! That's me, in the flesh. I take it you're Auberon, right? They told me that you took my request for aid."

Nodding slightly, Auberon fought the urge to cross his arms over his chest. The air was a bit more chilly than he had dressed for, but he didn't want to seem rude by doing so while in conversation. Goosebumps rose after a shiver went down his spine. At the very least, the smell of the sea was comforting and reminded him dearly of his home. The salt in the air was almost palatable. He held back a cough from the sensation. The flashbacks brought back by the scent were pleasant, scenes of children playing and swimming in and around the tide dancing through his mind.

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#2Auberon O'Leary 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Auberon O'Leary] Empty Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:25 am

Auberon O'Leary
Reign wiped a bit of sweat from his brow.

"Well, make yourself useful in any way you can imagine. If you can't seem to think of a method, just do whatever somebody else is. This part of town is in awful need of repair, so any help is appreciated greatly."

Nodding once more, the mage reciprocated the smile and turned around, facing the hard at work crowd. They were mostly just burly men, but a few women dotted the scene. Auberon was thankful for the cold, as he did not wish to become a sack of sweat by the time the day was done. Instead, he'd just be a shivering popsicle. As they had finished talking, the mage crossed his arms over his chest, a vain attempt at preserving heat. His mother's voice whispered in his mind, a memory reminding him that movement gets the body making heat. Such would be desired, and would easily be obtained as he got working. Wondering a bit what he could do, another worker caught his eye before barking an order out tiredly. The man was grizzled and slightly overweight, and currently pointing towards a sack of dusty bricks and mortar.

"Make yerself useful and go bring me over that sack there, one wit'de bricks."

Biting back a sigh, the redhead trotted over to the very heavy-looking sack. It was white burlap, and contained around two dozen bricks, so would probably be a bit heavy. Auberon knew it would be embarrassing to struggle moving the bag, but if anybody had noticed his difficulties, they were kind and nice enough to to make a peep about it. By the time he dragged the sack over to the man, his muscles were already aching a bit too much.

While it was not possible for him to take a break, Auberon helped the man lay the large red bricks. Currently, they were being laid in a traditional pattern in which the above layer was offset the one below it. While he had no idea what they were doing, or fixing, the redhead was just following the orders being delivered fifty miles a minute by the burly carpenter. Once they were finished, the electricity mage was sent once more to retrieve a sack, this one containing a dark brown substance that powdered at the opening.

Careful not the spill it over himself, he brought it to the finished circle of bricks. Auberon made a yelp of surprise at the swift strike of a knife that cut a large mouth into the sack. From it, brown rich dirt fell into the circle of bricks. Waving away the dirt dust from his face, the mage suddenly realized what was being built. It must be a flower planter of some kind, or a garden fixture.

The sun was setting, so Auberon happily planted the vibrantly colored flowers in a pretty and prim petunia pattern. From a container of nearby rocks, he was just finished grabbing a handful of white stones to place decoratively when the Reign walked over with a sack of jewels in hand.

"Thanks for the hard work! Isn't that planter pretty?"

Nodding, Auberon responded.

"Yeah, for sure! Petunias are my favorite flower, so of course I like it. No problem about the work, help is help."

After the sack of jewels was placed in his hand, Auberon said his goodbyes to the workers before taking off into the sunset, staring at his reflection in the rippling waters of the ocean.

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