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All Fired Up [Quest: Zoë]

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Zoë took a deep breath in and out. She clenched the sheets on her bed tightly as she thought of what she was going to do. She would be braving the task of taking her first request. Zoë had taken a look at the request board in Oak the day before, but she did not look at the requests in depth. She merely saw that some offered higher rewards while others offered... less desirable incomes. However, Zoë did notice that the requests that rewarded a large sum of money looked like it required a mage of a higher caliber than Zoë to do the job. Although she didn't want to admit it, the red haired girl was not a strong mage yet. Even though she practiced magic ever since she was a young girl, only twelve years old, she was still inexperienced when it came to questing and she definitely lacked actual battle experience. The most impressive thing she had ever done was breaking free from captivity, and she had only done so effectively because the masked people didn't know that she was capable of using magic. Zoë didn't think that most young people were. Of course, she could be wrong, but none of the younger kids in her neighborhood seemed to know magic. If they did, they didn't say anything.

Once Zoë got everything together, she stood up from her previous sitting position on her bed. She wore a skirt that resembled a school girl's with shorts underneath. She wore a white sleeveless shirt with buttons running down. She also wore black ballet flats. As usual, she wore pearl studs. She hoped that what she was wearing was suitable for the request she was going to take. Although she highly doubted that she would be taking one that involved fighting, she still had to be practical. Although she did have to admit that ballet flats were not on the practical side, they certainly beat wearing heels to her first job. Since sneakers would clash with her outfit, ballet flats were the best bet. After slipping a silver bracelet on, Zoë decided that it was finally time for her to go and pick out her first request.

Leaving her room at the inn, Zoë navigated Oak with much ease, which was expected given that she had been in Oak for about a week. She almost never stayed in a town for more than two though, which made Zoë think that she should get whatever business she had to do in Oak over with quickly. She arrived at the request board and looked over which requests she should take. There were quite a few to choose from. Some with significant pay begged Zoë to take them off the board and do the request. However, she knew that she couldn't if she valued her safety. Despite how much greed she had, she possessed common sense as well. Today, her common sense overruled her greed and so, Zoë ultimately decided on taking a more simple request.

WC: 503/1000


All Fired Up [Quest: Zoë] Empty Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:15 am

Zoë reached out and grabbed a request sent out by none other than Lord Servas Phantasm. A smirk appeared on the red head's face as she realized just how important her first request would become. She liked to start things off with a bang. What better way to start building her fortune than with the lord of Oak? She tore the request off the board and looked at the address listed. Honestly though, she didn't even know why she had to bother. The lord's castle was next to impossible to miss. She supposed that glancing down at the request was just out of pure habit. Of course, it wasn't something she was used to doing. This was her first request, but while she did only briefly look at the requests when she first saw the request board, she did look at a few to get the idea of where the addresses were.

After reaching the castle gates, she asked to see Lord Servas Phantasm and showed the guards the request she took. They let her through. Zoë thought that it was odd that they didn't question her any further. Anyone with a desire to kill the Phantasms or steal all their precious wealth would merely have to show the guards a simple slip of paper and the castle would have been safely infiltrated. Lucky for the Phantasms, Zoë was not one of those clever evil people. She genuinely did want to help out with whatever situation Lord Servas Phantasm had.

"I'm here to help with the beacons, Lord Phantasm," Zoë said once she was directed towards where Lord Servas Phantasm was. The lord crossed his legs and folded his hands. "So it seems. As I'm sure you know, I have commissioned a network of beacons to be built across the borders of this town to keep it safe. I just need you to make sure that all of the beacons are properly constructed in case of an emergency that would affect the whole town. You can start outside the gates," he instructed. Zoë gave a small bow to the lord. "Of course, Lord Phantasm." After being dismissed, she left the lord's castle and headed for the gates leading outside of Oak.

She reached the gates and saw one of the beacons being constructed on a hill not too far from her. She walked up to someone putting a few final logs in place. "Good job," she began. "But you may want to hurry up a little bit faster. Lord Phantasm does not like to wait." She didn't know if that last bit was true or not, but he did say that he'd like the beacons up in case of an emergency. Looking atop the hill, Zoë could see where the next beacon was. So, she set off in the direction of that beacon. And from there, she went through the woods to find the next beacon all finished, but with its worker sleeping. She decided to let him sleep. Then, she moved north and expected to find the beacon finished or nearly finished. Instead, she found a dead guard. She gasped and rushed back to the gates to tell the guard about the dead person she saw. For her work, she was rewarded.

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