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Sign me up [Quest: Kenny]

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Sign me up [Quest: Kenny] Empty Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:49 am

Jay… Ah yes the weightlifting fellow, a real muscle head he was. Seemed like one of those types who gave their all to weightlifting despite the immense… What was the word? Risks of it? If a man wishied to be a roided up ape it was their right to do so, but Kenny never saw the beauty in becoming a walking talking mass of muscle and hardened blubber. It was disturbing really, not to say that he was the picture of perfect health, he looked fit enough to get into weight lifting but he lacked a certain air to himself to really get into the art of lifting weights and not popping a blood vessel every set.

Kenny stood and listened as Jay spoke to him, he nodded at the word pay and agreed. Though kenny didn’t understand why he couldn’t do it himself necessarily, he could have easily marched over there and for him to give up his day to scramble to another part of the town to sign someone else up to play roid rage was… Appalling, but it paid well so Kenny shrugged and asked for the address, Jay pulled out a flyer and handed it to Kenny, it really was on the other side of the city shit. Kenny mumbled something under his breath and nodded once again.

“Okay… So sign you up for… Whatever it is that this is and you’ll pay me well huh? That all? No strings attached?” Kenny shrugged and nodded a third time, “Alright, but this better pay well or i’ll out you for roids.” he chuckled as he read the flyer. There wasn’t much on it but an address and big font reading where the event would be. No biggie, just sprint as fast as he could to a place he’s never been. He thought it over and tried to think of a good route, he was still new to the town however and had only been living here for a few weeks at this point, not to say that he didn’t know his way around more or less.

Kenny stretched, he flexed his loins, his thighs, his hips, his feet, he was really just wasting time, but he kept on stretching, he even stretched his arms. Just how long could he keep this up? This was going to take some time, he was gonna be broke if he didn’t make it. He rubbed his ankles and stretched his legs once again. He stretched his hammies, his knees, and laid on the ground to do that thing that stretched his groin some more. Ground stretching was so weird, but a good deep stretch hurt so good. That or he was a filthy masochist and wanted to feel the pain of his groin being stretched for the hell of it… Nah he didn’t like pain… Did he? The scratch marks on his backs tingled as he thought about it, okay maybe he was. Big deal, he was a man and he liked weird things, really weird things. He was suspecting he was into biting too, hey it wasn’t his fault, the people around him influenced his decisions.

Ah shit the sign up! Kenny stretched one last time, he looked at the edge of the beach and let out a deep inhale as he dashed forward. Kenny was running like a man possessed, the sun was already ending its towering for the day as he ran. He began sprinting at this point like he was in some sort of sporting combine running a 40 yard dash. He hopped over a few children playing with sticks, pretending they were swords or something. Either way he jumped over them and cleared them with ease as he kept running, well not with ease he could have sworn he fucked up his ankles as he kept running.

“GOTTA GO FAST!” he yelled as he saw a couple of people, probably teenagers sitting and drinking on the beach, just as one was drinking their beverage he jumped over them as well and took a hold of one of the beverages. Taking a big gulp as he kept running and pouring the alcoholic beverage on himself to keep cool despite the angry voices behind him.

He would soon see a pair of old people walking in front of him, he did his best to avoid him, he couldn’t jump over them, he had to make a move so without any hesitation he stiff armed the old man and bowled over him, “I’m sorry! Forgive me!” he cried behind him as he felt hot tears streak down his face, he was crying more because he didn’t want to do it, but he was going to fast he had only so many choices. He liked old people, he even almost made it with a 75 year old before cell came along and ruined it, hey, he was a simple man with simple desires, don’t judge him. Though that 75 year old looked well… Young. making his way to the line as he put his hands on his knees. He signed Jay up and collapsed in the sand


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Sign me up [Quest: Kenny] Qurywgl

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