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Era to Oak [Foot Travel]

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Era to Oak [Foot Travel] Empty on Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:43 pm

Yumi stretched her limbs as she climbed off her bed in the apartment she was staying at. The little demonic lolita gave a loud but cute yawn as she walked in front of the mirror. Her eyes twinkled as her bright red hues cast themselves over her naked form. Her white skin glistened from the rays of light that pierced through the open window. She ignored the burning sensation from the light, as a demon she crazed the darkness, not the light. She was more at home at night and in the darkness than she was during the day and into the light. If she could she would block out the sun, destroying it if possible, allowing nothing but darkness to reign supreme over the world. It would be better if the world was bathed in darkness allowing her and her fellow demons to rule this glorious world in chaos. As a demon Yumi craved to bring nothing but chaos and destruction to the world, but as she learned there was a good demon who existed. The thought of a demon who didn't wish to bring death and destruction sicked Yumi.

The little lolita began to get dressed, changing into her Viking Gear. She dressed into the long Viking Armour fitting in place as she grabbed her Viking Helm situating the helmet in place, tucking her long black locks under making sure her hair was firmly in place and wouldn't fall from underneath. The little demon then retrieved the Viking axe resting it atop her back, making sure it was strapped in place with a leather strap. Once the Axe was in place Yumi examined herself in the mirror once more checking herself out making sure nothing was out of place. With all her viking gear in place on her body, Yumi could feel a strong wave of new strength coursing through her body empowering her.

Yumi looked around her room as she watched her little companion Duskull float over. The child like grim reaper creature chuckled mischievously as it floated around Yumi. The little demon patted the creature on the head all the while thinking unless she could evolve it, yumi would seek out a stronger companion to replace the creature. Yumi retracted her hand and walked into the kitchen over to a bowl on the bar full of bright red apples. Yumi collected one of the apples and retrieved a knife from a drawer. With the knife Yumi sliced off a piece of the apple and popped it into her mouth and began to chew. Yumi ate the apple piece before using the knife to slice off another apple piece and tossing it over to Duskull. The little companion grabbed the apple piece and chewed it happily. Yumi sliced off another piece and popped it into her own mouth eating it in order to fill her empty belly. Within a few moments, the apple was down to its core. Yumi chucked the core in the bin and retrieved another apple.

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Era to Oak [Foot Travel] Empty on Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:58 pm

Yumi devoured the final apple with the assistance of her companion leaving the bowl empty. With the bowl empty, it was time to depart Yumi wanted out of Era, she had spent enough time here already. Yumi had managed to acquire five new faces, while only two of those she had voices for. A young man whose name she did not know and the golden haired woman Evangeline. Yumi counted six with Alice's new appearance what with her strange cat. Next time Yumi disguised her as Alice she would be prepared to run into someone the woman was familiar with. Before leaving the apartment, Yumi placed a hand over her heart and a wave of magical energy coursed through her body and she took on a new appearance that of a busty young woman with long black hair. Yumi had obtained this appearance recently while in Era.

Sadly Yumi hadn't exchanged words with the woman so she wasn't able to obtain her voice. yumi would have to track her down and do so in order to perfect the appearance. Disguised as the woman whose name she didn't know, Yumi departed from the apartment, Duskull aka Venom floating behind her. Yumi booked out paying what was owed leaving a fake signature and departed leaving the apartment complex. Yumi strolled down the street ignoring the gazes cast her way as she headed the front gates. Yumi departed out of the gates and cast her gaze down the cliff face. Yumi followed the path humming to herself.

Yumi's new destination was Oak, it had been awhile since she had returned to Oak. Hopefully, on her return, there would be some new quests that Yumi would be able to take. YUmi had completed a number of quests in Oak but they had mostly been D rank's, hopefully, there would be some new C ranks or maybe even B ranks for her to undertake. Yumi needed to earn some money as she had her eyes set on a new set of items that would help her greatly. The items would greatly reduce the cost of her magical spells and up her capabilities allowing her to last longer in battle. Yumi's arsenal was comprised of a large number of strength enhancing buff spells all combined together to boost her current strength to overwhelming odds.

Yumi sighed as she departed down the streets following the signs on the road towards the destination of Oak. Oak was far from Era and it would take Yumi some time to arrive in the dark town. Who knows what she would find there but as long as there were quests for her to do the lolita would be happy. Yumi needed to earn more money and gain more strength. Once she had enough strength Yumi could begin plotting to bring down the other guilds and start causing misery and chaos to all of Fiore. But first not only did Yumi need strength she needed powerful comrades.


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