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Troublesome Transactions [Mission/Solo]

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Troublesome Transactions [Mission/Solo] Empty on Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:30 am


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Ah, shady dealings... A steady, reliable source of income for mages all over Fiore. One might be liable to think these only applied for Dark Mages and their ilk, but alas, one would be grossly mistaken. Even Light mages get called on for jobs which are still legal - if somewhat borderline - when their client's greed speaks higher than any desire for safety, and drives them to deal with merchants most law abiding citizens would otherwise wanting nothing to do with. The best solution to this issue is exactly what it said on this request: Go in the client's place, make the transaction, then come back.

Commerce by proxy.

And how did Alisa knew it to be a shady, borderline legal kind of deal? Not only was the request specific about the client not trusting the other party, but also requested this job be done under the cloak of night. How suspicious... Is what she'd say if she was a Rune Knight, yet Alisa didn't really care much for rules and regulations. She'd taken this job just like most she so often did, on the way home from somewhere else, usually a random path she picked for her jogging route. For a place of law and order, Era was notoriously short on Light mage job requests, which she naturally attributed to it's orderly culture and deeply rooted presence of the Rune Knights. They probably left very little work for guild freelancers like herself.

Thankfully, the Knights were hardly willing to do just about anything, and even they occasionally outsourced a few jobs to freelancers, so she successfully met and accepted a request from a client without much trouble

"Take this map.", said the client that morning, handing her a rolled up piece of paper, "I don't trust this guy, so need someone to meet him in my place. Be there at midnight, give him this money, and bring back the package he gives you. Be careful, I have no idea what that guy is capable of!"

Hardly a difficult request, and the client himself didn't look seedy either; quite the opposite, he looked as honest as man of his profession possibly could. But that didn't change the fact that this sculptress would be dealing with a disrepuable merchant who may or may not try to steal from her. For this reason, she stayed away from the whites and flashy clothes, and instead picked an outfit dark and grim as the criminally inclined buyer she'd pretend to be, with jet black jeans and shirt, blending in with the night's darkness. Alisa even avoided the makeup or jewelry she often carried on her, and went as far as carrying large aviator sunglasses in her pocket. Not so she could wear them at night and look cheesy, but rather so she could slip them on when the time came and keep her identity a secret, something expectable of a women pretending to be in her position. Hell, that merchant could easily turn suspicious if she didn't!

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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At times like these, Alisa's lonely nature truly shone a different light, as she already had a tendency for fearlessly walking through the darker, hidden alleys. But she hadn't done so at this hour in a long time, and it came as a throwback to those times best left forgotten. Today, she kept her inner light as brightly lit as possible even as she traversed the darkest of paths... Literally:

"Lumen.", she called out towards her handbag as the dark paths got too narrow for the moon's light to reach them, and her partner knew it too. Now was Litwick's time to shine, so it hopped outside the bag with a cheerful look. It stayed out of sight, but always close to Alisa, using its faint, wispy candlelight to brighten the way ahead.


Name: The Ferryman's Little Light
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Litwick Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Light
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Litwick flickers its light once by emitting a screeching sound after which the intensity of the light will light up the around him within a 5 meter radius.

Truly, she herself was little to no better than a common criminal, and keeping that in mind helped her play this part perfectly. Instead of exploring the now emptier main streets, she slipped on her shades and headed deeper into the dark alleys as the map directed her, until she finally came along a cloaked figure under a dim light.

"Hey stranger! Whaddaya buying?", asked the shady looking man with a raspy voice, the bulk of his figure covered by a long dark cloak. He opened the cloak to reveal a wide assortment of items on sale, a distracting sight that drew Alisa's attention away from what she'd come here to do.

Lumen's hidden candelight melded with the lone street lamp for an oddly warm, reassuing glow, one that almost made meeting strange men in dark alleys feel like a good idea. But Alisa had a job to do, and that's the only reason why she was here, "You know what I'm here for.", she asked, her tone cold and down to business, "Do you have that"

This kind of vague discussion worked better than any reasonable explanation, and the man immediately pulled out a bag, hidden inside a deep pocket among the many goods on display, "Yeah. You got the dough?"

The Pegasus responded in kind, pulling out the bag of jewels her client had given her, and reached out to the seedy merchant, "Here."

Both parties exchanged their respective bags with near perfect synch, the kind required to satisfy each distrustful sides of the bargain. Who in a place like this would hand over their goods without any guarentee of recieving theirs? Though this merchant hardly acted the part, his seemingly jovial mood visibly contrasting with Alisa's stern seriousness: "There you go, pleasure doin business!"

As she walked off, she couldn't help but heft the mysterious package. She was under no orders to open it nor did she know what to expect to find anyway. Yes, she was curious. How could she not after being told to fetch something without knowing what it was? But Alisa was also professional, for the most part, and her interest in the package began and ended with her curiosity alone. Other than that, she really didn't care. What she did care about was getting the money on her side, which she did once met up with the merchant. No, not the really shady one. The not-so-shady one that paid her.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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