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Eyes Staring Forward[Mission/Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Eyes Staring Forward[Mission/Solo] Empty Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:53 pm

Lee Nakamura
The young Neko woke up with a loud yawn at the crack of dawn. Hans was fast asleep next to her seeing that he was completely out cold. Quietly, she got out of the bed and changed into her Rune Knight armor. It was more how she liked it. Alaska was a early riser much like she was. The fox smile and yipped loudly. "Sssshhh, not so loud" she hissed. The fox grinned slightly embarrassed. LeeAnn made her way to the kitchen to the small mini fridge the hotel provided. There lied rows of booze and expensive ale. She took one and chugged it. There was a bad lingering taste after each gulp. It was more of a burning sensation like wine would have that was in the back of your throat. Not everyone liked it, but she grew tolerant to it. By the end of a few gulps, she made the bottle dry sucking every last drop. Tossing the bottle in the recycling bin, she grabbed another for the road not seeing which kind, but really never cared. She looked at her companion who sat there licking her white plush coat. It met gaze with here locking eyes for a certain moment until the owner spoke. "You coming" she said coldly. The fox got up and simply walked by her side knowing the drill already. LeeAnn turned the doorob quietly and walked through the door. She closed the door behind her and then walked down the hallway with Alaska beside her. She would walked down past the stair and leave through the front door. It was time to do something in the morning and sarting to become the tradition. She went to the bulliten board and searched for a good job. There was at elast one C-rank on the front. There were may jobs for her to do such as small ones, but she was not interested into that. The redhead snatched the C-rank job. She readed it at least three different times each more through than the last. She began walking to her destination. It was a little ways from what she read on the page. Though, she did not mind this at all. LeeAnn was by herself with her companion, Alaska. She took her first request and this time a C-rank so this was a bit better than those boring D-rank jobs. But hey, this gave her more things to do and more money. She approached a Magic Drug shop. The man at the coutner or the store owner. His name was Khalash as his long wizard beard peered over at her and Alaska. The Rune Knight wore her armor this time unlike the last time she was in public. The wizard held something in a cloth. A small smile came in as she entered seeing a Rune Knight. "Ah you must be the wizard who I called for" he said. He seemed to be sounding full of hope as he did seem frustrated with something. From what she could see, he loved his shop and held something rare in his hands. Or thats what she had gathered from how he was postioned. There were bottles of potions and all sorts of things. The mage looked around first and then saw a Phsyquie potion and then an endurance potion. The young Nakamura was fastincated by all the sorts of potions and knick knacks. Magic was a true passion for this guy. She felt Alaska bark at her as she gave her a look that she needed to get back to her duties and the original reason why she was here. "Oh yeah, sorry Alaska" she said. She approached the wizard or store owner. Man, the writer cant get this right, can she?

The redhead looked down at the item wrapped in cloth then looked at the store owner. "Whats this" she asked. The mage sighed as he looked at the cloth. "Just another fluke. Care to test it? I mean I have nothing that could be of use for it" he said. Kalash pause as he looked at LeeAnn's odd appearace with the black-purple skin markings on her face and odd eye color along with her eyepatch. It made him stare at her closer. "What exactly are you doing" she asked really creeped out. He went back away from to give her some space. This was not the first time this has happened to her, but he was a speciality in magic like every other mage she met. The markings were on her face sitting there saying "Hey look at me, I am a ugly piece of shit" or, well. something like that. That's what how she always imagine it would be saying. "You have an odd appearance for one your age. Are you sure your not a ghoul or something" he asked. LeeAnn grew sweaty palms growing a little uncomfortable, but grew cold. "I am here on official business sir. Not here answering stupid question. I will be back in a short moment's notice" she said. She grabbed the item with Alaska behind her. The man shook his head. "Yep definately hiding something" he said. The door slammed behind her. She hissed and yelled loudly. "I hate it when people ask me those kinds of questions. Why can't they mind their own business? I dont get it?! Its stupid and dumb and really really really really really frustrating!!! It drives my patience, Alaska. More than anything" she hissed. Alaska stood there not knowing what to do. A few moments later as she huffed and letting her angery settle. She looked at the fox as she took a drink of her vodka. "Okay I am dont. Let's get going" she said. The fox trotted behind her not surprised by how she was acting. She was a woman of hard work and took her job seriously. The two of them search around the city for some one named Tyler or just someone to spar with like it had said in the flyer when she picked it up. "Anything so far Alaska" she asked. The fox sniffed the ground for cluse as she shook her head. The crowd was thick this morning as people were going to work and heading to school. Through the crowd she was searching for this so call "Tyler". There was no description shew as give sad enough. The Knight looked down the busy streets. The western style buildings and how lively this town was. It was just like old times when she was stationed here. The Fairy Tail guild did bring juice of energy to this town. It was like a must for such a placse. The redhead just started to walking in a random direction. As Hans alwasy said "Start somewhere, choas will always find its way" how it's relavat to this situation, but just go with the flow here. He has a strange habit of bringing things or relating things to many situations. Its a talent of his. She just wander looking for someone who was named Tyler. Yeah if htere was a person with that name printed on their back that would give it away. "Where the hell is this so call dumbass Tyler. Ugh, this is really a big waste of my time here" she said. Alaska just followed behind her agreeing with her owner again out of a thousand times. It was like just walking in circles aimlessly. There was not point to this. The redhead stopped. She pulled out hte bottle of ale that she gotten from her hotel room earlier. The ale smelled good to her nostrils but the taste was usually horrible from what she had gathered. Of well. "Bottoms up" she said. She drank the whole bottle within at least six gulp and burped loudly. She threw the bottle in the trash nearby. "Well that stupid idiot has gone, but i am gonna take a break" she hissed. jsut as she was about to gve up a voice called her out. "Hey tomato hair, you wanna battle" cried the voice. It definately made LeeAnn cringe and turned around to see Tyler. He looekd to be someone full of energy and excitement so much that it actually bothered LeeAnn. She gave an irrtated look making her cringe. She grinned with a scary look on ehr face. "A battle with a Rune Knight...you'll be sorry for calling me tomato hair" she hissed.

She agreed to his terms and The Rune Knight stood in front of the newb in fighting. "If you really want to fight, I guess I can" she said. The redhead too the train stance she was told to take in every battle in her training as a page. She really wanted to just get this dumb thing over with. The kid held a common sword from her point of view. That was just a theory. "Lets make this quick, kid" she said, crossing her arms. That really indicated that she was experienced in the fighting force against a newbie. Well this was going to entertain her and let her toy with him as much as she wanted to. Especially with her cat abilities, being Neko was FUN. The kid started to dash forward with his swor gripped in a lousy positon heading straight for her. She only leaped a half meter of the left. Tyler turned around and charged at her once again this time about her punched her. She turned around grabbed him by the fist and kneed him the stomach enough to make him gag. Music to her ears. "Your style is sloppy and extremely predictable. Try actually having a plan this time" she replied. She was horrible at being a teacher, but she wanted to play with her new toy.

Wow, LeeAnn. I am not suprised by you sadistic little demon. This is a secret side of her sometimes just to clerfy this is not how she always it with toehr people. Its just to entertain people most of the time.

LeeAnn watched him actually try her advice and was a slght improvement, but still predictable. "May you should join the Rune Knights or get some training done that is proper to really get a good sense of some sort of knowlege than just swing your fist and sword" she said. LeeAnn only slammed him into the ground by punching him in the stomach as he felt to the ground again. 'You're good, redhead. I always love a challenge" he smiled. It brouht to her eyes of his reaction. He ws not whining in pain and begging her to stop. The redhead let off on the pressure and looked him with wide eyes. "Uh thanks kid" she said. LeeAnn helped up Tyler and got him steady on his knees. Tyler laughed. "You're a total different person when your angry! God, you're a monster, but you're awesome. The name is Tyler by the way and here's your sword back thanks. See ya later, redhead" he said. He dashed off leaving her with the hunk of metal that was junk. She snorted like an angry bull. "God lets get back to that old man's place and give him this scrap piece of metal. I wanna go home" she complained. Alaska only rolled her eyes thinking to herself.

She would walk through the thick morning rush to the Magi Drug store owned by Kahlash. A few small thoughts of wanting ale about now. She was now growing a liking for the brand the hotel had. "Want my ale" she whined. They finally arrived at hte shop as Leeann opened the entrance door as the small bell rang. The old man looked up at the redhead. "What's the news" he asked. She set the hunk of metal on the counter. "Its just a normal sword, useless if not used properly. The boy who used it was the slopiest of them all" she said. Kalash seemed satisfied ad gave her the reward.

"Good I can drink ale now" was all she cared about right now.



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