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Noble reconstruction [Kenny]

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Kenny sat alone on the beach his arms and legs crossed as he thought about the day ahead. It had been a good week for him, he had managed to discover a new side to himself, he wasn’t as big a pushover as he was when he first came to Hargeon, he was more daring, more edgy, and a hell of a lot more confident in himself. He wasn’t as strong as he would have liked to have been but he was a hell of a lot smarter and took away from many of the activities that he had engaged in some of which made him even more confident in his abilities fostering the belief that one day he may just take himself to another plain of strength. It would take a long time, but anything worth doing usually took long strides and patience to obtain.

The Omega tightened his eyes as he thought about the challenges that lay before him, to fight efficiently in this realm of combat successfully was something that he had to master, something that came oh so clear to him at a time yet he couldn’t reach his full potential because he blocked himself from being the best that he could be. To become the best kenny possible it’d take heart, a hell of a lot of heartbreak, and some fresh wounds to dig into every now and again. Truly the world of Fiore was a cruel one, but if he kept fighting and kept pushing himself along the path of righteousness, his own righteousness, he would gain the strength that he craves. This meant taking every opportunity that came before him thus he would by taking the chance by helping in the town when he could.

There was a job open to helping rebuild the a part of the town, something Kenny was more than happy to do, yet he was unsure just how much help he would be forking over. He had a slow pace in his work nowadays and if they needed someone faster they may as well have put that in the ad. Kenny wandered to the docks and introduced himself as a man without a guild, he was simple in doing this, though with the growing of his years soon he would find a guild, most likely one in Oak as he did not have the fortitude to do good consistently. He was not a good man, nor was he a bad man, he was just a man, no alignment in the sand nor a fire in his heart for either side, in fact his exact reasoning for joining a guild was more to have a reliable source of income than anything else.

When he first began he struck up conversation with a few of the local towns folk, asking them what they needed, what he had to do, where he should go, simple questions that got simple answers. This was going to be an interesting experience to say the least, he looked over a clipboard with a list of things for him to do, he had taken the clipboard from someone playing supervisor and soon he would be engaging in some pretty hard labor.

Kenny did this and that, hammering nails into plywood, breaking ruined stone apart, doing simple tasks that didn’t require all that much in the way of effort. Well that was until he found his body aching and his muscles swiftly becoming tired. It was abnormal how sore he was becoming as he’d sweat, though he would finish the tasks with some speed and effort.

He would soon become dedicated to finishing and soon lunch time would break, he did not bring any lunch for himself thus he took a water bottle from a cooler that was lying in the place and quenched his thirst with some water before dumping it on his head to cool off. There was still a lot of work to do, yet he would continue on as normal and move on with his work to get out of the construction zone a bit quicker. There was nothing to it but patience, , something that he would find growing for himself as he worked.

He went back to hammering and working as he finished the yard, hammering in a final nail before finally standing up and cracking his back. There was still more to be done so now he decided to work overtime tossing a few things here and there moving some materials chatting every now and then with passerbys as he kept on the path. He blinked as he looked down at the pile of wood he had collected, why was he doing this again? Ah yes, he took his pile to a recycling bin as directed and dusted his hands, now the only thing to do was collect his pay so he could move on with his day.

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Noble reconstruction [Kenny] Qurywgl

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