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Caravan Guard [Quest|Sage]

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Caravan Guard [Quest|Sage] Empty on Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:46 am

Today Sage accepted a quest that involves him staying for the whole night awake. Sage slept during the day so that he could accomplish this quest. The client was a famous merchant who travel a lot and he required someone to protect him during the night as his other guards had left to guard his other caravan. Sage walked up to a park where a lot of caravans parked there, as Sage walks toward the park, he could see the sky was turning orange and moon was starting to rise. When he arrived at the park, he could see several caravans there, but he spotted his client's when he saw an old looking man waving at him. Sage greeted him with a nice smile and asking him if he were the one who requested for the job and the merchant said yes, but he was shocked a little bit and asked Sage how old is he, and Sage answered with no shame at all and replied to the merchant that he is 15, the merchant was even more shocked and asked Sage if he really is a mage, then Sage started to cast spell and made a flower grow out of his hand, the merchant was impressed and just nodded. The merchant stepped inside his caravan when the dark night covered the sky and when the only thing that gave light was the street's light and also Sage's torchlight. Sage learnt from his past mistake for not bringing a torchlight during a night time requests the hard way. The merchant seemed to have gotten to bed as the lights inside the caravan were suddenly turned off, Sage got an idea that the merchant wants to get up early and move to another place in the early morning and he don't want to get stuck in a traffic jam. While guarding the caravan, Sage heard rumours saying that there are some people who wants to steal the merchant's stuff. Sage rounded the parking lot for almost the whole night, walking in pattern and watching for any weird events. There are other caravans that have mercenaries guarding them too, Sage talked with them while keeping his other eye on his client's caravan, they asked Sage if he was really a mercenary and he doesn't look like one to them since he was just a kid. Then he told them that he is a mage and he can cast spells that could harm people. Sage thought that they would think that as a threat but they think that it was cool and awesome. Sage blushed a little as he love it when people complimented him, he and the other mercenaries of the other caravans decided to guard all of the caravans together, they kept each others company and due to this they won't feel sleepy nor bored as they got companies, and they talked to each other a lot, but they kept their voices low as other people inside the caravan were trying to sleep.

WC: 510


Caravan Guard [Quest|Sage] Empty on Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:19 am

At one point Sage heard whispers and he thought that was the guards who was looking after the other caravans, but he was wrong as all of the other guards weren't talking to anybody. Sage looked at all of the caravan and noticed that there is no movement at all, he decided to turn on his torchlight, pushing a round button and instantly emitting light from the bulb of the torchlight. Sage raised his torchlight to dark hidden places so that he could see whether there are people hiding or not. After rounding the parking lot a few times, Sage thought that it would be better if he just guard his client's caravan as it is his main duty. But when he got nearer to his client's caravan he could hear the whispers getting louder and louder. Then he know where the sound came from, it was from the caravan next to his client's. Sage decided to check it out. He lifted the caravan's curtain a little and he could see a couple giggling and flirting with each other, as a fifteen years old boy, Sage quickly dropped the curtain and ran back to his client's caravan, Sage face turned red, he felt very guilty and wrong as he was intruding other people's privacy. After the incident, Sage couldn't focus on his job, he kept thinking about his wrong action and said to himself that he should never peek into anything ever again. After a few minutes, Sage regained his strength and courage and stayed on guard the whole night, trying the best of himself not to fall asleep. When Sage was bored he cast a spell that would grow flowers or grasses on top of a nearby slop at the edge of the parking lot, and sometimes he would just gaze into the night sky, looking at the magnificent moon and the brilliant stars and wonder what is up there, he thought about the universe being so big that there must be something else out there. After a few star gazing, he focused back on his job, rounding the park with full alertness. When dawn rises, the magnificent sun shone through the darkness, the chirping of birds can be heard and the fresh morning air hitting Sage's face. Sage doesn't feel sleepy anymore, but he felt small and he felt that the world is great. Than as he watches the sun rising he suddenly thought of joining a faction, maybe the rune knights? Sage don't know, the only thing that he knew is that he will do something big. Then another person walked up to Sage, he must be one of the merchant's guard, Sage thought. He was right the man who walked up to him thanked him and gave him some jewels. Sage replied by saying you are welcome and took the jewels from him, he looked at the little jewel he got and thought of doing harder quests, Sage shrugged and walked off towards his hotel wondering what is going to happen to him.

WC: 519

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