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Living on a Legacy for you, Hikaru [Plot/Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Living on a Legacy for you, Hikaru [Plot/Solo] Empty Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:02 am

Lee Nakamura
Terms of Leeann and She are in place now

LeeAnn was being dragged across the old cobble stone of Magnolia in the middle of the night. The terror in her fiance’s eyes. It was a feeling that she had never seen in him before after all the years they have been together. The grip around her wrist really hurt and coming from how tight it was Hans was deadly scared, terrifed even. She could not pinpoint it. It all went so sudden and too fast for her neko mind to comprehend. Faster and faster and faster they ran together. She looed up at the sky as it stirred a darkness that would soon shatter its tears down on them. It did not look so good. The kistune stopped and looked at the redhead.

The blue eyes that were once full of goofiness and joy were now shadowed by fear and terror of an unknown storm coming their way. Hans still held her wrist tightly. The only words that were spoken out of his mouth were “What is your one wish?” It took LeeAnn a little ot think. Why a sudden question in a mess like this? There was no time to wonder about the kitsune’s methods. She looked at him. “To become just like Hikaru and protect the ones I love and my country. Finish what Hikaru could not finsh. Put pride in to my family, show them i am not a weak link, and most of all finish what my brother could not...live on for him if...he’s gone. That is my wish, to become a legend just like my brother and live on his legacy.” He pulled her tightly to hiim with a strong jerk to him. One hand laid on her head as the other around her torso. There was no kidding how emtional he was. “Hans are you alright? Whats wrong” she asked worried. He held her tigher. “You’re wish will be granted…” he said. He spoke quietly trying to fight the tears. He held her so tight it was as if he was not going to let her go. The thunder rummbled as the storm stirred an angry darkness and slowly hummed and simmered to a small noise. It started to drizzle a little. The water made LeeAnn shake out of fear.

Hans lifted his head as he held LeeAnn tightly. A snap of his fingers and they vanished into thin air. Both teleported into a bluely lit cavern that had cealuran crystal around and a small lake. Leeann opened her eyes not reconizging this place. In the corner, lied two bodies on a two tables. One of a female and the other a male, created and masked to perfection. She looked at Hans. “What exactly are we doing here” she asked. Hans grew a cold expression on his face. “There is a storm coming Leeann...one that is after you and I. I promised your father and Hikaru I would protect you at all costs. Its a dark storm. We’re going into hiding” he said. This rattled her mind a little. Storm? Promise? Going into hiding? She looked at him. “Going into hiding” she asked. Hans looked down knowing this was going to hurt him just as much it would to her. He hated seeing her angry or crying. “We’re leaving behind everything family, friends, memories. Everything” he said, LeeAnn froze. Leave Hikaru, her father nad most of all Gala. LeeeAnn could not believe her ears. “What?! Leave behind dad, Gala, Alaska, and most of all my brother?! I was going to live on his legacy. Hikaru vanished from my life and I dont want to vanish from life either. Hans...why….WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? What about my dad? Gala? Alaska? Leave them out in the cold while we save ourselves? Who’s gonna protect them? Hika is gone….I cant live on like this. I cant let them live on like this. WHY HANS WHY….YOU IDIOT” she cried. She charged at him with tears welded in her eyes as she started t punched. Hans simply caughter her fist. “Remember that question I asked you earlier? Your ambitions. You will ive one Hikaru’s legacy, live on in his footsteps and become a legend for your family. But you wont have any memories of them” he said coldly. Leeann lowered her fist and looekd at him. She started to crying and show anger. Hate. Sadness. It pained Hans to see her like this and most of all he hated himself for doing this, but it had to be done for their safety. “Why...WHY….I HATE YOU, I...HATE...YOU...I HATE YOU… I HATE….YOU. I CANT LEAVE KON, ALICE, GALA, DAD, ALASKA, AND MOST OF ALL HIKARU! NOW YOU MAKING ME LOOES THE ONE THING I HAVE LEFT BESIDES US. YOU ARE SO COLD I WISH I NEVER MET YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE” she screamed. Hans knew deep down she did not mean in she started to swing at him with full force. Left and right punches. Hans left her hit him over and over and over and over and over until all of her her anger was. Slowly, she panted nad lowered her body until she sunk to her knees. Hans weakly kneeled down to her level and hugged her tightly. “I never meant to hurt you…” he said. She hugged him now that she calmed down. “Will my memories of Hikaru be wiped” she asked. Hans thought. “Yes….but I can have the one of Hikaru still there but you wont remember who you once were” he replied. Leeann pulled out a picture of Hikaru and handed it to him. “As one last request, can you give me this in my new life...so I remember Hikaru” she said. Hans nodded. It was the last request she asked and would ask in this old life.

Hans stood up and looked at her. “You will still be LeeAnn Nakamura I know. The one who is stubborn, loves her country, hard working and most of all hotheaded. Nothing abotu you will change just your memories. You will grow a case of amnesia. I dont know if its permanet, but well see and yes I can at least arrange you to remember your brother, Hikaru. Hans held out his hand to her. “Are you ready” he asked.

LeeAnn took his hand still not knowing why they were doing this. It was one of those things he never wanted to do, but did anyways. Thats what loves does. Makes you do things even when there is not real reason why you do them. You just do. Thats what LeeAnn did. She knew one day she will remember who she is. It scared her to death that she would not remember who she really is and that hse would be leaving her loved ones but not really. “In three...two…” spoke Hans. Leeann looked up. “Love you Hans” she spoke . Hans smiled with a goofy smile. “Love you too, redhead...see you on the other side” he spoke. She close her eyes with one final memory of everyone together with ehr, Hans, Hikaru, Ryu, and her dad. When things were good.


*in terms of Leon and He now”

He felt a heavy aching pain on his frontal lobe. He placed his hand on his forehead as he woke up in a bed, a queen sized bed. He opened eye as the other was covered by an eyepatch. The pain trailed down to the back of his neck. He groaned not remembering anything the night before of hte night before that or the previous night before that. It was weird. He head was hazy. He sat up and yawned. The light shown through the sheet panels telling him it was morning by how the birds called at the window. He plopped back into bed and covered his head with the covers. Slowly, his left hand reached to try to find is partner, Fay or also previously known as Hans. Fay was not there to be heard or felt. He moaned not wanting to get up. “Fay….FFFAAYYY” groaned Leon. The smell of bacon...no eggs...oohh wait Leon thats your favorite dish. Human meat. Odd enough yes, but he had a certain diet ot someone simialr. It was due to his illness and both of them knew it. There lied on the side table next to his bed was a picture of a man with pink hair. Leon did not remember anyone but that man. It was odd to asy the very least.

“There you are sleepy head” smiled Faye. Her silver lockeds draped down as she floated above him making him not want to get out of bed sooner. She smiled. “Come one lazy bones get up...I made cookie dough pancakes” she smiled. Leon raised an eyebrow. Was that even a thing? She did not question his fiance’s methods. The woman had the strangest ways, but he was accustom to them. “Fine….but I were needing to do one more job” said Leon. He was a hard working man as he put on a black skin tight shirt. He looke at his right hand that was a slight purple black, but hat was it. It was only taking up a part of the hand. “Are you coming or what? I am gonna eat all of the cookie dough” she cried. He peked up and shook his head. “Got it. Sorry Fay, I am coming” he cried.


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