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Dozing Kids [Mission/Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Dozing Kids [Mission/Solo] Empty Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:21 am

Lee Nakamura
Another tiny job to pass the time again, Hans grabbed a random one off the bullten board since hew as finally awake this morning. Earlier today, she finished another job and it was mid afternoon and they both were ready for a simple job. LeeAnn looked at the job that was given to her by Hans. It was simple. To make sure no students are sleeping during class, made LeeAnn graon a little. “Great so its babysitting brats...oh well” she said. She grabbed another bottle of vodka and drank the whole things in six gulps. Wiping her mouth clean from the alcohol, she popped a few strong mints to give her some good breath, at least enough to cover the smel of vodka from her. She closed her eyes remebering her days back in school. It made her shier at how bady she was treated back then. She was constantly picked on from the very beginning. The moment she was out of there the hell ended and a whole new hell began. Her mother was always so hard on her for being ‘soft’ as she put it. “Lee. Lee? LEE” cried Hans. She broke her trance and looked at Hans, who looked kinda worried. “Sorry, I dont plan on standing here. Let us go, Hans” she said. The kitsune followed her to the school. It was just a little ways down the road right on teh left next to the park and a nice little cafe. It was easy to spot regardless with children playing outside on the playground.

LeeAnn approached and shown the flyer to the clerk in front. “Mrs. Saline is her classroom. I will let her know just go down to the third door on your left, Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura” said the clerk, politely. She phoned the teacher as LeeAnn followed the directions to the classroom. She knocked and opened the door. “Mrs. Saline, I’m here for the job” she said. LeeAn’s call was answer by a teacher raising her head from the desk in an empty classroom. There was a pile of papers on her desk. They looked graded with a red pen mark on them and a stamp that says “Good Job” or “Awesome” on them as well. LeeAnn just looked at it for a little then at her Client who was awaiting an answer from. “Ah welcome?” she asked. LeeAnn bowed a little as Hans just waved with a wide goofy grin, “I’m LeeAnn Nakamura, Seated Knight and this is my fiance, Hans” she introuduced. The was a little distraught at the sudden politeness and manners. She smiled a little. “Hello Hans, LeeAnn. You’re job is simple. Keep my students awake. They need to learn and have their minds grow” she said. Leeann nodded. Simple enough that she could pound a few faces into a desk or two. She punched her right hand into her left palm showing she was ready to punch some skulls. The teacher lifted her finger and was about to speak of something again. “Also there will be no physical contact of any kind” she said. There goes one plann down the toilet. LeeAnn sighed. “You’re no fun” she thought. Only a bow came from her out of respect for the teacher. “Yes, I will do as you say” she replied. The teacher smiled. “Recess is almost over so take place somehwere in the room, both of you and get prepared” she said. It annoyed Leeann a little bit that she already was telling them what to do and everything. Oh well. She looked at Hans and walked to a corner of the room near the chalkboard and where she could see all of the desks. It was a nice place to oversee all the activity. The school bell rang as children yelled and cried out of enjoyment. They burst through the classroom door like girls on a market day sale. “Settle down children, take your seats and open your books to page 13 of your history books” she said, she clapped at least three times that she counted. LeeAnn just stood there listen as the teacher did not say anythign about her nor Hans.

A little boy raised his hand as Mrs. Saline answered. “Yes Haru?” she asked. He pointed his left index finger at her and .looked at his teacher. “Who’s the funny cat lady in armor” he asked. Another kid spoke up and pointed at Hans, who waved with a goofy smile. The children laughed a little at Hans as LeeAnn gave him a deadly glare. He froze and pursed his lips in fear. “Behave” she mouthed at her fiance. “Class this is LeeAnn and Hans, both Rune Knghts. They here to keep you awake so you better pay attention” she said. The class just looked at her as they never seen a neko before. “Anyways please read pages thirteen to fifteen please and clos your books to show me you are done. We will begin the lesson afterwards” she said. The children started reading their books as some of them just tapped their foot as a fidget habit or some twirled thier hair between their fingers. LeeAnn montiored them likes a hawk. She eyed their every movements. From what she noticed one kid kept looking up from her book and stared at her nervously. Probably afraid of her or something. LeeAnn paid no mind. She closed her eyes as she saw flashes of Hikaru and her when they were younger. A smile upon her face remembering the good days. She was Hikaru’s shouders that one day as he was give her a piggy back ride. The laughter and cheers she gave back then compared to now. She missed it. It was the one thing she missed the most more than anythign in the world was her big brother. No one could fill that void, not even Hans. She opened her eyes and stared at a kid reading, he reminded her a lot of Hikaru. LeeAnn shook her head and rubbed her eyes. It was not Hikaru. “Hikaru...why do you keep leaving me” she whispered. The class bell rang breaking her trance. The children pakced their books as The teacher gave Hans and Lee their reward. “Here thanks for watching over the class” she mentioned. LeeAnn nodded and took teh money.

1064/1000 words


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