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Burning Heist [Ignid]

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#1Anton Lacroix 

Burning Heist [Ignid] Empty on Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:13 pm

Anton Lacroix
The night was calm and cool. Most of the populace of Era were fast asleep and tucked in their beds. This included the poor sap who, Anton was currently robbing.

The light from the street lamps filtered in lightly through the bedroom window, casting a silhouette on Anton as he quietly slipped some gold into his coat pockets. The Mage in question, a rather repulsing, fat thing, laid on his bed sleeping. Anton recognized the man, from his days in the Rune Knights. He had been a new recruit, just like himself. Though while Antonnfailed and was kicked out, the lummox had gotten himself a cushy desk position in the guild. Anton remembered the torment he and his friends had heaped on him all those years ago, and thus had no remorse about robbing this miserable excuse of a man.

His mask firmly fixed on his face, Anton took one last glance at the snoring mage before quietly heading to the window. He silently opened it and slipped out, the man's room on the second level  of the building. It was the middle of the night, so Anton was sure nobody would see him. He slipped down to the side of the building, and once on the ground slipped into a nearby alley. Only when he was out of sight did he removed the mask, every ounce of confidence facing as he let out a small sigh.


Burning Heist [Ignid] Empty on Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:24 pm

It had been a long and tiring day for ignid, but it was one that was educational to be sure.  Ignid had just helped a man give back to his community, and in doing so she had earned enough money to replace her tattered and filthy Ceremonial gown with some new duds. She had chosen a cheap pair of jeans and a simple red button up blouse to begin with. She had also bought herself some snacks and a warm blanket, since she knew she would not be able to find a place to stay for quite some time. In fact, she needed to keep going as soon as possible. Surely members of the Rally of the Phoenix would be all over this town shortly, and Ignid could not afford to be caught by them. Still, Her energy was not completely restored from the initial escape, and she really needed to sleep.

Ignid slipped into a nearby alley, sitting down next to a dumpster that appeared to have already been emptied quite recently. She opened the blanket and laid it across her lap, warming up her internal body temperature to further stave off the cold of the night. This caused the tips of her hair to become fire, but she was sure that was fine. it would turn off as soon as she fell asleep, and she could just shut it down if anyone got near, something that she would have to do almost immediately.

Almost as soon as she settled in as much as her paranoia would allow, She heard the faint sound of someone approaching. Instantly she put out her flame, scrambling to get up and ready to run if things got hairy. Did they come, is it Grandpyre's soldiers? She thought to herself, asking over and over again. Should I.. should I peek? She had to know. Slowly she glanced at the other side of the dumpster, to see a man standing there, taking off his mask. Ignid tried to contain her gasp as she hid back behind the dumpster, hoping she wasn't detected. A guy with a mask? That was a little suspicious and Intimidating, and it wasn't like Ignid knew every soldier in the Rally, she just knew the patrol guards, really. So her suspicions were running wild. But if she ran now, he would see her. She would just have to hope that he would go away.

#3Anton Lacroix 

Burning Heist [Ignid] Empty on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:32 am

Anton Lacroix
Anton looked at the mask in his hands before tucking it into his coat, along with the money he had stolen. All that nervousness he would have felt during the robbery came rushing back to him, causing him to tremble lightly. Now was the hard part, getting away from the scene of the crime without his mask. Once he got some distance away from the place, then he could breath a little bit easier.

He walked down the alleyway, walking past the dumpster without seeing the hidden girl at first. Then again, Anton wasn't really looking out for anyone hiding, but rather looking out for anyone that could come by and see him. He had to make himself appear like a regular citizen, cutting through an alleyway rather than someone sneaking around. But as he walked past, he paused. He smelt a little something in the air.


It was very, very feint, like the feint wisps a candle would leave, but it was there. Had something been burning? Curious, the young man looked around, to see where the scent had come from. And then promptly spotted the girl hiding behind the dumpster. Anton's eyes bugged open in fright. How long had she been there? Had she seen him? Considering she was hiding, she had to have!

Anton let out a yelp and lept back, unfortunately, colliding into one of the nearby trash cans and toppling over with a loud crash. So much for keeping quiet.


Burning Heist [Ignid] Empty on Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:35 am

As soon as the man turned her way, she quickly removed her head from sight, doing her very best to remain as quiet as possible. Oh no, no no no, was I spotted? Her anxiety grew as the footsteps drew near, closer and louder until the man walked right past her, seeming to not have noticed the fire mage there. Ignid held her breath, not letting her guard down yet. And it was a good thing too because just before the man turned the corner, joining the rest of society in the open, just before Ignid was in the clear, he stopped. No! No, go away! Ignid screamed at him within her own mind, but alas, her cover had been blown.

The man turned around and spotted her, seeming surprised. Well, Ignid was quite surprised too, scrambling backward, but her back was already to the wall of the dumpster behind her. There was nowhere to go. This only left her with one option. "S-stay...Stay away!" She yelled, Half hoping a friendly passerby would notice, but also not wanting to alert any more enemies. "Keep back I... I'm Warning you!" She sloppily stood up, fidgeting with any kind of battle stance, though it was clear she didn't know what she was doing.

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