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Dance of the Dead [Mission/Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Dance of the Dead [Mission/Solo] Empty on Tue 15 Aug - 0:06

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn simply sighed as she continued her way to the gates in the middle of the night. She held a report as Hans looked over her shoulder staring at the report. He smiled as she looked back. “LeeAnn, what does it say” he asked. LeeAnn reread the report once again.  His smile as he looked at her with a wide grin from ear to ear. It only made her smile even more as she looked at the report once again to get the information right. “We have to report to the client about sightings of zombies? Should be easy” she replied. She was one herself in a certain way. Hans and LeeAnn began to walk into the forest. It was different at night than during the day.

“You know, Lee. What did happen between you and Hikaru” he asked. LeeAnn sighed and looked down. “Honestly, I don’t remember. I just know everything was fine, but then again he just vanished into thin air and so did Gala. Though, that’s the norm for our family as much as I hate it” she said. Hans noticed a certain look in her eyes knowing her brother was okay so he did not bother. Hans floated through the air as LeeAnn just ignored what he was doing. “I know Hikaru can take care of himself, After all, look where he is” she said. It was true. Hikaru could clearly take care of himself just as much as she could. They both were Nakamuras after all. Strong heritage. She took pride of it. A lot of pride. Time had passed as there was not a single sign of any zombies Hans stopped and crossed his arms. “There is not even a single sign of these stupid undead creatures” he whined. LeeAnn looked around as her neko ears had perked up hearing something move. “I hear something, let’s keep moving” she said. Hans shrugged and pressed forward. They came across as statue of a pagan god. Surrounding the relic was cultists, they were resurrecting something. LeeAnn sneakingly climbed up the tree using her cat-like claws. Thank god she was a neko. It made her life ten times easier than before. Reflex-like abilities and super sharp hearing. They cultists were chanting some strange language. Hans hide in his fox form as looked at them with a curious eye. He wanted to go check it out. LeeAnn hissed at him quietly. He flinched now seeming a little startled by her sudden anger.

“Don’t you dare interrupt this! Its a part of our investigation, you dimwit” he whispered. Hans pouted crossed his arm in a folded position. His ears flattened really disappointed that he could not cause any choas. LeeAnn gripped the branches tightly. She peering closer to see. “Write some notes down for the Lieutenant for our report Hans” she said. The Kitsune pulled a sheet of paper from his stash in his pack and started to write things down. Her eyes noted there were at least four of them. Wait now five, six...LeeAnn blinked a few times to regain her thoughts. Hans took descriptive notes on the statue, cultist, how many there were, and much more. Within moments, dozens of undead corpse or creatures started to appear. Skeletal hands appeared that started to creep out Hans, but Leeann seemed no really phases by this. Then it began to be some sort of dance as if they were praying to the Pagan gods for some rain. Only this was to bring back the dead. This was something she would see in a lacrima film or read about in a book. “Must be some sort of dark or banned magic...There are no such things as gods, only facts. Write that down” she said. Hans did then began to get cold feet.  “I think we’re good on this” mentioned Hans, being a little scare. She nodded as she leaped through the trees. Tree after tree, she went quickly following the path both ,her and hans, had taken from the Gates. Through the thick brambles, she saw a male figure within a tree’s length away. “There he is! Finally” she thought. LeeAnn leaped from the last branch and landed on her feet front of him. He seemed impressed and clapped a few times. “Great job, Ms. LeeAnn. I see your father as breed some good future leaders of tomorrow. You’re not too far behind your older brother” he said. The redhead smiled and gave him Han’s notes. “There seems to be a group of cultist worshipping this relic statue of a pagan god. There were at least five them doing some ritual of summoning something. I think that might be the zombies you were talking about earlier.” she replied.

“What did you two see back there” he asked. Leeann thought about where to start. She looked at him right into the eyes as it was the polite way she was taught. And ruthlessly by Hikaru...that one day. Marwin was looking for an answer nad she was just about to give it. “We found this statue that seemed to be some pagan god just North of here. Surrounding it was at least five or six cult members worshipping this statue. At first, it seemed as simple as just simple on your knees appraising a fake god. My beliefs stand strong as this was some sort of banned or dark magic going on here. The world's works in mysterious ways you know” she started. She took out a small journal and sketched what the statue looked like. Her art was at least decent compared to Hans’s doodles which were scribbles. He was getting better at least the grand speaking. “Anything else” he asked. LeeAnn nodded as she held the picture of the statue. “This is what it looks like. This statue is ‘supposed’ quote on quote resurrected the dead or on my theory dark magic. Here take the drawing, I would have someone look into that” she said. She would investigate, but she had to travel to Magnolia for another job. Her handed her her reward with a smile. “Soar Ms. LeeAnn, I want to see you surpass me and your brother” he smiled. LeeAnn smiled and nodded and bidded him good-bye.



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