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It's not just Paranoia it's... [Caius]

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It's not just Paranoia it's... [Caius] Empty Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:42 pm

Another day another fish to be caught it seemed and Kenny was earlier than usual at his usual fishing spot. He rested with his usual set up, stick pole resting on a Y shaped stick between his leg while he rested casually on his back in the sand. What a day it was to be alive, really, what a great day it was to be alive... Wait.

Kenny sat up and looked around his immediate area, what if she was watching him? What if she sent someone to watch him... Shit did she still not trust him? Since when could she hire spies? Damn it all, that woman was going to be the death of him if he wasn't careful. He loved her and all but damn, since when did they need to spy on one another right?

Once he felt the coast was clear he hesitantly relaxed once again and rested once again. There was nothing to worry about, wait no... What about the birds? She could have trained a bird to come and look down at him, tell her what was up... Shit could she talk to birds? Kenny began to hyperventilate and as he laid down, eyes wide as he looked up at the sky above with wide eyes: if he stayed absolutely still she couldn't bust him for doing anything out of the way.

It's not just Paranoia it's... [Caius] Qurywgl

It's not just Paranoia it's... [Caius] Empty Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:09 am

Caius was still stuck in Hargeon Town. He had been here for about a month but duty called and he was not one to disobey orders. For now, he would enjoy the sights that the city had to offer. One sight he had loved was the ocean where he would fish and enjoy the cool breeze off the docks. He had his fishing pole over his shoulders and would walk towards the benches to get started. He raised an eye brow as he saw a man in his usual spot. The idiot was laying on the ground and seemed to be having some type of attack that caused him to breath heavily. Normally Caius would just kick him into the ocean and put him out of his misery but it was the start of the day so the docks were packed with people currently. He walked over and knelt down next to the long black haired man.

"Excuse me sir are you alright? I can call the ambulance if you aren't feeling well"
he would ask grabbing the mans hand. His pulse was a bit high but other than that he seemed like a healthy individual. He dropped his fishing pole to the ground would wait for the mans response. Hopefully he would get his ass up so he could start fishing.


It's not just Paranoia it's... [Caius] Empty Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:35 am

Kenny soon felt his arm be seized by a stranger, he looked up and saw pink locks shining in the sun’s rays. The sun amplified the vibrance sure, but good god was it pink and to be truthful… Kenny was jealous, it looked good on him, complimented his eyes especially. “Now sir, forgive my bluntness but your hair is amazing.” Kenny sat and got a better view of the stranger, paranoia temporarily subsided by excitement and awe. He studied the stranger further, his hair was just… Wow, it was spiky, bouncy, but had a rich natural radiance that could only be obtained with the finest of hair care products….

Maybe it's maybelline or maybe it was pastel pink crayon #45, but regardless it was a gorgeous do and Kenny had to know his secret. “Now if you don’t mind me asking, I’m fine by the way just some paranoia, did you get that done by a stylist or did you do it yourself because you look fabulous.”

He couldn’t quite put a finger on it, it was just… Beautiful, then he remembered his own head of hair. His hair was long and wild, very unbefitting for a warrior but this guy. He had a beauty that was something else!

It's not just Paranoia it's... [Caius] Qurywgl

It's not just Paranoia it's... [Caius] Empty Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:29 pm

The man seemed like he was alright and just was having some sort of panic attack. He stared intently at his glorious pink hair and seemed memorized by it. Caius felt a bit uncomfortable by his obsession. I mean it was just hair after all. Fiore had a bunch of people rocking out colorful hair styles from every color of the rainbow. Taking the fallen man by the hand, he yanked him up to his feet so they could talk face to face rather then awkwardly conversing on the ground.

The question the man had was how he got his hair styled in such glorious spikes. The truth was that he didn't have anyone that did it for him. He did it himself. Tapping into his Super God Slayer form he was able to use his magic to power up and it changed his hair color. He didn't know why it was pink but he preferred to think of it as more of a Rose color. Caius wasn't going to blab to him about his magic so he just made something up on the spot. "Why thank you kind sir. I have an old friend from a guild that helps me get the hair in the shape and color like this. And yes it does stay like this even in the shower." Caius let out a small friendly laugh. "My name is Varian by the way." He offered his hand out to shake the man's hand.


It's not just Paranoia it's... [Caius] Empty Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:33 am

Kenny admired the man’s do as he peered up at him, it was odd to be so impressed by something so measly yet Kenny felt the need to tell this gentleman just how amazing it looked. Not that the Omega was uh, interested in any sort of exploits with this being, not saying that in another life maybe if Kenny were into Pink hair this couldn’t happen, but he more liked the idea of pink hair and could never be with it. Not saying that he would look bad with pink hair, he’s Kenny freaking Omega he’d look good bald. Not that he would want to be bald he spent too much money on L'oreal to lose his hair now.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Varian, I’m Kenneth and may I say that the pleasure is all mine.” he extended a hand and shook the other’s with a friendly smile. This man wasn’t half bad, a sweet haircut, seemed nice enough there was no reason for Kenny to be too cautious right? Maybe a light guard would be all he needed, the same that he kept up in case she came around. “So Varian, if you don’t mind me asking. What brings you to the beach today?”

It's not just Paranoia it's... [Caius] Qurywgl

It's not just Paranoia it's... [Caius] Empty Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:33 pm

Caius reached out and shook Kenneth's hand. The man's eyes kept peering at his hair to the point where he was starting to get creeped out. What made him even worse was asking the foolish question of what he was doing at the beach. He clearly had a fishing pole over his shoulder. Caius kept his rage inside for the time being. After all getting to know more people meant getting more information for the guild. He knelt down and laid the pole on the ground inspecting his equipment. "Well you see Kenneth, I always fish around this time when I'm off. It's a good way to relive stress after a long day."

After inspecting the pole and seeing that it was good shape. He would walk over to the edge of the pier by the water. He put his hand over his eyes and stared out at the sea. The sun was out and the water was a clear so you could see the fish swimming. It was a perfect day. He turned around back to Kenneth. "This is my usual spot and I've had great luck with it. How have the fish been biting today? Did you get any big ones or has it been a struggle?"


It's not just Paranoia it's... [Caius] Empty Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:07 am

Kenny laughed as he and the man seemed to get along well thus far, though after a long day of fishing Kenny had to get moving to Oak town soon. Crossing his arms he nodded, “That is true, I do love to fish as it does help relieve the stress of long days.” he chuckled once again. He looked out to sea for a moment thinking over just how relaxed he had become, he was obviously paranoid about Alyssa and her big red dog but he felt at ease when he came out here, it felt like almost nothing could hurt him, that was a bold lie of course, but the feeling of safety was comforting nonetheless.

Kenny nodded, “They’ve been biting well, but i’m afraid I’ve gotta get going sir, one little tid bit of info though.” he pointed out to sea, a rock formation protruded from the water near where the shore and sea met. “Been gettin’ bites over there all day, I don’t know what, but somethin’ big is loomin’ over there.” he put his hands in his pockets, “I hope to meet ya again though sir, hopefully when I’ve more time.” he picked up his fishing pole and bucket of fish.


It's not just Paranoia it's... [Caius] Qurywgl

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