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A Demon's Mirth [Alice]

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A Demon's Mirth [Alice] Empty on Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:18 pm

Yumi hummed to herself as she strode through the streets of Era, looking to make her way towards the Era Park for a little rest and a day of fun. She didn't know what she would do today, but she was in the mood to take things easy. She could go about causing harm, taking lives and destroying everything in her path, but she was not necessarily in the mood to do so. She had already caused a little mischief and mayhem disguised as a woman he had met while retrieving the rune knight magister index. With the title of Grimoire Heart Magister under her command, she had access to three spells, two incredibly useful to her, allowing the demon to change her appearance and voice at will into those of people she had met.

Yumi came to a halt in front of a street vendor who was selling cotton candy. Yumi's eyes twinkled with true joy as she eyed the delicious sweet. She would admit it loudly, Yumi had a massive sweet tooth, loving all kinds of sweet foods from ice cream to candy to chocolate to cakes, any kind of sweet she loved to eat. Licking her soft supple pink lips Yumi asked for a stick of cotton candy, asking for it to be as big as possible, willing to pay a little extract. The clerk nodded and began swirling a white paper cone in the machine gathering the pink fairy floss.

The vendor pulled it out and the ball was three times the size of Yumi's own head. THe little lolita's eyes lit up with joy as she paid the required jewels, a few extra for the amount she took. Yumi grabbed the cotton candy and skipped off nibbling on it. As she turned the vendor gulped eying the massive axe on her back, watching the little girl skip away. Yumi skipped the park nibbling on the delicious treat enjoying its taste as she spotted an empty bench. She walked over to the bench, in front of it was a large man made lake with a golden horse statue in the middle.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had been in Era for a while now and as it had done before it brought her some new perspectives in live. She at least had solved or sort of solved the issue with her sister. She yawned behind her hand and looked around as she had just stopped her morning patrol. It was boring but it was good enough that nothing happened as she had lots to think about.

She walked into the park, she needed a bit out of the busy city but on the other hand who said that it would be quiet in the park? It was just something she expected, which reminded her of the park in Magnolia and she frowned and pouted without thinking. Her cat ears flat on the top of her head. She just wondered what she should do today and for some reason she hated to not walk in armour, which is what she could easily do but she just had to make sure.

As she continued on she walked past a vendor for cotton candy and the man looked rather pale, she looked up at the person, wondering if something was wrong, so she asked. So the man pointed at a small girl that was skipping away with a huge axe on her back. For a second she was surprised as well but another second later couldn't help but giggle, it was a long time ago but she immediately recognized her as her friend Yu from her Phantom Lord period and her stay in Oak.

She shook her head and waved goodbye to the vendor, telling him that he didn't have to worry, for now. She followed Yu a little later to get to the point where she sat on a bench, "Well, well, I didn't expect you here Yu. But it is very nice to see you." Her cat ears perched up and a smile on her face. Had she only know the differences between them, she might have been more careful.


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The little demon child nibbled happily on her pink cotton candy, also called fairy floss, enjoying the sweet delicious delectable taste that ran along her tongue. Her taste buds tingled with each bite as a world of flavour exploded within her mouth. A soft sultry moan of joy escaped her lips as she ate the delicious treat. But her world was interrupted as someone spoke her name, or at least her fake name referring to her as 'Yu', a name she often went by while working. Looking after Yumi was surprised by who she saw, it was an old acquaintance, someone she met back in Oak, Alice. Not a lot had changed about the woman since Yumi last saw her, her hair was still orange, figure curvy and quite busty, but Yumi was surprised to see a pair of cat like ears perched atop her head.

Yumi gave a soft gentle smile at the young orange haired woman as she lowered her cotton candy away from her face. A little piece of pink cotton candy had gotten stuck to the right side of her lips. Yumi's tongue licked the edge in a cute manner as she scooped it up and swallowed it. "I didn't expect to see anyone I knew. What have you been up to since we last saw each other off?" asked the little lolita as her crimson red hues eyed the pair of ears atop her head. "Those you did not have last we met." addressed the little lolita as she continued eying the pair of cat ears.

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It was funny to see Yu, most people would see her only as the little girl that she looked like. Alice knew a bit more, having been on a lot of jobs with the little lolita, she knew that she was way older than she looked and far more dangerous. But she liked Yu, she found her interesting and even though they were both on the other side of morality, she was sure that she would still like Yu the same. It must have been almost half a year ago that she had decided to leave Oak and never return until her work asked it from her. Which was something she might not inform Yu about, considering the secret.. possible dark guild, she wasn't sure if Yu had said that, she thought it be better to not talk that she simply switched sides and left for the Rune Knights.

"Oh I'm actually just going from city to city to do jobs." which wasn't a lie, considering how much more she had seen from Fiore since she left Oak. She gestured to the bench with a silent question if she could sit down next to her friend to talk a bit more. The comment about her ears were to be expected and she touched the right one with her right hand, "Sometimes jobs go wrong. It was a mistaken enchantment but it's not that bad. I do not purr, I do see better in the dark and I have cat ears."


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Yumi didn't remark it but she was curious as to what Alice was up to, she hadn't answered the question, dancing around it. Yumi had learned that Alice had been in Era for some meeting that was taking place, just what had the meeting been about, why would Alice go to it. But Yumi kept her suspicions down no need to drive the girl into a corner forcing her to bite back. For now Yumi would take things a step a time, she could always find what she wanted out later with a little research and spying. After all with her new abilities, there was no place she could not go and no one she couldn't be. It was a good thing, Yumi had run into Alice again especially since she seemed to have changed, if Yumi had run into someone Alice knew as Alice without those ears it could have ruined all her plans.

Yumi continued eying the ears with a deep curiosity, she kind of wanted to reach out and just touch them. She was a little disappointed that Alice didn't purr like a real cat, but she didn't show it. Not much she could do about it really. "One can't help the jobs that come their way. I've had my share of jobs go wrong." spoke the little lolita showing a little sympathy for the orange haired woman. Yumi then patted the spot on the bench beside her as if instructing Alice to come sit beside her, "No point in standing around, come sit down beside me." beckoned the little demon as she took another bite of her delicious cotton candy, the pink ball returning in front of her features hiding her face as she nibbled into her with gusto.

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Adelaide Sokolov
She was glad that Yu invited her to sit down. She knew that there was a dark guild, a secret organisation that she had been part of but Yu was her friend. She didn't know Yu that well and there were probably a lot of things she had done that was not going according to the rules, which was the whole reason she didn't say anything about her being a lieutenant now because it felt wrong to talk about that. If she would just forget that secret dark organisation, she would forget for this afternoon that she was part of the Rune Knights and that a big portion of their authority and responsibility was on her shoulders. "Oh definitely, but it also gives me a lot adventures. I believe I told you that I lost my memory since I turned eighteen?" She first waited for Yu to either agree or disagree with what she had told her. If she had not she would tell her little about it, before she continued: "By visiting cities and meeting other people, I finally get pieces back." Her family and thus her memories is what was most important to her to figure out. Especially if she wanted to know where she came from, considering.. she might give that history to someone else at some point. She shortly looked at her stomach before she looked to the cotton candy. She should have bought some as well.

"How are you doing Yu? I didn't expect you in Era. But than again we met quite often in Oak. The world is so much bigger, surprising we find each other here." She didn't want to talk about her jobs, her guild. Maybe it was her secret guild that made them do things they didn't want to do. Lie, kill and fly. Yet she still firmly believed in good and evil, in justice but it was the justice that she had in mind, not always agreeing with that of the Rune Knights. Only no one else needed to know.


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"You mentioned but never elaborated much on it, nor did I wish to pry by asking you about it. It did not seem like it was any of my business." Spoke the little lolita from behind her giant ball of cotton candy. As she spoke it was clear there was a mouthful of candy in her mouth as her words came out in a cute garble but could still be understood. Yumi swallowed the fairy floss licking her lips enjoying the delicious taste on her rosy pink lips. Alice had once mentioned she lost her memory eighteen years ago, but as Yumi said she had not asked for Alice to elaborate, instead choosing to keep silent, she would not pry only if Alice decided to let her know on her own conjunction.

Having been behind the cotton candy, Yumi was unable to see Alice taking a look at her stomach then the candy in Lolita's hand. "I try not to stay in one place for too long. I had over stayed in Oak and decided to leave. I was in Hargeon until now. I only arrived in Era not long ago. I've been here a week or so." informed the demon as she lowered the candy having left a large hole on the side she had been eating, there was only half of the candy sweet left. "And I've been well. I decided it was time to go out on my own. I became a mercenary not long after our last meeting." Yumi was implying that she had left her guild becoming a mage for hire, of course, this wasn't true but Alice wouldn't know it.

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Yu was very nice to her and she was actually glad to bump into Yu. She didn't think much back to her time in Oak. It was a period that was so different from the point that she was now, it was hard to think about. People she considered her friend were on the other side of her own rules and justice and she knew that she should actually arrest them but that would be hypocrite, considering the jobs she had done with them. She should hand herself in as well. Which made her sad to think about. "It sure takes a lot of stress away to know pieces about my past." she said with a smug smile on her face, hiding the pain that she wanted to ignore so badly.

"I have never been in Hargeon. I hear a lot of people about it though. It might be my next stop. We seem to have arrived at about the same time in Era. How funny." She was sure that Yu the difference could hear about her fake happiness. However the next thing that Yu said made her happy indeed, it was a step forward from being in a Dark Guild. "Oh that sounds lovely. It comes with more jobs I believe? I remember you didn't hear much from your guild so you were stuck with the mudane jobs as you called it."

she didn't understand why she was genuine happy about the idea that her friend was a merchenary, it didn't immediately mean that the 'evil' things she had done were gone. Now there was just the interrogation parts and the hexing that she had seen so she couldn't judge everything but she remembered the omnious feeling Yu had given her. That was now gone though, was it because she grew in a way herself.


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"It's a pleasant harbour town, with good people the ocean breeze is nice, but the fish smell gets to you after awhile. I could only stand it so much before I needed to get out of there." It was true, Yumi couldn't stand the fishy smell that had been the air any longer and had to leave Hargeon, that and she didn't like staying in one place for too long. The ocean breeze and smell were great, a place to relax if one wanted to go on vacation. Hargeon had many top notch restaurants and plenty of activities for family, couples and singles.

"As a gun for hire, I have a wider option of quests, but this time I get to pick the ones I want instead of the guild. I was getting sick of the quests the guild was sending me on. I couldn't do it anymore, I had to get out." A hollow look appeared in the eyes of the crimson eyed lolita as she lowered her fairy floss. A sad soft sigh escaped those soft pink lips as she seemed to be reflecting deeply on something and it weighed heavily on her soul. Of course, it was all an act. Yumi had been doing bad quests in Oak and none of them had been inherently evil. Yumi wanted Alice to think Yumi wasn't evil either, that she had been forced into it. "But my guild, they don't like deserters." Yumi's eyes shimmered reflecting the sad and tired gleam within.

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Alice nodded, Phoebe had not mentioned the fish smell but she had also not been there long. Had she gone to Magnolia, Alice thought about it again. Someone else spoke to her about Hargeon as well but for now she couldn't remember. She wondered if she should go there again, since she had become half cat, she had a hate for water and an ocean in the neighborhood was probably not something she would really like, "Who knows, maybe one day I'll get in Hargeon as well."

She talked about Yu being a mercenary now, she wondered how many people saw through her looks of being just a small child. She was much older than Alice, she knew that, she had simply asked that and Yu had given her some hint, she didn't know the age exactly but that didn't matter. Magic would never ceased to amaze her. She smiled at Yu as she explained a bit more. "It's good that you picked for yourself." she said and she looked with worry at Yu, she was a hundred percent sure that she would be able to take care off herself but she thought of someone else that would be able to do that as well, and look at her now...

She turned a bit pale when Yu told her that her guild didn't like deserters. It was easier to see through the facade of a small child because she knew that Yu wasn't one but that still didn't make it easier, "What do you mean with that? Are they hunting for you?" she had been extremely lucky with Phantom Lord. Now that she thought about it, she wondered if Yami had left, it was the first time in a long time that she thought about her friend.


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Yumi's hands trembled, soon followed by her entire body, an ever present fear slowly forming at the corners of her eyes. Of course, it was all an act but it was impressive none the less. Why Yumi felt like giving herself a pat on the back. There were many who could pull off this level of expert skill without getting caught. Yumi had refined her act for over sixty long years, she had been an amateur at first but after practice and long hard study, Yumi soon reached a point where she eve surprised herself. "The guild isn't one you just so easily leave. There's an expression, join in blood leave through blood. Once you join the only way out is through death." It was clear from just those words Yumi was being hunted down.

"The guild has always kept a tight lid on its existence. It has existed throughout the ages, unlike another dark guild whose name is whispered in myth and secret, this one isn't. There is no myth or even legend regarding it. The moment they think you even may begin to follow their trail they get rid of you. You cease to exist keeping the guild a secret." Yumi looked down at her hands as they formed into tight little balls. Using her foot she drew in the dirt by the bench to words D.A the initials of the guild.

Of course, it was all fake and made up, not that Alice would no. It would just draw her to think that there existed another dark guild one there. "I shouldn't even be telling you this. Now there's no chance the Guildmaster will let me off easy. I'm not someone they want to kill. I'm far too useful to them alive." Yumi pulled her legs up to her chest forming a ball on the bench, her cotton candy had bee abandoned falling to the ground. "I'm a tool for the guild, a weapon their monster. That's what I am. I was born one, raised one, recruited as one, used like one, viewed as one by everyone." Small tears began to form at the side of Yumi's eyes as her arms folded around her legs, her forehead touching her knees as she tucked her head in. She may be older than Alice, but at the moment she appeared as a frail young woman.

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Even though Alice knew more about Yu than most people probably, her heart was wavering because of what she saw. A small child being burned with such a big issue, no one, no matter what age should be bothered so much by something that they didn't want to do. The Guild started to sound exactly what she pictured of that from the guilds that she had come against, once in Era and she believed that the guy in Magnolia might be part of it as well. She thought she was so close to answers but she didn't want to ask Yu for it. She also didn't want Yu to give them to her, it would only make things more complicated. And she had just gotten over some complicated cases for herself, she didn't want to start all over again. She clenched her fists.

She looked at Yu, never did she ever felt so emotional about other people, well that wasn't entirely sure but there was only one exception. She blamed the hormones at this moment. But it was no time to talk about that. She eyed the initials Yu made in the sand and she would just keep them in mind, she wished there was another conversation to talk about. The urge to hug the small girl was something that she wanted to push away, she never saw Yu in such light so she didn't know what to do, "Is there anything I can do for you Yu?" she asked softly because she didn't know what she would be able to do. Yu was stronger and tougher than her, now she had grown in that prospect as well but she didn't doubt it.

She listened to the rest that Yu would tell her and she was indeed worried that her old Dark Guild would have enough spies that would know that she was saying this now to Alice but the red head didn't care at this moment. The fact that the cotton candy was dropped and that she held her own legs on the little bench made Alice her heart break, she stared at her and couldn't help but sit close, "There must be a solution Yu." she said worried, "After all you are not a monster, nor a tool, you are you, you are Yu." or whatever your real name is, was the first time that Alice thought about that but she would just push it away for herself now, Yu was Yu for her.


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Yumi remained in her folded position, not looking Alice in the eyes as her tiny body trembled, goose bumps running along her creamy white skin. Just one look would tell you the lolita was scared, for someone who had seen Yumi's fearless powerful self this would no doubt be a shocking occurrence. On the inside deep within Yumi's mind, she was laughing madly at her little act. It was going beautifully. As long as she didn't break character she could wrap Alice around her fingers and play her like a puppet master. The demon kept her true self-sealed tightly keeping up the act of the defenceless 'yu'. She shook her head gently, with the movements of her head Alice would be able to spot the small tears cascading down Yumi's delicate cheeks, "I don't think there's anything anyone can do for me."

Yumi sensed Alice moving in closer as if to comfort her. The woman was truly falling for the act and with every passing moment growing deeper into her grasp. Yumi slowly lifted her head looking up at Alice, tears still falling. The lolita shook her head at the monster remark, "No you're wrong. There is much about me you don't know. I am a monster." Yumi shut her eyes and slowly a presence began to leak out of her tiny body. A black aura formed gradually around Yumi's tiny frame as it leaked into the air falling down around the bench, suppressed to a small area. The air became distorted as an evil presence would wash over the two. A sense of fear would rise as the aura rose off Yumi's tiny frame filling the air with bad vibes. A maleficent presence consumed them both, that could only be described as demonic, it was Yumi's demonic presence.

Yumi had lowered her head resting her chin on her knees as a wave of despair appeared within those doughy red hues. The fear like presence leaked out of her body as if it was second nature for the lolita, it was a part of her being. There was no other way to describe the aura she leaked, it could instil fear into those much weaker than the lolita and even would bring fear to those as strong as she. It was truly the presence of a demonic being. Yumi had once released it in the presence of Alice in a quest but since she had never been the subject of it, Alice had never felt it in full force until now. Even now Yumi was repressing it in order to allow Alice to think clearly.

"There's nowhere I can go, no one can help me. I'm not accepted anywhere else but the Dark Guilds, even then I'm only viewed as a weapon."


When someone is facing a Demon and they are ranked lower than the Demon they will suffer from Fear which distorts their vision and makes them tremble while battling the Demon. Fear causes Strength, Speed and Endurance to be dropped by 10% per difference in rank level.

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Was it many things or only one thing at all that made her feel so helpless for someone else? She didn't know, she didn't think about it, mainly because it was not something she used to think about. Usually she was distant, had enough to take care off, was it just the fight with Selena and the talk with Lacie that had made her able to not be distant at all? The talk with Kerii? Or many more things that didn't need to be spoken about, not out loud at least, at this moment. Not before she had taken care off it. She lifted up her hand to brush the hair away from Yu her face, but she stopped herself just in time and instead of doing that, held on to her hand and pushed it against her chest, to prevent her from doing such things in general. But poor Yu, being considered a monster.

She had got a little closer, wanting to say anything about possible ways but she indeed didn't know. Something Yu pointed out that she didn't know much about her and it made her sad. It made her believe that there had to be something but only Yu would know. However before she could say anything she felt a lingering prescence, something she linked to a few days ago, when she stood face to face with a demon. A shudder went through her, that power from a couple of days ago made her shake in fear but she had not given up, she hadn't run away. It was something that felt the same, lighter but still the same presence.

She leaned a bit back, her eyes bigger, Yu.. Yu was a demon? She didn't understand, was it something that happened to you like her accident in what made her a Neko. Very carefully she let go of her right hand with her left and stretched it out to hold on to Yu her shoulder, sure it made her a tiny bit afraid but she needed to show her support, "I bet many do, I can't deny that. But I would never believe that there are not open minded people that can show you support. Oh Yu it must have been really hard for you. But not every.." She prayed she was right, "Not every demon has to be bad. I meet one a couple of days ago, just like a few other people."


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Yumi slowly began to pull her demonic presence back in drawing it into her body. The presence sealed itself away the moment the realisation of Yumi's race showed itself on Alice's face. The widening of her eyes and her leaning back was a tell tale sign Alice knew what Yumi was. The little lolita bit her lower lip hard enough that it went pale, any harder and she would be drawing blood. "Now you see. There's no helping it. I'm a monster. There's no place I belong." Yumi tucked her head back into her arms but she listened to Alice speak attempting to support her, as Yumi felt a hand on her shoulder as Alice spoke. THe fact Alice had actually met another demon surprised Yumi greatly and of all things, it was a good demon. The notion baffled the inner Yumi, one of her brethren dared to be good? Demons existed for one purpose only to bring chaos and destruction to the human race.

"Unlike you, I've never really been human." Started the little demon as she raised her hand using a hand to wipe her tears, "I was born a demon. My mother and father were human's, but they were taken by demon cultists, allied with my guild, while I was still in my mother's womb. My father died attempting to save my mother but failed, so I'm told. My mother was then used as a sacrifice to the cults Demonic God. The ritual energies coursed through me turning me from an unborn human child to a demon." Regailed Yumi as she began the tale of her birth to clear the details. Yumi spoke with choked words, from her tone it was clear she had never revealed this information to anyone else. "I was then taken under the Guild master's wing to be raised as a weapon."

"I want to do good, I just don't know how evil is all I know. I can't turn to the Light Guilds, the Magical Council or the Rune Knight's. I would be prosecuted and most likely executed. " Yumi tightened up her little ball attempting to comfort herself as she focused her gaze onto the lake. "I'm sorry I shouldn't trouble you with this. But I thank you for listening."

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice didn't want to show Yu that for a second she was afraid but she carried at this moment so much more than just her own life. How strange that she didn't feel so stressed as before this, while that would probably come sooner than later, she would like to wait as long as possible though. She quickly recovered herself, to sit up straight and remain close to Yu, even putting a hand on the other her shoulder.

It was bothering her that all she could do right now was to listen to Yu and not do anything else, it was probably already very nice that someone was listening but it didn't change anything at all. She listened about Yu never been born as human either, it wasn't an accident like with her and Konstantin. She didn't say anything, didn't know what to say at all, she had heard about a cult, her own mother was in one but that was not a demonic cult like Yu her parents. Her mother was more focused on religion. It would be very hilareous if not people were hurt by it but her mother had attemped to kill her because she was named a demon, by the parent herself. In Yu her case it was the other way around, she actually was born a demon thanks to the cult.

It was nice and all that a guild master would take you in, if only not as a weapon but as the child you were. "That does sound horrible. So you were actually never viewed as a being that wanted to do things she liked? Like eating cotton candy?" Alice her eyes shifted towards the treat that was now forgotten and she would probably buy a new one if a moment like that would come and would do anything good.

She bit her lip as Yu continued that she wanted to do good but didn't know how. That the Light Guilds wouldn't want her and neither the Council. The Council was strict indeed, there would be no room for races except humans and half humans like her. "I have to be honest, I don't know much about guilds. Are you sure?" What about Fairy Tail? She thought about Tori, as long as you did good would you be judged by your nature? There was obviously a difference between nature and nurture and she was sure that Yu could do good as long as someone or a Guild was there to support her. She basically knew nothing about the guilds, what she knew was only by viewing Tori. She sighed, she felt helpless, what would Yu feel, "Don't apologize. I wish there was more that I could do than only listen to you, Yu. I really do."


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Yumi didn't say a word as she sat there simply looking at the lake, appearing to attempt to calm herself down. Her body had stopped shaking and her breathing had eased up, the tears no longer feel but there were still remnants sitting on the edge of her eyelids. Suddenly as Yumi sat there the little demon felt her grimoire heart mark warm up. Being covered by her dress it didn't show but Yumi felt it. Something was happening. Yumi allowed a panicked state to appear on the features of 'Yu'. Yumi quickly jumped to her feet eyes widening, "I, I, I have to leave! There here. I'm sorry I wish I could stay longer but if I do they'll find you. I hope to meet you again Alice, under better circumstances. Hopefully, next time you see me, I'll still be a free soul." Yumi flashed a dead smile, a sad glint in her eyes. The way she looked it was almost as if to say Yumi didn't expect to come back as if she knew she was going to be captured and something bad would happen. Yumi turned and quickly departed turning into a fast moving blur as she vanished in the distance, vanishing into the streets of Era.


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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice didn't know exactly what just happened but Yu quickly jumped to her feet and turned to Alice to say that the guild was almost here and that she should leave. "Yu wait!" but it was too late, of course there was probably nothing they could do together against such a dark guild. But she was sure that running away wouldn't help, "Good luck." she muttered a bit worried and sad at the same time.

She picked up the cotton candy and tossed it away. She was sure that Yu would be fine, she had survived until now, well actually she wasn't sure at all about it but it was better to stay positive. She sighed softly and headed out of the park back to the headquarters, maybe she should look into this more. She had no idea what to find or what to search for but it was something she needed to do to feel like she was doing something. Maybe, there were answers to be found, and hopefully rather sooner than later.


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