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Checkmate [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Checkmate [Quest|Sage] Empty Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:22 am

Sage †
The sky was blue and clear, it was morning at that time, Sage was walking towards the Hargeon City park as today Sage got another request from a boy who want to meet him in the hargeon city park. As Sage was walking towards the city park, he was drawn to the nature and felt something in his chest that his body want to tell him something, Sage ignored this and focused back on his walk and the path to get to the park, when he reached the park, the breeze swept across his face, he could smell the flowers nearby him. He then saw a little boy with spectacles on and he was sitting on a table made up of wood. On top of the battle, Sage could clearly see a chess mat with its little pieces arranged on top of it. Sage then immediately concluded that the little boy was his client,he walked towards the boy and asked him if he was the boy who asked for the request. He said yes and introduced himself, his name is Bart Decker and after that Sage introduced himself. Bart asked Sage if he was ready, and Sage replied with a yes. Sage started first, Sage played chess during his childhood when he was still young, he still remembered the rules and he still know his old techniques. Bart started to move his pieces calmly and Sage responded calmly too, but in his heart he was afraid to lose too, as he hate losing. Meanwhile they are playing chess, Bart talked to Sage about his parents expectations of he and his other two big brothers to be successful in life and how they should be at the top always. He then said that he dont like it as it made him feel very pushed. He asked Sage some other questions too of why he wanted to be a mage and where are his parents at that moment, and how did they reacted to Sage when they heard that he wanted to be a mage. Sage has now understood very well what Brat wants, he wants someone to socialise with as he is human too and human are social beings, Sage thought. Sage replied to Brat's question saying how he met his dead grandmother and how she taught him how to use magic that is actually been throughout the family and the only difference is that his mother had never have the magic power from the family ancestry, but Sage got it and so he decided to become a mage, Sage explained. Bart then asked if he could demonstrate his magic so that he could see if it is true for himself. Then Sage agreed and took out his hand and pointed it at the ground, then a small rose bush started to grow, Sage stopped there as he know that it was enough. Brat stopped for a moment and analysed the situation, it seems to Sage that he was shocked.

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Sage †
Brat wasnt that surprised, he said to Sage that he always meet mages with powers that is mainly use to destroy things, but his magic power seem warmth and loving, Sage blushed a little as he was praised, even his character is loving and warmth, maybe that is why he have those type of magic, at least that is what Sage thought. Brat continued his move with a 'check' by the queen, ready to take the king, and Sage reacted to this situation very quickly when Brat said the word check. Sage analysed the situation of the game and think about a strategy to change the tide of the game. The summer breeze swept under Sage's face again, and the sweet smell of it made Sage's brain worked more brilliant. He then could see a pattern that may turn the tables, he slowly picked his little tiny pawn and moved it in front of Brat's Queen, Brat was amazed by this move. As they played, Sage asked more about Brat's life this time, he asked how old is he, what is his favourite subject, what he wanted to do when he grow up and other common things that people usually ask other people. But Brat suddenly opened a new topic and said that he was under a lot of pressure due to the atmosphere at his home. He said that he had never have fun with his family except for grouchy expensive holidays. Sage felt sorry for Brat and wished that he could help, he patted Brat's back and told him to be strong and hope for a miracle to happen to him one day, Sage added that Brat is only a kid and maybe in the future something amazing will affect his life and change it completely perhaps. Then when Sage looked at he board again, Brat said 'checkmate' , even tho losing, Sage could feel that he doesnt feel like it was a challenge or a competition, he felt the game is just a background between their talk. Sage know that it was time to leave but he wanted to stay and talk to Brat more, so both of them played another game and shared stories and stories with each other about their life. Sage even thought Brat the types of vegetables and what temperature they can grow in, while Brat shared stuff about maths and sciences, he even gave tips to Sage on chess. They had a fun day. When the game ends, which Brat wins again, Brat gave Sage some jewels as an appreciation for talking to him, sage said thank you to brat and they departed happily. While walking back to his hotel, Sage think about what he did today, he simply helped someone who is in difficulty of the heart and mended it a little, he felt proud of himself and feel like he should do more social works like this, and maybe practice more chess than he had ever before.

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