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A storm is brewing.. [Sinaloa]

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A storm is brewing.. [Sinaloa] Empty Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:10 pm

Kenny raised his tankard to his lips to take a drink of his booze. He held his head back for a moment to savor the burning that his drink was stimulating his throat with, it was a terrible drink, but it helped him clear his mind of the stress that he was under for the time being. That stress of thinking about that damned blonde headed fool, the bastard who dared to insult what was Kenny’s… If he saw him again it would be too damn soon.

"Ugh..." he sighed laying his head on one of the pub’s shabby wooden benches as he sat alone. It was a cool night, the place was lively with activity, it seemed the bar patrons enjoying themselves, men were singing, boasting, and laughing aloud, women, those that were there, were content with them it seemed some dancing, singing and drinking as well. Overall the tavern gave Kenny a very relaxed feeling? No, that wasn't it, he was more irritated with all of the philandering, but he needed a strong drink to get him through the night before he went back home.

At a lesser time in his life he would have been more than happy to partake in the merriment, maybe even take one of the dames in the bar to an inn for some fun, but not tonight, nor ever again. He was a man with a woman already, so he had no need for such thing. Tonight he merely wanted to drink and that he did.

He raised his mug again, the greenish-yellow mucky ale continued to burn his throat as he sighed in relief.

A storm is brewing.. [Sinaloa] Qurywgl

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Sinaloa slipped into the first public building she could find as the darkness of night crept over the city. She sniffled and shivered, sopping wet and dripping salt water on the floor. Regret filled her as she realised what she had just walked in on, but compared to the quiet and cold waiting outside, this wasn't so bad. She wanted nothing to do with the people, but she did manage to squirm her way to the bar for a glass of water. It wouldn't do anything to keep her warm or calm, but at least she knew what it was.

Sinaloa squirmed her way through the crowds trying her best not to bump into anyone, tripping over her own feet in the process. She stumbled into Kenny's table, barely managing to avoid spilling her water on him, and fleeing with a mumbled apology to the furthest empty corner she could find. Huddled up on a bench, she ducked and hid any time someone approached her, climbing under or over tables and benches if they wouldn't leave her alone.

After some time of being approached by drunks and strangers, Sinaloa hid and stayed under the table she ended up at like a child at an adult's social party.


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Kenny placed his tankard down and rolled his shoulders, seemed like he could finally calm down and take some time to relax. Maybe he could have some fun tonight, drink with some strangers, have an overall good time for the heck of it. A smile began to curl his lips as he felt the beverage begin to give him a light buzz, it was only his second drink of the night but along with the burning came a feeling of well delight. Things were beginning to pick up for him as she happily chuckled to himself, just before a dark figure would fumble into a small wooden table, knocking his booze over and spilling the contents onto the floor. The omega watched as his tankard teetered before falling over, golden ale pouring out of his cup and onto the table.

To say kenny was heated was an overstatement there was always more liquor but the bastard who knocked over his booze had the balls to casually shrug him off. Kenny stood up and looked about the place for the mumbling figure, he would see the dark hood creep underneath a table near the back of the bar, a less densely populated area, he stood up and sat his tipped mug up as he made his way to them, though before he could reach them someone bumped into him, and then another, and another, as he spent his time shoving drunks out of the way it appeared that the person responsible for ruining his mood had gotten away. Not to say Kenny would give up his hunt however.

He would approach the bench eyes tracing for signs of life before he would finally, look under the table after hearing a little sighing. “Hey you, you knocked over my drink.” he growled at the woman, he couldn’t see her too well underneath the table but it didn’t matter all that much as he was obviously heated, “Get out here and take your beating like a man before I flip this table on you.” he couldn’t see them too well, so he assumed it was a sniveling man who lost something underneath the table.

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Sinaloa made a sound halfway between the frightened mew of a kitten and the terrified wail of a child. It was an unpleasant sound, causing the other patrons to move towards other areas of the bar. Instead of climbing out as requested, Sinaloa scrambled back further with her back to the wall. Doe-like eyes seemed to glow with orange irises from beneath the table, watching Kenny for any further signs of agression.

Not liking what she saw, Sinaloa dove to the side, squirming around on the filthy floor to somewhere she deemed safer. Fortunately for her, it happened to disprove Kenny's theory that she was a he who had dropped something. There was no mistaking this movement for one of a man - a teenage boy, perhaps, but no grown man would wilingly crawl through all sorts of unidentified gunk instead of facing a challenge with honour, even if they were a coward.

Sinaloa squealed when she got herself stuck between a table leg and the wall, having managed to wriggle her shoulders through, but her hips wouldn't squeeze small enough. Backing up to sit om her knees, she banged her head against the underside of the table - clearly this was by no means her best day.


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The last bit of activity confused Kenny to say the least, the man had made a strange sound that Kenny couldn’t really pin to any animal, not that it mattered. He placed his hand on the edge of the table and was just about to flip it when the stranger was wriggling through the filth on the floor trying to get away. They seemed like a cat more than anything, seriously, he had only maybe seen a few people become so intoxicated that they became a bit more primal but this was just ridiculous.

As strange as he was he kept his promise and flipped the table to the side, too late to catch the stranger as he followed them, it was getting difficult to weave through the tables so he went ahead and flipped them as well until he would eventually corner the perp who had spilled his oh so delightful drink. He would have flipped this last table had they not seemed to have gotten stuck mid escape.

“Alright, now that I’ve caught you.” he was fairly winded, sweating now as he looked down at the very last table. He gripped the side and pushed it away from the wall as he now had a full view of the perp who had ruined his good time and they were… They didn’t look a boy that was for sure. Either way, kenny gripped their hood and lifted them onto their feet, “Get your ass up, you’ve got a drink to pay for.” he said in a tone akin to a growl.

A storm is brewing.. [Sinaloa] Qurywgl

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The table swept out from over her head, landing with a crash to the side as it got pushed too hard. Sinaloa froze as the man reached for her, lifting her off the floor seemingly with ease by her hood. Wide, innocent eyes stared up at Kenny, terrified of what he would do. The thick material he was gripping squelched and dripped water onto her scalp. Sinaloa's feet didn't even reach the ground, tucked up beneath her in her frozen state of fear.

She hung there motionless for a moment before scrabbling at her throat, trying to pull the soaked fabric away so she could breathe. She wriggled too much, falling out of the oversized hoodie with a strangled yelp and a loud thump, showing that the sweater was hardly the only thing soaked - and that this definitely wasn't a man. Her undershirt was a soft, thin material, and now that it was wet, didn't do much to hide the bare skin underneath.

The small mage started sniffling, tears welling up in her eyes. She hadn't meant to cause so many problems. She just wanted out of the cold and dark, and now there was someone in front of her who probably wanted her dead now. Sniffling devolved into hiccups, hiccups devolved into sobbing, and then Sinaloa was bawling, barely comprehensible apologies blurted out for things she hadn't even done wrong.


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Kenny held the hoodie up, the person in it surprisingly light, though soon it became apparent that they weren’t what they thought they were. A woman slipped out of the hood and crumpled onto the floor in a wet mess, seemed they had been already having a rough time and Kenny was making it worst. He couldn’t speak, he tried his best to muster the words but the more he looked at the pathetic sight at the floor the more he began to feel guilty for chasing them.

There was a silence between them, the entire bar was still lively despite the commotion save for a group surrounding the two but soon even they would go back to their business. Kenny was stunned by the hiccuping and crying, it was sort of cute, but he wouldn’t admit it aloud, he tried his best to keep a straight stern appearance but the more he watched her the more sympathetic he became. It was a strange thing for Kenny, he was the sympathetic type and a sight like the one before him now was enough to hinder his aggressions.

The Omega pressed a palm into his face and sighed aloud, he couldn’t fight this person after all. He instead pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment to think about what he would do with this crying woman. After a short pause Kenny shifted himself in front of the bawling girl and placed a hand over his mouth and a finger over his own to tell her to shush. All of her rambling was ruining his mood even further. “Relax yourself,” he said softly, “Now when I take my hand off of your mouth I want you to take a deep breath and tell me your name.”

A storm is brewing.. [Sinaloa] Qurywgl

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The rambling apology stopped when a large, warm hand covered her mouth. Sinaloa brought her own hands up, clasping the hand and clinging desperately to that warmth. When he moved his hand, she would need to speak. Sinaloa didn't want to speak. She wanted to curl up and sob. Still snivelling and hiccuping and gasping for breath, Sinaloa held fast to Kenny's hand, trying to make him leave it there, even though she knew how futile that effort was.

Slowly, she drooped down, melting into a miserable sobbing puddle on the floor. Sinaloa kept clinging to Kenny's hand, holding it close with a grip so tight her knuckles had gone pale. Like a desperate lifeline, she held his hand to her face and clung to that warmth. To him, her skin felt cold. A little damp. Definitely not healthy. There was barely any fat on her cheeks and her bones were prominent against his fingers. Nothing about this girl seemed quite right - in more ways than one.


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She seemed to calm down a bit or at least as calm as someone who was experiencing a breakdown could be. When she clung to his hand he narrowed his eyes, he could easily have snatched his hand away and went back to drinking but Kenny allowed her to hold on as cold and clammy as she was. He would examine the girl, couldn’t have been all that old, with a better look now she seemed almost sickly. It was none of his business as to why she was like this, but something told him to be sympathetic. Fucking conscious...

“Geez, hold on any tighter and you might cut off my circulation.” he chuckled, try to create a more easing air around the two. This probably looked very strange, a fully grown man being held onto by a crying girl. His free hand reached for her hoodie, the thing was damp and freezing, “Shit kid were you wearing this? You’re probably cold as all hell how about a drink to warm you up? First round’s on me. You could probably use a bite to eat too.” what was he doing? It was the nice thing to do, help ‘em out. Maybe help them dry up, seriously, she was a mess it was only right he helped her get settled.

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There was no reaction to Kenny's joke, but when he offered to buy her a drink, the irony was not lost on Sinaloa. She responded to that with a heartless laugh, starting as a giggle and transitioning into rather unsettling laughter as the tears kept flowing. Her voice was hoarse and quiet when she spoke.

"I'm not really worth it, am I. Five seconds ago you were ready to beat me to a pulp. Don't argue, we both know it. I'm not worth the sympathy. You don't need to pretend not to be mad, just cause I'm not a man."

Despite how much her words tried to tempt him to leave, Sinaloa's grip compelled him to stay. She was desperate, hurt, and lost. She didn't want to drag him down but without him she'd definitely drown. It wasn't a pretty mind, the one that belonged to the girl wrapped around his arm. There was no hiding it. Sinaloa squeezed tight on his hand before reluctantly untangling herself, standing on unstable legs to try and fix the damage their pursuit had caused.

As could be predicted, she couldn't move the table an inch, but she kept on trying.


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Kenny did his best to be friendly, her words partially insulting him as if she was calling him some sort of white knight, “Not true, I’d do the same for a man if he began crying after I chase them.” he was starting to feel rather strange after she started laughing, almost like she was going mad, maker, was he that intimidating? Most didn’t think him scary and if they did they thought so for no reason.

“Well I don’t know ya, so I’m going to assume you're worth it. I overreacted and to be truthful you’re lucky i’m offering you anything. He held her hand and shook it, Alyssa would kill him if she saw this, but he wasn’t flirting or trying to romance this woman he simply wanted to comfort them for the most part.

“That and I can’t really leave since you're kinda squeezing the life out of my hand.”  he laughed as she did her best to get up, he helped her stand and gestured back to his table, “I insist you drink with me, ease up your nerves. How old are ya? 21? 22?”

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A storm is brewing.. [Sinaloa] Qurywgl

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"I don’t know ya, so I’m going to assume you're worth it."

The man shook her hand, making a joke about her grip. Sinaloa sniffled and released him slowly, using her hands to dry her face instead. She sat as instructed, slumping forward to rest her head on the table, using her still damp arms as a pillow. Drinking. Drinking sounded good. She could do that.

"Iunno what they have here. I just wanted somewhere to hide from the dark..."

How old was she. That was a good question. She could never keep her dates straight. What was it... There was an id card with her hoodie. That had it on it. Sinaloa grabbed at her sweater, digging through the inside to find the pocket she used for her jewels, where the ID card stayed. Needless to say, it was also soaked, but at least it wasn't damaged.

"This age."

She proclaimed to Kenny as she handed over the card, labled clearly with her name, age, and other legal jargon, with the list of people to contact if something happened to her - mostly doctors, with no person listed that didn't have some sort of title or degree. None of them even shared a family name, so it wasn't that she came from a family of doctors and researchers. There was clearly something wrong with her, that a lot of people were involved in fixing.

"I have trouble keeping track. So that does it for me."


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“Ah… I see…” he rubbed his chin.

She let him go and seemed to ease up as she sat at his table, he made quick work of flipping the other tables back over, sitting each upright with little work as he made his way back. As he proceeded back he wiped the ale off of his side of the bench and sat with her. Kenny rubbed his hands as he thought about what he would be getting to replace the terrible drink he was having earlier.

“Well I’ll just grab us a bottle and bring it on back.” he shot her a smile, as he looked down at the little card. It was sort of strange that she would have this, looked like a bunch of gibberish thus Kenny would assume that somewhere around there would be a legal drinking age.

He stood up and headed back for a the bar, after a short chatter with the bartender he managed to grab a bottle of, rum. He didn’t know the brand nor what it tasted like but it would probably help her forget whatever had her in the dumps.

"Well uh… Sinaloa.” he remembered her name from the card as he returned placing a glass on the table filling it to a half in front of her and filling his tankard up to the brim, “Let your new friend Kenny ease your mind.” he laughed placing the bottle on the table before picking up his tankard and drinking down a gulp of the rum.

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