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Hargeon To Magnolia [Travel: King]

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It has been a few weeks since King arrived in Hargeon, the first town that he had ever entered after travelling all the way from his country; Desierto. All the way on foot, it was entirely a harsh journey for him although, the adventures he went through as well as the beautiful ladies in Hargeon made up all the efforts for coming all the way down to Fiore. He had been excited throughout his whole journey to discover more towns of Fiore and so far, he was surprised with how different the country was compared to his own. It was extremely lively and the views were spectacular, especially at the Hargeon Beach. The young man vowed himself to visit the town once again after he has left. Despite how he wished he could stay longer in the town, it was almost time for him to depart. Instead of sticking to one location, he preferred to travel all around the country, discovering more places and perhaps, improve his abilities on his way.

King would love to make some friends on his journey as well. There has only been one that he has met, although one wouldn’t actually consider it as a friend but more like a fortunate encounter. It was a giant in fact, one he has never seen in his entire life. He had met this particular giant when he was at the beach to complete a mission for a man called Jay Holiday. Speaking of which, the two had actually bonded quite well, after meeting up quite often while he would ask Jay for some workout tips although King was not actually one who would spend his time much at a gym. Though, he had come to enjoy it and was growing a liking to it, mostly to impress girls. Throwing his bag over his shoulder, the young lad walked along the streets of Hargeon, giving the town a long observant look as he strode towards the entrance of the city.


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Hargeon To Magnolia [Travel: King] VESQ2Ff

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