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Era - Missing Child [Mission | Marina]

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Era - Missing Child [Mission | Marina] Empty on Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:55 am


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In the wake of of terrorist attacks in Era and a newfound need for power, Alisa and Marina needed to take their first quest as guild mates and team members. They'd been spending their time mostly just enjoying themselves, and ever their working pace had all but ground to a halt. Indeed what they needed was a higher level mission, something to spur them both into action.

No hobbies this time.

This assignment exposed a genuinely troubling situation, like missing children always are. She didn't know whether it might involve fighting off some random monster, but it mattered relatively little in the grand scheme of things. Now that they were both members of Blue Pegasus, their teamwork would grow to new heights with each job they cleared. So naturally Alisa had plenty of confidence in their ability to see this job through.

She planned on getting an early start, meeting the client as soon as possible before the trail grew cold. Of couse, calling the man a client hardly fit the definition did it? The man was a Rune Knight judging by his title and the formal nature of the request. Sounded like they must be at their wit's end to outsource a job like this, either that or they were terrible undermanned. Not overly surprising considering the troubling events of the past few days... And all the more reason why they should start working as quickly as possible.

First off, morning shower, next up, clothes. Once more, Alisa wasn't sure whether or not she'd need to fight in this job. It wasn't as if she could just figure it out by thinking... So she went prepared. And scorching weather plus potential battle equals? Skimpy battle dress of course! This was the kind of attire Alisa typically wore in the summer when her other Guild uniforms felt too hot to handle, and not in a good way. That said, this outfit was the furthest from family friendly as she could get without going commando... But Alisa was as much a pragmatist as she was vain, and baking under this sun inside a warm outfit hardly qualified as effective apparel. And besides, she clearly enjoyed having the beautiful Marina stare at her sinuous curves the whole time they were out... Likely the best motivation a vain mage of Blue Pegasus could get, and the brunette was often all too keen to provide it.

Alisa took her time eating her reinforced breakfast at the inn, indulging her whims and filling her dish with a serving of eggs and bacon to go with her fruit, bread and coffee. Very reinforced indeed, for she didn't know how long she'd be in this mission, and expected they wouldn't have that long for lunch breaks either. Even the dungeon mission they did a few days ago gave them plenty of time to do it at their own pace. They didn't have that luxury now... As she sipped her coffee, legs crossed elegantly under the table cloth, Alisa spared a few cursory glances at the entrance, wondering when she might see her friend.

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#2Marina Wulfstan 

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Marina Wulfstan
Oh boy. Era had to be the most lively city she visited so far and not in a good way. One minute you are trying to enjoy your date and then all of a sudden a murderer starts attacking people in the streets. Luckily for Marina she was able to flee from the mayhem and rampage before the attacker set their sights. The desert dweller still remember how fear completely took her over. Marina has been scared before, but whatever attack Era was on whole another level. During the attack she literally felt physically weaker just by being in the same area as the attacker. A part of wonder what would have happened to her if that terrorist did target her. What would have happened to her? She knew she wasn't strong enough to deal with it. Would she have lost her life like some of citizens? Maybe she would ended up as a mere play thing or something? Spooky thoughts ran through her head as she envision multiple ways the event could have happened. Luckily she was with her friend who manage to keep her safe and unlike Marina she didn't let the fear get to her.

Marina shook her head as she look at the clock and sighed. Today wouldn't be a day of fun and relaxation. No. Marina had an important task to do with her friend Alisa and she didn't want to show up too late. Unlike most clients. This client seem more important. A rune knight making a request? Marina find it strange that they just didn't have a group of knights to handle the task themselves. Oh well it didn't much to the desert dweller. As long as she getting paid she wasn't going to complain too much.

Like always Marina take a shower and eat a quick snack before she headed out for the day. For her attire she didn't have much of a selection so she just threw on a pair of jeans and black T-shirt. Comfortable and easy to fight in if needed. With that done Marina would leave the room and head to the inn to meet up with Alisa. She wondered what her friend would be wearing today? Hopefully nothing too distracting for her.

When Marina got to the inn she spot Alisa and walk straight towards her. Waving at a few familiar faces that she went by. "It's always nice to see you,  my friend. Are you ready to.... The beast master paused mid sentence as the smells of breakfast finally caught up to her smells heavenly. She wasn't use to meeting with Alisa this early for a mission, but then again this wasn't the typical task they usually went on. Is that bacon I smell? Are you willing to share a piece?" While Marina did glance at what her friend was wearing and yes it did look sexy in the crystal mage, but the smell of bacon was far to tempting for Marina to ignore.


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She stepped into the didning hall just as the classy Pegasus glanced at the doorway, and the two finally shared proper smiles and greetings, "Likewise, Marina. Had a good night's sleep, I trust?"

Marina looked good in those jeans, highlighting her womanly hips in stark contrast to her otherwise petite frame. But personally, Alisa always shied away from possible combat missions wearing such tight pants: It got pretty hard to kick with your legs bound all over by tight fabric. She'd much rather allow her skin to breathe, her limbs to move as freely as she possibly could. She caught the girl oggling back too, an action that quickly made the crystal mage cross her arms idly, pushing her breasts together and heightening that impressive cleavage she often flaunts.

To each her own charms right?

But for once, Marina proved completely resistant to Alisa's, like there was something else here grabbing her attention... And when she finally saw the girl sniffing the air, Alisa understood exactly what she wanted even before the beautiful beast master spoke up, laughing elegantly at her request but turning the dish so the strips of bacon stood closer to her friend:

"You're welcome to some, but you know...", she'd lean over the table and stare deeply into Marina's eyes with a seductive, half lidded gaze, almost like she was about to proposition something extremely lewd, "There's a whooooole buffet right over there~", she'd whisper sensually, pointing over at where people were getting food, before throwing her a wink, "And it's all you can eat~"

She'd likely finish eating her lunch first, but the sculptress would still patiently await for her friend to finish her meal, not really troubled by having to sit there and watch her eat. Only once the nomad had cleaned her plate would Alisa uncross her legs and stand up, run her hands down her body and smoothing out the kinks in her tight dress, then finally flashing the girl a smile as she offered a hand to help her up. Not that she needed to, of course, but it was as good an excuse as any to hold hands.

"Shall we take care of business?", she'd prompt her, ready to guide Marina to the address mentioned in the request

Yet the moment she set foot outside, Alisa reflexively frowned and raised a hand over her eyes, shielding them from the Sun's blazing, blinding gleam, letting her eyes adjust as she headed away from the hotel and towards the restaurant the messenger directed her towards. It was time for breakfast so the two Pegasus mages would find the restaurant predictably empty, with nothing but a group of rune knights sitting at a table in the corner, taking to each other as they went through a bunch of files sprawled out all over table. So immersed in their work were they that Marina and Alisa went completely unnoticed until they got close enough for the sounds of their footsteps to draw the men's attention... And the usual kind of attention too, with every surprised male but the leader gluing their eyes to each of their forms, until the sole female knight cleared her throat with a twitching eyebrow.

"Good morning.", greeted the older man at the center, the only male to keep his gaze settled on the girls' eyes and nowhere below, "I'm Lieutenant Awadin of the Rune Knights. You're here to help us investigate, correct? Right on time, we need all hands on deck."

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Marina Wulfstan
Marina nodded her head. "Yes. Having a comfy bed makes it pretty easy to fall asleep quickly. Nothing, but peaceful dreams for the most part." Once again the young woman couldn't stress enough about how wonderful the beds are in this place. She would freeze as Alisa got closer to her. That look she had. What was the artist planning to do. Marina mind start to wonder, but of course Marina overthink it. So she was allowed to have some bacon which was great, but she couldn't help, but feel slightly disappointed for some reason.

Marina shrugged her shoulders as she glance over towards the buffet. "You have a point there, but I think food taste much better when you get it from a friend plate. Also I don't plan on eating much anyways I had a snack before coming over here." She would take her seat and begin to munch down on the wonderful strips of bacon. Being out in desert bacon was a rare treat, but here in Fiore she could eat as much as she like. As Marina ate, she didn't said anything to her partner. A happy moments between two people close to each h other. She ate more the expected. Marina was hungrier than she thought, but the meal fill her up.

Marina would grab a nearby napkin to wipe her hands and mouth."Yeah. I'm ready to get down to business. Thanks." Marina would grabbed her friend hand to get out of her seat. With their stomachs full they would leave the inn and go to required location for their quest. The sun was certainly bright out today. Even Marina had to use her free hand to shield her eyes. The walk to the restaurant was short and slience. There was not much to discuss after all.

Stepping inside, Marina notice that the restaurant was pretty much empty besides for a group of Rune Knights. Marina simply ignore the stares she was getting as she look at the lieutenant. Hanging around Alisa she was pretty much use to it by now. "Yes. We are here to assist you with that investigation." At least the lieutenant and the lone female rune  knight didn't seem care about their looks. The lieutenant nodded his head and began to explain their task. The task was to interrogate five people and see if any of them held any information about a missing child. They give locations and pictures of the people of interest.

It seem like the first person the duo would have to question is an old man."Thank you for assistance. Maybe you better luck than us." The female knight would speak. Marina simply nodded her head and smile. Maybe people would be more willing to speak to people not covered from head to toe in armour.

"No problem. Let go Alisa." Once her friend was ready to go. They leave the restaurant and start their investigation. It didn't long to find the old man as he was about to enter his home."Excuse us sir. Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?" Marina approach the elderly man in a friendly way as not to scared him off.

"Sure. How can I help the both of you?" The elderly man grin at them. Not knowing that the duo was sent here by the rune knights.

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Yup, Marina had told her before. She clearly loved the beds in Fiore, and Alisa could imagine why, after all since she couldn't imagine any way for a nomad to sleep comfortably in the chill of the desert, only to be woken up with such hellish heat. Plus it's not like she could carry a mattress all the way across shifting sands just for a better sleep; that would quite obviously cost more than just money.

But the look she gave when Alisa teased her? That was priceless. She always had a bit of a teasing streak, yet whether or not she acted upon it hinged mainly on who was on the recieveing end. And the brunette, with her unyielding confidence, constantly dared the raven haired model to do so even if she wasn't sure Marina realized it.

She also caught the very faint hint of disappointment on her face, made clearer by the way she gave up on grabbing her own meal and instead shared Alisa's. The sculptress didn't mind sharing at all, and though she enjoyed seeing how easily she got Marina's attention after the bacon distracted her, "Well, what's mine is yours and all that...", Alisa giggled softly a cut a slice of bacon, offering it to her friend on a fork, "Say ahh~"

A little moment of innocent affection before they spent the rest of the meal silently looking at each other, though Alisa couldn't help but think back to their first kiss which she stole in the wake of a life or death situation. She always imagined how in any other situation, the beast master would have initiated any romantic moment, but times like this made her wonder if she wasn't surprisingly shy behind all that confidence. Easily understandable with her inexperience, but perhaps this meant Alisa would need to take initiative more often...

For now, they had a job to do, however.

After exhanging greetings and pleasantries, all parties involved clearly wanted to get right to the matter at hand as quickly as possible. The briefing was thus kept as short as possible, giving them all the information they needed in as little time as possible, and once that was over Marina immediately excused herself, "You're getting used to these jobs.", commented Alisa with a delighted, approving nod as she saw her friend handle all the formalities like a proper guild mage. She was clearly getting used to the kind of work a Guild mage had to do, and it confirmed the sculptress' belief that she'd done the right thing by asking her to join, "Now, let's meet that first suspect."

Indeed they didn't have to walk more than a block to find his how, knock, and come to face to face with the suspect. The old man seemed completely oblivious to the two women and their purpose, it matched what they had written in the files. Just seeing this prompted Alisa's strategy for this questioning: Marina was playing the good cop, putting the man at ease, so Alisa would play the bad cop and give him a bit of shock treatment. And the best way to do this was a little bit of acting to strike the fear of God into the suspect. It's easier to gleam information from a startled person than a collected one, let alone an oblivious one...

"My little sister...", she spoke in a low tone, cocking her head down as her magic power slowly flared out, and finally shouted, "Where are you keeping her?!?"

She remember the feeling of losing a family member all too well, those memories had been etched into her soul and ran deeper than even the woman herself realized. Putting herself in that kind of mood again came frighteningly easy for someone who wasn't even an actress, and the suspect bought the act immediately. After all, there was an obviously powerful mage with a big ass sword glaring viciously at him

"Y-y-you're also after that little girl?! I don't have her!! I just give her candy every now and then!", he shivered and staggered back in dread, "P-please you have to believe me!!"

Yet despite the angry, hateful look in her eyes, she was carefully following the old man's body language. Everything about his honest tone, fear and surprise pointed to him telling the truth, so Alisa took a deep breath and reined in her aura, "I believe you. My apologies for startling you.", and with this she looked at Marina, wondering if the nomad also believed the old man's innocence or if she wanted to ask him something else. If she did, they could bid him good day and go off looking for the others, "Where's the next one, Marina?", asked Alisa with a smile, content to let her friend take the lead.

The second suspect wouldn't be hard to find either, but unlike this clueless old man she quickly figured out what the two unknown women were here for and immediately glared at them, crossing her arms, "Huh? What do you want? Lemme guess, you're gonna accuse me of kidnapping too?! I swear, the Knight are as incompetent as they come."

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Marina Wulfstan
"Well when you're working beside a great teacher like you. It easy to get a handle on these types of situations." She wanted to said more, but since they were working, Marina couldn't get too personal. Marina wasn't sure how it was like being a guild. Of course beside, Alisa she never met any other guild member yet or even been to location of the guild yet. She sure in due time she get to meet other Blue Pegasus members. For now, there hasn't been any major changes that happened since she join the guild expect for fact she didn't have to paid for a room and she had a tattoo on her back constantly reminding her to what she belongs too now.

Unwittingly,. Marina would seem to have taken up the role of the good cop while Alisa would be the bad cop. A bit of chuckle left her mouth as she thought that it would be the other way around, but when Marina compare herself to Alisa it was clear that good cop role suit her just fine. After all she dress in much more casual wear and she look less threatening then Alisa who was carrying around that sword and her magic was far more deadly than Marina own magic.

Playing her role as the good cop. Marina simply kept the smile on her face as she slowly examine the old man. Slowly she would walk beside him and begin to talk directly in his ear as Alisa was scaring him."You know. When she gets angry like this even I have trouble holding her back. I remember the last guy who upset my sweetheart. You want to know what happened to him?" The old man didn't said anything as he was trembling in fear of her partner. Regardless, Marina would countine speak quietly into his ear.
"Let's just said he won't be having kids anytime soon. Such a shame, but as long as you tell us the truth I make sure you don't end up meeting a similar fate." After that Marina would return to Alisa side as she watch The old man waiting for him to crack and it didn't took too long before he finally spoke.

The old man sounded like he was being honest which cause Marina to nod her head. She would then playfully bonk her friend on the head. "Thank you for the help,
Sir. Sorry about my partner her, but she really wants to find her sister and she can go overboard at times. We be leaving now. Stay out of trouble or you run into us again"
The old man would nod his head and quickly ran inside his house. Shaking her head, Marina would lead the way to the second suspect. Oh boy, it look like she had a problem with the Rune Knights.

"So you know why we are here good. Look you think I want to waste time with you? When I could be doing something else." Marina glance towards Alisa. It was true that Marina would rather spend time with Alisa doing something more fun. "Anyway, just make it easy for me and I promise the Knights will stop bothering you? Stick to the truth and this will be done quickly." Marina figure that she could handle this one by herself.

"And if I refuse to talk?" The young woman challenge Marina. Marina just laugh and pointed towards Alisa weapon.

"I won't do anything, but my partner? Well I highly suggest you cooperate with me. You're annoyed for knights wasting your time. I'm annoyed that I haven't got any leads. Please don't make this hard." The woman would look at Alisa and than at the sword and back at Marina.

"Look. I don't know anything about a missing kid. I'm swear I had nothing to do with any sort of kidnapping.
I do hope the kid is found. I don't want any trouble just leave me alone."
The woman look Marina straight in the eyes as she spoke. Her glance never waver even once. Marina look at Alisa and sighed again.

"Thank you. I can tell that you know nothing about the kid. We will be out your hair now, but if you do happened to hear anything contact the Knights please. Good day ma'am." With that Marina would let the woman walk away from the scene. The woman seem grateful that she won't be question anymore.

"Well. It time to move on to the next suspect!." Marina would grab Alisa hand and begin to head deeper into town to find the their suspect, but unlike the last two suspects the third one would end up finding them instead.

"Hey. You two ladies holding hands. Both of you are working for Knights! That is so cool. I want a sword like hat and carry it in the name of justice." A young man, barely past his teens would run up to the duo. He seem really eager to talk to them. "You're looking for a kid,
Marina was going to ignore him, but it seem like he might have information on the missing kid?

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"My, flattery won't get you anywhere sweetie~", yup, Alisa said this a lot, though she could seldom help reaching a hand for her cheek and winking in return, or petting her friend's arm, right below the edge of her shirt, "You're a pretty quick learner anyway."

They had to stay focused on the mission however, and not so much on each other, no matter how easy it gets to lose yourself in the charms of someone you like. There wouldn't be any charms for the five suspects however, they'd all get Alisa's bad side until she felt satisfied with whatever answers she got, before moving on to the next one. The old man yielded easily enough to their combined efforts, and the woman, for all her fierce demeanor, yielded even faster to Marina alone. Of course, Alisa standing there, arms crossed under her breasts with an annoyed look on her face and a sword on her back defenitely helped, allowing the brunette to get her point across that much faster.

The only moment an amused smile almost slipped through her stern and serious expression... Was once again Marina's rather interesting choice of words when she looked at Alisa. Something else she'd like to be doing hmm? Whelp, Alisa made a mental note to tease her about it later. Soon they had seen enough from the woman for sculptress and beast master to dismiss her as a potential culprit, and they could move on to the next one.

"Something you'd rather be doing hu-", Alisa smirked and teased her immediately, but this time she had met her match. Out of nowhere, Marina grabbed her hand and led her towards the next target, quickly silencing the crystal mage with a gasp. Clearly Marina was having fun taking the lead here, and like the aloof cloud she was, Alisa too was having fun feeling where the brunette's wind would carry her. For such a rough tomboy, her skin was still a lot softer than most people might guess, and Alisa found herself stroking it with her thumb.

Yet before she could comment on that, they'd run into the next suspect, or rather, the suspect would run into them... A rather eager young man, who immediately picked up on what they were doing.

If anything, this meant they probably didn't need the 'good cop, bad cop' act to get through to him. Though his eagerness defenitely looked suspicious, it also gave Alisa little reason to frighten him like she'd been doing with all the others.

"Well, have you seen her? And more importantly, how do you know we're working for the Rune Knights?", Alisa furrowed her brow and crossed her arms, yet the moment she squeezed her bust a bit tighter, the eager teen's eyes immediately drifted down to her cleavage. Ordinarily she wouldn't care, but since this guy was a potential suspect, Alisa quickly called him out on it, "Eyes are up here."

"Uhm, yeah, i was kinda...", he blushed and scratched his cheek, desperately trying not to look anywhere but the only place he obviously wanted to, only scarcely meeting Alisa's crimson eyes, "Watching those knights when they hired you...", he admitted shamefully, though it didn't stop his desire to be helpful, "I've seen the girl around the nearby school everyday. Even during the summer she still spends time there with her friends. I haven't seen her anywhere else though!"

"You know this much about the little girl, and if that weren't enough you're also spying on us.", her frown intensified as she looked into the man's eyes with an accusing glare, "Suspicious."

"N-n-no it's not like that!", he mumbled nervously, clearly frightened at having the accusation directed at him, "I asked some people when I found the Knights were looking for her, please believe me!"

Well, suspciously eager and somewhat perverted too but the man still had honest eyes. She was liable to believe him, but ultimately turned towards Marina, following her expressions, wondering what she was thinking about. If she was satisfied, they could go looking for the fourth suspect: An old woman who all but refused to open the door, instead just opening a small porthole when they looked, "Who is it?", she'd ask warily, "Don't tell me it's those bloody knights again!"

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Marina Wulfstan
Marina couldn't blame the young guy from being distracted by her partner figure. If she was in his shoes she could relate beng distracted by a sexy figure. Usually, Marina might have glare at the guy, but since he was eager to help then she would let him get away with it ...this time. For now it didn't seem like Alisa needed any assistance so Marina would just fold her across her chest and quietly watch the young man being questioned.  She was curious on how this guy knew that her and Alisa were working for the rune knights before they even said anything. She was sure that they didn't dress like one or had  any marks that would label the two as rune knights. Did word around town spread this fast about them?

So the guy spy on them. So much for the meeting place being discreet, but Marina would give the lad a bit of credit for being able to spy on group of skill knights and mages which out getting caught or even being notice. As the young man kept talking, Marina didn't see or sense any signs of the guy trying to lie to them.

Marina would uncross her arms and pat the young man on the back. "Don't worry man. We trust that you are telling the truth. You don't look like the type of guy who would lie to us. Plus you were forthcoming about spying on the rune knights." After saying that Marina would glance at Alisa giving her a lovely smile. "Well kid you are free to go. We don't have anymore business with you. Thank you for assistance in this case. Enjoy the rest of your day and stay out of trouble." Shift her gaze from Alisa to the guy. Marina would simply watch the kid sigh in joy as he wasn't consider an suspect. The guy would thank Marina and wave goodbye to them as they he went off to do whatever. Once the guy was out of sight, Marina would shake her head. "Three down and a couple of people left to investigate." Marina would then unexpectedly kiss Alisa on her cheek as they went to the location of the forth suspect. Marina could show affection as well.

Soon the duo would reach the forth person of interest in this case. An elderly woman, but she won't open the door for them. Marina could understand nothing wanting to open the door to strangers, but they had a job to do. "Hello ma'am we are here to ask you a few questions regarding a missing child."

The door didn't move an inch as the older woman countine to look through the porthole. "Of course you girls are with those knights. I don't know nothing about a missing kid. If anything I think you rune knights are one behind the missing child. You're telling me that a bunch of you can't find a mere kid."

Marina was stunned that the woman thought that some one in the rune knights had something to do with the missing girl."Look I understand that you're upset that with the knights, but trust me. They have nothing to do with this. We are an independent party hired by the rune knights themselves. I don't think it would be in their best interest to hire an independent party to try to solve an case if they are the one behind it. Also do you have any proof."

The old woman made a clicking sound with her tounge. "I guess you have a point there lass, but like I told everyone before me. I don't have any information that can help you. Now go ignore someone else." The old woman would stop talking and leave the two mages alone.

Marina would frown as she leaned on her partner."Well. That was a waste of time. I doubt this woman has anything to do with this case. On to the next person I guess." Once they were ready. Thank duo would look for the fifth suspect.

The would find the fifth suspect running a snack vendor. As soon as he spot the two beautiful mages he would whistle at them. "What can I offer you two fine ladies?"

Marina would shrug her shoulders."Maybe you know something about a missing kid?" As soon as Marina mention something about a kid the man glance away from them, refusing to speak. Maybe this man knows something that they don't?


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It seemed like Marina trusted him too. Indeed you'd have to be either really confident or really stupid to confess to spying on the Rune Knights so easily, but this guy did look like the honest type... Either that or he was an amazing liar. The two girls looked into each other's eyes, sharing a smile and nod once they concluded he was probably not the culprit, and once that happened the man walked off to do something else. Though Alisa couldn't help but wonder whether he'd keep on doing his own investigation in hopes of getting into the rune knights' good side.

Damn, might as well just join the Knights already...

She was, however, quite surprised to feel Marina's soft lips on her cheek, enough to give her the faintest tint of a blush. Truly Alisa enjoyed being on the recieving end of the brunette's affection, judging by the the way her smile widened into a warm look she seldom gave anybody else, and she immediately returned the favor by interlocking their fingers intimately. Holding the girl's hand like this made her feel closer to Marina than ever, and even as she answered with a reassuring, "Then, we'll be done in a couple of minutes~", she couldn't help but wonder whether the girl felt the same.

Fortunately, it seemed like the old lady was determined to get rid of them as soon as possible, likely saying whatever she had in order to achieve it. Marina dealt with this suspect swimmingly, but granted there was very little they could do, short of kicking the door in, and soon the two girls were left alone once more:

"Suspicious... Her not opening the door is defenitely suspiciuous.", she commented, rubbing her chin, yet not enough that Alisa would consider busting down the door and investigating, "But we should talk to the last of the five before we figure out our next move.", she'd look into the beastmaster's eyes as the girl leaned into her, drawing their joined hands up to her lips and kissing the back of Marina's with a caring smile, and nodding towards where she believed the last suspect would be, "Let's go meet our last customer."

The distance between the two girls had visibly shortened as time passed, and by the time they reached the last suspect they all but rubbed shoulders with every step as genuine lovers might; this did have a positive effect, setting most suspects at ease before they started asking questions. The sculptress doubted any real Rune Knight could claim this feat. In any case they soon met up with the person of interest, a stall vendor in a not so busy street...

"Huh, working for the Rune Knights are you? If they've taken to outsourcing, they must be really desperate.", answered the man with a snicker.

Alisa furrowed her brow. He was evading the question, and wasn't really creative about it either. She wound up resting one hand on her hip and leaning forward over the counter slightly, all so she could better look into the guy's eyes.

"You didn't answer our question.", she pointed out

"I already did, dozens of times.", he shrugged and shook his head, "Yet the Knights STILL don't let me leave the city. How crazy is that?"

Her annoyed gaze quickly turned into a glare. Was this guy really convinced he was smarter than them? Because, he really wasn't, and she had half a mind to treat him as their most suspicious subject yet

"If that's how you answer their questions, I'm surprised you're not in jail yet.", she retorted coldly, to which the guy just scoffed again.

But he wouldn't get away so easily. Everything about Alisa's tone and body language indicated they wouldn't go anywhere until they got the answers they got. And the more he kept her waiting, the more annoyed she'd get and the harder things would be for him. All in all Alisa was a patient woman, yet being kept waiting on purpose still soured her mood like little else could.

"Look, like I told your bosses over and over again, I don't know anything about no kid.", he sighed and raised his hands defensively. And despite his rather evasive answers, she had half a mind to believe him.

Which left the girls with a problem. None of the people they talked to looked especially guilty, even if the eager guy and the secretive old woman looked the most suspicious. This guy was shifty as hell, but most of it could easily be attributed to annoyance. She ruled out the first two quickly enough.

"Well, what do you think about these five?", inquired Alisa, running her idle hand down Marina's silky brown hair, the welcoming warmth she looked at her with visibly contrasting with the aloof cold she gave everyone else, "The old lady was the most supicious - with not even opening the door - but the trader and the kid follow closely behind. None of them looked really guilty to me though..."

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- Alisa Vollan

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Marina Wulfstan
Out of all the suspects this man gave off the most suspicious vibe yet. Maybe they found a person who could finally offer up some form of information on this case. That what Marina hoped for, but in reality as Alisa was questioning the suspect he avoided answering any questions and talk down to them didn't help the guy prove he had nothing to do with the missing girl. As time pass it was clear that they weren't going to get anything out of the guy as he completely tune them out.

Even with all of these investigations prove to be less than fruitful, Marina felt relax as Alisa run her hair through her hair. It felt wonderful to the desert dweller. "Yeah the last two suspects were definitely rise the most bells,
but at the same time I don't see anything that prove they were guilty of any crime.  I guess we should return back to the restaurant to report our findings none the less"
With nothing else to discuss the two of them would report back to Marin and his group of Rune Knights.

Marina would tell Marin that first three suspects on the list were good and in the clear, but she did told Marin about the kid who spy on them. Then Marina told them about the old woman refusing to even open the door for them and how the trader avoided answering any questions. Marin would thank the two women for their work and dismissed them.

Well they job would seem to be over as the two Blue Pegasus mages step out of the restaurant until Marina could hear someone crying nearby. Following the sounds of the crying, Marina would find herself behind the restaurant in the alley way when she spot the missing girl. So she wasn't kidnapped, but just lost all this time.

Marina would approach the little girl and comfort her as she listened to the girl speak."Please help me. I just want to go back home, but I got lost." Marina hugged the girl and pick her up.

"Well, Alisa we find her at last" After that unexpected find. They would return back to the restaurant  and handed the girl over to Marin who look embarrass after Marina told them that they find the girl behind the restaurant. After apologizing to them. He would pay both her and Alisa and thank them for their help. With the girl in trusting hands and a case closed. They were free to spend the rest of day together doing fun things.

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