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Beach Gym [Kenny]

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Kenny kept his eyes low as he looked around Hargeon, he kept his head low and his eyes hidden by shaded glasses as he proceeded to the mission board. It was a hot day, the sun was beating down on him making his black attire seem like a bit much at the moment, but he wore it mostly to keep himself from being distinguished in case he was to be in a crowd. There was nothing or… Hold on, Kenny checked behind his shoulder in case anyone was following. Yeah there was no one that was on his trail at the moment so his paranoia seemed unwarranted, though it wasn’t. After the incident with Alyssa he wanted to be 110% more careful about everything he did and said, he made sure to dot his i’s and cross his T’s, not a single thing he did would be seen as anything but respectable and loyal to his other half. He was a good man deep down, atleast he tried to be. It was hard to be a spoken for man these days, he was simple minded almost dimwitted, yet he had somehow managed to land the most beautiful woman in the world. A grin crossed his lips as he adjusted his shades, as scary as she was she was his and only his, and as it turned out he was her and well her other personalities. To think they might kill him.

Kenny pulled out a pack of smokes, the carton was teal and white he lifted the lid to reveal the silver wrapping that kept his addictive treats fresh, how he got a new pack was beyond him as he didn’t smoke, but then again he could remember picking up a lone pack at the bar last night… Why did he do weird things when he was drunk? Well anything beats getting his ass whooped by strangers. He tore away the silver wrapping, and shoved the bits of paper into his pocket as he stared down his treats. They were cramped in the pack two rows, six in each. He didn’t smoke, but he had them so he may as well start right? He put eyed the thing orange filters of each cigarette trying to pick the one that seemed the most appealing. He picked up one on the far end, it was a bit dingier than the others, a dark shade of orange for the filter and the white body was a more greyish white than the plain white the others had at the end was the tobacco stuffed and rolled for consumption, though it seemed a bit… Dark for cigarettes. He couldn’t quite recall what the color was but it was darker than the chalky brown that would fill a normal cigarette. Kenny put the strange looking cigarette in his mouth and took a test pull, the air that was tightly filtered through was smooth, he could feel it at the back of his throat, a strange smooth feeling was now in his mouth…

“What the hell kind of cigarette is this?” he looked down at it as it hung from his lips, he took another pull and he got the same result, cool and smooth… Was this what it was like to smoke? He reached back into his pocket and pulled a box of matches from his pocket, yet another item he stole from the bar last night. The matches were in a thin red box, with a small red flame for an insignia and the words ‘char kind’ on the box. Kenny’s mind went to grilling when he read it, but he didn’t think much of it, and he instead of thinking on it pulled one of the matches out of the pack and stuck it against his the striker on the box. The flame lit it, the flame making the tobacco run orange as kenny waived the match out and headed for the beach.

Kenny took a pull and stretched his arms as smoke flowed out of his nose in a steady stream, the taste was… It was interesting to say the least, good on the tongue, not too oaky. A decent blow if he’d say so himself.

When Kenny arrived he came face to face with the one who ordered the quest, Kenny spoke to him, he seemed unimpress by the adventurer’s stature and told him what was up… So they needed spotting? Was that all? He tilted his head confused by the need for a ‘spotter’, when Kenny worked out… When he did work out he didn’t need any such thing but alas who was he to judge these men? It went well, Kenny kept his cigarette in his mouth and tapped the ash every now and then as he worked out, all of that lifting was tiring him out. Speaking of tapping ash it was about time he went home and ‘spotted’ Alyssa.

Beach Gym [Kenny] Qurywgl

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