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Running Away {From Magnolia to Hargeon - Foot Travel}

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Running Away {From Magnolia to Hargeon - Foot Travel} Empty Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:20 am

Sinaloa knocked on the fairytail guild hall's doors, greeted by a member. All she wanted was to see Shin again. Unfortunately he was gone, they said. On a quest. One that would take weeks if not months. He wouldn’t be back for some time. A crushed-looking Sinaloa fled the steps to the guild, instead running, anywhere she could. She stopped well out of town, collapsing in on herself and sobbing in the midst of the trees. He wanted to be her friend, he'd claimed, but now he had vanished without a word. The good people always left her alone.

But it was okay. She didn’t need him. Magnolia had too many people anyways. She’d just…. Go somewhere else. Find a better smaller town with no fairy tail that she’d be safe in. Yeah. She could do that. It wouldn’t be hard. There was lots of towns far away.

She would just walk… that way. Sinaloa turned her back away from the afternoon sun and started walking.

Bad idea.

The first town she came across was dark and foreboding, filled with people who seemed to look at her like a piece of steak. Nothing seemed alive. It was like staring into a crypt and having eons of deceased stare back at you, worming their way in your mind, making you go insane. Combined with only moonlight to show her the way in, it was too much.

Needless to say, Sinaloa did not stay long. She fled from the town as fast as her legs would carry her. She didn’t care what direction she ran in, so long as it was away - far away.

Sinaloa didn’t stop running until a misstep sent her plunging face-first into the cold sea water. Sea water. She was by the sea already? Wriggling around to a sitting position, she blinked in what seemed to be bright daylight, although it was now late afternoon, the light sparkling on the water making it seem brighter. How long had she been running?

Sinaloa shrieked at the sound of a gull flying overhead, scrambling towards the first sign of human life - ships all scattered across the bay.

~~{359 words}~~

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