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Smuggler's Schemes [Quest: King]

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It has been a few weeks since King had arrived Hargeon. So far, his journey has been well, considering how he has been to quite a few places in the town, such as the beach, the docks and other touristic sites. For someone who has never seen the sea, or such a large body of water, Hargeon was an extremely exciting place for him. King discovered how soothing it was to be at the beach, how the sea felt like and the taste as well as the scent of salt water on him. Above all, the females in Fiore were the best looking, more than the ones back in his country. King tugged onto the hood of his clothing, shielding himself from the blistering sun whose rays showered upon the city like rain. Despite how he had spent his entire life at a desert, he still wasn’t used to the heat and moreover, he hated summer. Cooler days were much better for him.

Ice-cream was the best thing you could eat in such a hot weather. His tongue twirled along the popsicle, licking the ice cube and savoured the sweet taste on his tongue. Curious eyes wandered around the streets, observing what the townsfolk were up to; some chatting among their friends as they walked along, others too busy shopping in the stores while others were in a rush to make it on time for work. A bustling town it was, although it was not necessarily a bad thing but instead, showed how lively the town was. Smiles would be seen on their faces in spite of their sweating foreheads from the sun. The clamour of the fish market at the docks as well as the waves crashing onto the shore could be heard even from this distance.

With nothing left to do, he thought about walking around the town to discover more places but underneath this blaring heat, it would drain all his energy before he would be half-way at his destination. Thus, he decided to complete a quick mission to kill some time. Somehow, he had been extremely hard-working recently seeing how he had been doing quests back and forth instead of spending time with some female that he found along the way. Though, the thought never leaves his mind. Girls were his favourite, after all. Skimming over the lines written on various papers that were plastered on the quest board, he wondered which would be the most suitable one. He wasn’t actually in the mood to do some silly quests such as delivering newspapers and what not, but something that would be more enjoyable for him.

Most of the quests written were either too boring, simple or too good for his taste. He wanted to be a little more mischievous. Placed far away from the rest of the quest papers was one that particularly caught his interest. His lips drawn into a smirk, he yanked the paper off the board and addressed the message written on the brittle sheet of paper.


Smuggler's Schemes [Quest: King] VESQ2Ff

Smuggler's Schemes [Quest: King] Empty Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:47 am

The Hargeon Docks smelt of sea water and fishes. The wooden boards that stretched throughout the entire docks were soaked wet from the tides that crashed upon them. Footsteps hurried past him as workers carried the goods to board them onto the ship. Shopkeepers yelled out for him at the top of their lungs to attract attention and purchase their goods. However, he would just ignore them as he walked along the docks, his boots clacking against the wooden boards. There was an unusual large amount of security by the end of the harbour and the young man would wonder why. Golden eyes glanced around the area, searching for a man, specifically his client who was supposedly located at the docks. Unsure how he looked, King didn’t know how he was supposed to search for the client until he received a rather strong tug on his clothing.

His eyes would immediately turn towards the direction and at first, there was no one near him apart from the labourers until he tilted his head downwards. A stout man with a gray moustache looked up at him and asked, ”Are you a mage? You look like one.” King raised his eyebrow at him before he would be dragged off into a corridor where he would be less in sight from the people. ”Reagan Hullston?” King pointed at the short man, asking if it was his name and received a nod in response. Whispering in his ear, Reagan would inform him the details of the quest in which he was demanded to create a ruckus to distract the security away from the docks. In this way, it would let Reagan’s ship leave the harbour safely without being noticed.

King suddenly grabbed a young lady walking by and pushed her over into a bridal position and leaned his face close towards her. Before he could continue any further, he received a slap on his face followed by a scream which pierced through his ears. The security turned into his direction and they would come storming towards him. King would immediately release the girl from his arms and raised his hands to admit his surrender as the security surrounded him and gave him one long lecture about not toying with women. From the corner of his eyes, he could see a ship leaving the port. Just at that moment, a young sailor called out for the security pointing in the direction at the ship and yelled over that the ship has left without permission. Panicking, the security returned back to the docks in the midst of giving him a lecture and he would quickly scuttle away before he was noticed by the security again.

By the edge of the docks, King saw Reagan pretending to be a fisher with a fishing rod in his hand with his eyes fastened onto the departing ship. His eyes glided down to a bag that laid beside Reagan. Assuming that it was for him, the young man approached towards Reagan and bent over to pick the bag without saying anything. He waited for a brief moment just in case Reagan decided to say anything but instead, he kept watching the ship from a distance. A smirk danced onto King’s lips as he departed the docks with a bag of jewels clutched in his hand.


{ Quest Completed }

Smuggler's Schemes [Quest: King] VESQ2Ff

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