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Hargeon to Era [Foot Travel|Sage]

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Hargeon to Era [Foot Travel|Sage] Empty Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:12 am

Sage †
Sage has decided to leave Hargeon and embark onto other places in the wonderful country of Fiore. He chose to go in his journey by foot as he could enjoy the sight seeing of Fiore. He embarked north, heading to the capital city of fiore, crocus. He started at dawn, where the air were fresh and clean, the atmosphere were happy and calm. He stopped by at a little shop and ate breakfast there. Then continued his journey with a full stomach. The scenery was beautiful, sun rising, clouds getting thinner, and people helping each other to start their day.

When Sage reached Dahlia Town at dawn, he was spooked by the place. It seemed like it was abandoned, but he was so hungry. He heard that vampyres and lycans live there so he don't stop there even once, he just walked through it, and it was spooky enough. Thank goodness he arrived there during daylight and left just before the sun sets. Sage rested in a forest not far from Magnolia Town but it must have been a six hours walk and it is night time, so Sage decided to sleep there for the night and hoped that nothing followed him from Dahlia Town.

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Sage †
The next morning, he woke up very early and he as very refreshed, maybe because he was surrounded by nature. He searched for fruits, eatable fruits in the forest and drank from a clean river. He continued his journey to Magnolia, home of the famous Fairy Tail guild. He heard stories about the guild causing reckless destruction but in the same time saved the world couple of times. He was amazed by Magnolia, it was so beautiful, he even peeked at Fairy Tail's guild but he didnt want to join them, just peeking. After some sight seeing, especially the famous cathedral. he continued his journey by foot and surrounded by nature.

Sage was journeying through the forest and he met some dryads there, which were very joyful and they didnt act violent around Sage. He spent the day with them while travelling, sharing stories. he could never believed that he met a dryad, but he guessed that he is just lucky. When he arrived at the end of the forest, the dryad were gone. Sage continued and he could see the giant castle on top of a mountain. Sage has arrived in Era, he could also see the era prison which kept criminal mages in it. Sage wondered what was about to him, he could feel something drawing him in. he felt like he was destined to go there.

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